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Costco WR Toilet

January 8, 2007

This is my first post although I've been lurking for several months.

DH and I will be building a new home, starting in May (we hope). I am "gathering" a lot of stuff for it and was in Costco yesterday and saw toilets for $79.98, a real bargain if they are any good.

The brand is WR (Water Ridge), a brand Costco carries. We have a WR kitchen faucet and it is very good quality (replaced two American Standard faucets - both of them junk). I am generally very pleased with the quality of Costco products but am leery of purchasing a toilet without knowing whether it will flush adequately. We presently have four Mansfield power-flush toilets and, although noisy for a couple of seconds, have only had a plugged toilet twice in seven years. I'll put up with the noise with that kind of track record.

Can anyone tell me if I will be sorry if I buy these toilets? Thanks.

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  • remodeling

    Has anyone had a chance to evaluate these toilets?

  • forpetesake

    OK, I've been asking myself the same questions regarding the Costco toilet for ~85 bucks, since it seems like a really decent price for all that's included. I just don't want to get stuck with a cr@ppy toilet, though, if you know what I mean.

    So, I called the tech support number on the box (it's 866-789-2273 for those like me, who couldn't find it on the web ANYWHERE, and had to go to the store to find it), and after several calls to different CSRs, I was able to find that the manufacturer is Globe Union, and the WaterRidge is Costco's private label manufactured by Globe Union.

    Upon further research, I found that Globe Union also sells some Gerber products (toilet paper holders, etc.), but not specifically toilets. That's when the eureka! moment came to me, and I checked the Gerber website to see what their toilets physically looked like. After some more research, I think I may have found the sister-model to our Costco John. What I found is that the Gerber "Viper" model is similar in physical looks of the trap (the tank of the Costco model has a side flush handle on the tank, though), both models come with Flushmaster fill valves, have glazed trapways, and, most importantly, the model numbers are surprisingly similar.

    The Costco model that I'm looking at has a model number 912129 or C21572WH. My assumption is that the "C" is for "Costco", and the "WH" is for "white". That leaves us with 21572.

    The Gerber Viper models are listed here: (hope the link works, otherwise just copy & paste)


    It appears that, for the Gerber models, 21-552 is the round-bowl Viper, and 21-562 is the elongated-bowl Viper. Our Costco 21-572 would seem to fit in to this pattern well. Further specs of the Gerber Viper are found here:


    One thing to note is that the Costco toilet that I looked at was clearly marked as made in China. I'm not sure, but I think Gerbers may be made in the US, so there might be a difference in quality, and your decision to buy US v. China products may weigh in.

    While not receiving the highest MaP score for the amount of solids it can flush, the Gerber Viper elongated-front non-ADA bowl received respectable ratings from the latest (March 2007) independent test at:


    So, if the Costco toilet is very similar to the Gerber, I'd assume the Costco model would perform quite similarly. Considering the Costco model has a lifetime warranty on parts (and all the parts are included), and that Costco has its no-questions-asked indefinite return policy, the Costco toilet may become my choice after all.

    Please, if anyone has any further info on these, post here with your info. I hope I've been helpful.


  • hedygs

    I have no comments about the toilet but I have read that Costco's return policy has changed for some types of merchandise. I'd make sure that toilets are included in the indefinite return policy.

  • dockside_gw

    Yes, toilets are still inclided in their exchange policy. They changed it regarding electronics.

    ohioburner, thanks for all your hard work. I was in Costco a few days ago and they had the toilets again. I'm not ready to buy yet (you should see my garage and spare room - not much room for anythng else) but I feel much better about purchasing the toilet now.

  • markoman

    For the best info on plumbing product quality--check out this website.

