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How often do you clean the outside of your windows?

11 years ago

And do you have any tricks you'd like to share?

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  • livebetter
    11 years ago

    I usually do a full window clean in the spring. I clean the outside, inside, screens and all the inside tracks and such.

    I use a special window "wooly" and squeegee with a rubber blade (this is important not plastic). Mine are similar to these from Lee Valley linked.

    I start by removing the screens - put them aside to be cleaned.

    I have a bucket ready to wash the glass. 1 capful dishwashing liquid & 1/2 cup of vinegar in a 1/2 bucket of water (approx 1 gal).

    I vacuum all the inside tracks (where the screens go) and then clean them all with a q tip. Spiders get in there and it's kinda' gross. I have casement windows so screens mount inside.

    I dip my wooly washer in the solution and scrub the window. Work the edges and corners well. For inside the window, I dip the wooly washer and then wring it out and clean the same. I place a towel on the floor inside to catch any stray water.

    After you've scrubbed the window clean - place the squeegee in the top left corner. Pull down applying light pressure. I wipe the blade after each pass. Keep moving across the window overlapping approx. 1" onto already cleaned glass. You can squeegee top to bottom or left to right - whichever works better for you.

    I wash my screen with mild detergent (I use Shaklee Basic H2 but I'm sure you could use a small amount of dish soap). I also add a little vinegar. Rinse them off good and allow to dry. I either rinse outside with the hose or in my walk in shower with the hand held shower head.

    That's my routine. I'd like to clean them in the Fall too but for now, once a year is what I do. Nothing nicer than clean windows :)

    Here is a link that might be useful: window washing tools

  • tlloyd
    11 years ago

    My mom gave me the BEST gift for Christmas -- she hired someone to come and clean my windows this spring! Woohoo!!! LOVE IT!

  • ocnick
    11 years ago

    Never! I have better things to worry about

  • wifetojoeiii
    11 years ago

    We have 34 windows - 19 on the first floor and the remaining on the second. I try & wash the downstairs inside & out once per year, and the upstairs inside once a year, outside maybe one every 2 years...

    I use spray cleaner & either paper towels or rags.

  • jannie
    11 years ago

    Uh, never. That's what rain and wind are for.

  • weedyacres
    11 years ago

    Just before I sell the house. :-)

  • DiggingInTheDirt
    11 years ago

    Since I've been retired, I wash them about every three months. The back of our house borders a corn field, so the windows get dirtier faster than the front of the house. Sometimes I clean those windows twice a month, but there are only three of them, so it only takes me a few minutes.

    I use a bucket of water with ammonia and vinegar. I wipe the window with a sponge, then use a squeegee. It goes really fast and gives good results.

    I especially want clean windows over the winter when the sun is lower in the sky and shines right in through the glass. I can really appreciate the clean glass then.

  • sheilajoyce_gw
    11 years ago

    I used to use dishwasher detergent, but now I use a wax free car wash liquid in the water and apply it with a soft hand brush. Squeegee, and finish up with a wad of paper towels to wipe the edges of the windows and frames.

    I live in southern California, so we have our rain in the winter. I pay attention to the weather report before washing the windows, waiting for a long dry spell before I do the outsides. With grandsons visiting and grubby finger prints, I really need to wash the family room/patio windows after every visit, but I don't always meet that goal.

  • totsuka
    11 years ago

    I use a product called Gleam 4, which window washer guys use for their business. It is made for hardwater areas and works very well. I watched some window washing video's on youtube, bought some of the same tools, and do the windows 3 times a year or so. It's easy and a bit fun.