36' Capital Precision vs. Culinarian series range?

10 years ago

I am looking at a 36" Capital range for an island application. I am wondering whether to go with the self clean Precision series with sealed burners with 19K BTUs or with the self clean Culinarian with unsealed burners and 23K BTUs. Also it looks like the Precision offers a 25K burner for Wok cooking that replaces the 2 central burners in the 6 burner configuration. Anyone have any experience with this? Apparantly both Precision and Culinarian offer an optional Wok cast iron grate.

I know that an island hood is best for ventilation but has anyone used a telescoping downdraft? Kitchenaid makes one with a reversible internal motor so it can be installed behind the range by turning the motor backwards. It raises up 12 inches above the counter and moves 600 cfm. Another option would be to install a remote motor outside that could get up to 850 cfm I think. I am trying to avoid a hood as it will significantly impact an amazing view. However I suppose if I could get the hood high enough it would minimize the view impact. Any thoughts?

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