    You'll find under the Danze product line the reference to Water Ridge products--all manufactured in China--new to the US market in the last few years--and too young for an adequate gauge on product quality.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Starcraft Custom Builders Website

  • marymarymaryk

    We have Costco toilets, lol! We bought three of the WR "toilet in a box" things. We have installed two so far. I have never had the Toto, or one of the other really high-end toilets on mentioned on here frequently, but we are happy with these. I think they look nice and they certainly function just fine. A couple of things I would point out:

    I don't like the seat/lid very much. It seems to be made of a lighter plastic. I have a tendancy to sit on top of the toilet lid while kids are bathing, and it just doesn't feel super sturdy. I know I shouldn't be sitting on top of the lid, so if you don't, probably not a big deal.

    The other thing to be careful of is moving the big box it comes in. Those darn handles in the box are completely worthless and if you grab the box using those, the handle will rip out of the cardboard, out of your grip, the box will hit the floor, and the toilet will crack (ask me how I know...). After I went back to replace the toilet we broke, I noticed a lot of the boxes already had broken handles at the store, so choose carefully.

    Overall, I'll probably end up buying a new toilet seat (just my preference), but for the price I am totally happy with them.


  • hendricus

    I installed a toilet-in-a box 10 yrs ago in our previous house and it still works great. Son owns the house now. The price was in the $50s at that time

    Installed one in our present house 3 yrs ago and it works great. Installing a second one at this time, $68 at Menards.

    My idea is to swap out the toilet after 5 yrs unless it still looks really, really great.

    So after ten years I will have a brand new toilet while someone else is scrubbing the stains out of theirs and replacing the flushing mechanism, all for the same cost.

  • gryphon10

    Hi boys and girls. Costco is now carrying a new WaterRidge toilet, a dual-flush, one piece model for $210. I can find absolutely nothing online about it to study/compare, and it does not appear to be made by Gerber. Costco's SKU is 386082, and the WaterRidge model is C22055C. Any ideas/help?

  • oregongirl

    When I contacted the toll-free number about the WaterRidge dual-flush, I was told that they do not have replacement parts at this time, but are expecting them any day. In case we do purchase this model I was advised to hold onto my sales slip, because they have had returns, since parts have not been available. Gerber is the manufacturer, and they may be made in US, Mexico, or China. (check the box)

  • gryphon10

    Hey Oregon Girl. Thanks for the response. Have you hooked up the toilet and/or used it yet? My water usage is rather low here in Arizona and I don't really know if the dual-flush is such a big deal to me. But the toilet is attractive and cheap for what it is.(And I get a rebate from the City of Scottsdale.) Consumer Reports did a toilet test in 2005 (this one was of course not rated), and found that similar models from different manufacturers performed very differently. I know that Costco will take it back at any time, but installing and uninstalling a toilet is a pain in the rear.


  • jsy13066_hotmail_com

    Bought the WaterRidge toilet and had it for 1 month. The darn things leaks water. Since they don't carry the parts (as stated above), Need to return the toilet to Costco. Hopefully they will take it back. Anyone still have the manual and the 800 number for parts?

  • gryphon10

    JS, if you are referring to the toilet I mentioned above, I have both the manual and the number, which is 800-789-2273. Costco has an unlimited return policy as far as date of purchase, except on a few specific electronic items.

  • gryphon10

    You're welcome, JS.

  • claybabe

    John, if you are still around, where does the toilet leak?

  • gryphon10

    Either this site has the rudest members of all time, or no one comes here more than once. Pretty sad.

  • jerzeegirl

    I think that sometimes people forget that they have posted a question. I have been inadvertently guilty of that sometimes. It's not worth getting mad about.

  • gryphon10

    Perhaps, jerzeeygirl, but we're talking three in a row. Gardening must cause early Alzheimer's disease. :)

  • b2004nospam_informationarchitects_n

    Yes that plastic toilet lid is cheap. I cranked down the bolts to the seat to perhaps keep it from sliding under weight and the plastic broke and the bolts pulled through. Tried last dec with support at 866-789-2273 when I was told it would be two weeks for a new part, now i am promised two weeks again which will be March, perhaps. Otherwise, beside the cheap seat, the waterridge elongated is a good toilet.

