slab foundation $20,293??!!! I need opinions please :)

13 years ago

Hi, we are due to break ground within the next few months and we got a good bid in from one contractor. Everything seemed to fall in line as far as comparing the trades with differant bids that we've gathered so far. However, once it came to the foundation...thats another story. We live in San Antonio, TX so prices here are pretty moderate. Our lot is level, no rock, and little excavation work will be needed. There is access from the front and back of the lot for the cement truck to get in. Overall, I believe a pretty simple job. Well his bid came in a $20,293 plus $950 for the excavation and site work for a slab foundation. The slab footage is 2589 ft. He broke down the $20,293 in his bid for us. According to him it is 387 for termite treatment, 578 for concrete material, 835 for flat work labor, 1020 for flat work concrete, 378 for flatwork material and $18,060 for something called "concrete turnkey". The bid seems really high to me. The company is only charging us a $10,000 fee to build the house and we are covering materials and labor separate. I kind of think that he is padding the foundation work and he may end up keeping a percentage. I may be wrong , but if anyone could chime in with their opinions or your costs for foundation, it would be really helpful.


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