  • carsmills

    Here is a link to specs on the WR toilet from Costco

    Here is a link that might be useful: WR toilet specs

  • kioni

    THANK-YOU carsmills for attaching that link. I've been at that site just recently looking up other toilet makes since we need some new ones for our home, and you've saved me a big chunk of time by doing that. I'm not sure I would have even thought to look under Costco as a Make for toilets.

    Now I know this won't be the toilet for us, since dh wants something that can handle a heavier 'load', just for future clog insurance!

  • jjtitula

    My wife and I just installed a Caroma Caravelle 305 yesterday but have yet to try it due to a seat misorder by the store. Today we saw the WR dual flush at Costco and were considering it for our second bathroom until I saw the MAP flush rating for toilets. The WR is only 150grams vs 500g for the caroma. Seems like alot of double flushing but if anybody has used this toilet I would still like to know if it works well.
    It is not on the approved HET list out here in Santa Clara county, CA. But if it was, $179 - $125 rebate would be a good deal. I'm glad i'm not a Costco impulse buyer.
    Thanks for the info.

  • lightshow

    Holy crap! (pun intended) I bought the 1-piece Toto Ultramax for our 9 unit apartment building on recommendation of terrylove.com, and have been very happy (MAP= 700). I too saw this Waterridge 1-piece at $199 (vs. the $430 I paid online for the Toto) and wondered. Now I know to run away from it, given its MAP = 150! Surprising Costco would not check on something like this...this practically guarantees lots of returns.

  • peill

    We purchased and installed 3 WR toilets about a year ago. We love them! They use minimal water, get the job done under "all" conditions (I don't care what the MAP rating is), are very quiet and are quite compact. beats Toto on price! true about the plastic seat cover but we haven't had any issues so far.

  • demolition_girl

    We haven't seen the toilets, but I did come across the pedestal sink at our local Costco a few days ago. We've been looking at installing a pedestal in one of our small bathrooms, not only because we like the look of them, but because it would free up much needed floor space.

    Having tried to do research on various Costco items in the past, I didn't expect to find much info. on WaterRidge, and that held true. I was glad to find this info. about the toilet at least.

    I'm not wild about the product being "Made in China", but it's getting to the point where even if something states that it's made in the USA, various components of it are often still made elsewhere. I usually subscribe to the idea that you get what you pay for, on the other hand, we've purchased a few inexpensive items in our time and gotten some good quality products. And when we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, I did a lot of research on everything we wanted to buy/install. That was beneficial on most everything, but the porcelain sink still ended up being a dud. I'm very unhappy with it. It's made by a well known USA company, was mid-range in price, and five years later hasn't held up as a porcelain sink should have. I hadn't expected to be looking for a new sink (or having the current one refinished) after only five years. So, get what you pay for doesn't always hold true.

    I'm not sure what we'll do about the pedestal. There were only two left yesterday so we may pop in this morning and buy one, then decide for sure after we get it home.

    Costco is indeed a 'buy it when you see and decide afterwards' kind of store. lol

    Thanks of the info. offered here.

  • jonjonbear

    I just installed one of the new Costco Dual flush water ridge toilets. The week before we installed a Toto Aquia III so I had a top of the line dual flush to compare to. The Toto was nice, although a total pita to install and has a VERY small water spot. Back to the WR. We picked it up at CC for 169.99 and it has everything in the box including a new fill faucet and stainless braided fill hose. Installation was a snap, and when we turned it on and it filled, it was nice and quiet. Has a HUGE water spot. This one is in a guest bath so have been "testing it" as much as possible and have yet to flush twice and cleans the bowl every time. The seat seems to be the only weak spot, but it's not that bad. It is of the slow closing nature which is nice. I can't believe you can buy a toilet for this price that works this good. We are buying another one for bathroom 3. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it were chair (ada) height. It uses a syphon jet flush rather than a wash down like the toto. Someone mentioned it is made in China, yes it is, but the darn Toto is made in Vietnam and cost almost $400.00
    Hope this helps. Oh, the 169.99 is the price in Austin TX.


  • alto

    We put the Costco dual flush in over a year ago and have been thrilled with its flushing. We're in Michigan and paid $210 for it. Well worth the price. Tried to go back and buy two more, but they were gone.

  • baybeartx

    We bought the Costco 1 Pc about a year ago and I would give it a satisfactory grade. It does not rinse the entire bowl well so it still requires a lot of bowl brush use to prevent staining.

    Our plumber turned us on to another toilet at Sams Club. It is not a brand that I know but it is really beyond what we ever expected. It was only a $100. We put the first one in our college age sons apartment. Servicing 5 college behemoths won me over. The toilet has a push button dual flush feature. Even on the low flush it performs perfectly. Great rinsing and no bowl staining.

    My plumber says it is the best performing toilet that he works with even though the customer may think they are going to get less because of the $100 price ticket.

    We have purchased four of these and highly recommend it to anyone.

  • mariofo

    I have 2 of my 4 that I purchased installed and they are working with no problems. The seats are cheap and I replaced one already. The toilet is quiet and looks nice. I highly recommend them at 170.00 here in KC MO.

  • lightningrodd

    I believe that OhioBurner is correct in stating the the Water Ridge Toilet Model C22055C sold at Costco is made by Globe Union

    This report on Page 30 lists the MaP score as 500 not 150 as stated by others.

    Web Page

    and report


    The internals look the same (FluidMaster)as those found on my Caroma Carvelle one pc rated MaP of 800 but that cost me $500

    In Toronto , the Water Ridge Model sells for $230 at Costco
    Considering a MaP of 500 thats not bad value.

  • dirny

    Costco Water Ridge Dual flush toilet:

    Anyone know the rough-in measurement? 14"? 10"?

    I have a tight new installation and was considering this toilet, but can't find the specifications.


  • drumqueen

    Thank you to all who have posted here .... your messages have been very helpful. I am considering purchasing the WR Dual Flush. I live in a 45 year old house, with toilets which I believe are approximately five to ten years old.
    I noted in a previous post that someone could not buy the WR toilet because they needed "a 10 inch rough in, not a 12." How do I know if I will run into that problem as well? How can I determine what size "rough" my toilet requires??
    Thanks, again!

  • jonjonbear

    I think the "rough in" is the distance between the wall and the hole in the floor. I think in most toilets case the bolts are center, so you measure the distance between the wall and the mounting bolts that hold the bowl to the floor. Given your house is older it may not be standard, but not always the case. My grandparents house in Vegas was built in 1956 and it had a 12" rough in..
    Hope this helps,

  • scott-2009

    The rough in size is 12 inches. This is measured from the wall to the center of the drain pipe. The bolts holding the current toilet will provide this center location. Also this toilet comes with a new stop (cut off valve) that is 1/2 inch pipe thread. To use you must have a 1/2 nipple for water supply or do a lot of extra work to change the system. You can also reuse the old valve but it must have a 3/8 compression fitting on the old if you have a 1/2 inch compression (as I did) adapters are avaliable at the big box.Over all a good toilet at a good price.

  • mrtz

    I recently replaced all 3 old (15 yrs old) 3.5gpf toilets with Costco's Water Ridge one piece dual flush ones. Overall I am satisfied since these are really low cost ($170 each) and with $125 rebate for each from my water utility, its a good bargain.

    Some observations:

    1. Dual flush is great - better than 1.6gpf each time. Since most usage is for #1, it uses only 0.9 g each time. So it should save even much more water than a single flush 1.6 gpf.
    2. Looks good in one piece - nice clean finish.
    3. Flushes well (if you know what to do - see below). Strong siphon jet action.
    4. Slow close seat and cover - great for young kids
    5. Elongated design and lots of water surface
    6. ALL required parts are in the box (wax seal, quality hose, shut off value - though it is not for copper pipes, bolts)
    7. Fluidmaster valve, so I know it is replaceable easily

    1. The seats are flimsy - sometimes when you sit, the seats slip and shift slightly.
    2. You cannot always rely on just pushing the flush button on top and release immediately. Doing that releases very less water - which mostly gets the flush job done. But to really get the full flow, you need to press the flush button down for at least 3-4 secs until the water is emptied. Not too bad, but does require getting used to. One of the 3 has this quirk more pronounced than the other 2.
    3. There is not much of "swirling" water from the sides, but has not caused much staining either.

    I have not tried any other dual flush toilets, so I can't compare, but overall this is a good toilet.

  • robinmaurice

    REPLACEMENT PARTS Call: 1-866-789-2273 I called this number and told the customer service rep I needed a new flushing mechanism for the WR dual flush toilet I purchased at CostCo about a year ago. It occasionally sticks and lets the water run. He said just a moment while he checked the catalogue. I thought he would find the part and let me order by credit card. No, he said it would arrive in about a week and he took no credit card number, just my address. I thought he was sending the catalogue, but NO, I got the complete replacement mechanism kit in the mail FREE! Very nice. And now my toilet started working fine again and not sticking, so I have a reserve if it gives any trouble in the future. REALLY COOL, NO?


  • carla2

    In BC, Canada, there is a dual flush toilet for $150.00 So does anyone know if there are two dual flush models, or is this the same one everyone has been talking about. I didn't check the model number. I wonder if the one for $150 is last years model or something and there will not be parts available. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • autobike10

    Thanks to all those who posted info. I found it very helpful. I called this number 1-866-789-2273 and told the customer service rep I needed a new flushing mechanism for the WR dual flush toilet I purchased at CostCo about a year ago. It occasionally sticks and lets the water run.
    He told me the new part number was 386082 and he sent me 2 brand new ones as I have two toilets.He also told me to stretch the spring and I did. I really think if anyone has this problem just take out the unit and pop out the buttons and stretch the spring, this should be the long term fix.

  • mds888_hotmail_com

    I bought a Water Ridge dual flush toilet from Costco (Costco Canada SKU# 386082, $229.99 + tax) two years ago. In the first couple of months after I installed it, the water continued to run after flushing the toilet. At that time, I called WR customer service 1-866-789-2273 and they sent me a new replacement part. I installed this new part and the toilet was fine until go to the second year. Now, I have the same problem with the water running when I flush the toilet. Does anyone have this problem and how to fix it? I would like to return this toilet back to CostCo but I don't know if CostCo would accept it in this condition.

  • bajabob77_aol_co

    after 6 months my toilet starts running 10 mins. after the flush

  • vanib_yahoo_com

    Bough the toilet in Ottawa, Canada from Costco about a year ago. Now the toilet flap on one of the toilets is not closing if a big flush is used. It closes on a small flush.

    I am calling customer service right now and I am on the phone for 15 min.

    I am also noticing the same problem starting in my second WER toilet.

    I might end up returning these toilets afterall. May be I will try replacing the parts first?

  • cebury

    This post is very old but coming up high in the Google search engine for the Costco dual flush toilet.

    There are many, many complaints for the Dual flush Wateridge toils with the "running forever" problem. The solution has been posted before on several forums:

    ----- start quote --------

    "It's too bad there's so many water ridge toilets being returned, and parts being ordered, when the solution is quite simple. Just move down the ratcheting bars.

    The problem is, over time, the ratcheting bars push inward because of flushing. I would say it would be better if water ridge had mad the threads thicker, or made the threads from metal, that would prevent this problem. but it's easy enough to fix - once in a while just simple screw them back out.

    Quote Originally Posted by jwlemke
    After some more experimenting, it seems the final answer is:
    -turquoise inverted cup - move it down it's ratcheting bar to make the 3L flush stronger
    -red sliding door - move it down to make the 6L flush stronger

    ----- end quote --------

    right below that, you see a fix if any leaks are happening in the center between the tank and toilet:

    ----- start quote --------
    I really like the toilet and it works well, but I have had re-occurring leaks.

    Remove the center flush unit and you will see a large (mine is the color grey) rubber gasket. Remove the gasket and inspect it. If you see any bubbles, which mine had, pop them with a needle. This will let the gasket sit flush (no pun intended) again. This has solved my slow tank leak twice now.

    ----- end quote --------

    This is a great toilet, now for a 70-90 price tag (unbelievable) but the REAL value is that it's from Costco. It has a lifetime warranty and people saying "well I can't get parts from the box store for it" haven't yet called up Costco/Waterridge: they'll give you the parts for free -- many years later (might have to pay shipping).
    Or just remove it and return it to Costco, assumin' you still have receipt or it's been under 3 years.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Terry Love forum quote

  • Drew317600

    I have 4 dual flush WR toilets. My oldest/ 2 years -began to leak from flush valv gasket. After some research I cut off the water off and turned the valve to release it from the toilet. I noticed the the rubber seal at the bottom had developed some air pockets preventing the gasket from seating properly. I simply used a pin to put holes In the gasket to release the air from the gasket. Reassembled and it works fine now. Other than this one issue this is a great toilet!

  • badger11

    These Toilets are all made in China so if you are looking for the Center Column Dual Valve google up:

    "Dual Flush Push Button Valve" on Ebay or on Aliexpress.com or Amazon
    Anywhere from $10-$16 for the center valve.

  • rede1


  • ktroendle

    WaterRidge faucets from Costco has a Lifetime Warranty!

    Just email support@globeunion.com get parts for FREE. You don't even need your receipt. Also, the identifier on the faucet NSF 61/9 is not the faucet model, its some plumbers code. You can simply email support email pictures of your faucet and they will be able to identify it.

    Also for this particular faucet I believe this is the cartridge replacement from one of GlobeUnion other brand names.
    If you want it sooner you can find the cartridge at home depot

    GlobeUnion is the actual company behind WaterRidge and several other brand names.

  • conod

    We inherited this toilet when we bought the house a few years ago ant last weekend it started to leak or more to the point the water was running a lot, it turned out to be the rubber valve/gasket at the bottom of the canister was warped and creaking. We found that glacier bay does a 3" dual flush seal which although does not have the curve the original does, if you trim about 2mm around it ( I used the old rubber gasket as a template, it actually works great.it snaps onto the plastic ring fine as the inner diameter matches the old one. Part number is fluid aster 83SGB from Glacier Bay...

  • Dave Spencer

    We have the one piece Water Ridge with dual flush from Costco. It is great. The flapper can get a little crud at won't seal tight but it is simple enough to take it out and rinse it clean (we're on a well.) The only complaint/warning is that if you put those chlorine pucks in the tank, it can corrode the chrome plating on the flush button. Replacements are available if you search for Gerber parts, as mentioned by others in this thread. Gerber part 99-792 is the only lid mounted button--fingers crossed.

  • PRO
    Catalyst Organizing LLC

    Hi Dave, did your Gerber part work?

  • PRO
    Catalyst Organizing LLC

    By the way, this thread has been invaluable in sourcing a new flush valve for our Costco Water Ridge push button toilets! I learned however that they are no longer offering the lifetime warranty on the toilet. Globe Union specifically told me that it's a FIVE year warranty and it only applies to the FIRST owner of the toilet. Which, pardon the pun, is a bunch of crap.

    What does the OWNER have to do with the quality of the toilet and its parts? If I buy a new toilet and put it in my house and then I move a year later, the new homeowner DOES NOT get the 5 year warranty and that's ridiculous.

    Anyway, I ordered from this site: www.findpartstoday.com and the valve is Part number A700257-GBG1 if that is helpful to anyone! I just ordered it and will post again once it arrives to let you know if it is indeed the exact part or not.

  • Berta Castro

    I hate this water rich toilet from cosco I've had it for 2 weeks and I end cleaning the toilet Every time I use it it's not worth the water saving feature just a waste it's awful to have to clean your toilet after every guest in your house because you live krapp in the back of the toilet there's no flushing power it's the most disgusting thing to go in and find the toilet sprinkle of ship everywhere I'm trying to return it I don't know what t Costco'Costco's returning police is, but it will be worth the switch even paying plumbing twice.

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