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Master Bath Reveal - Small space, big style

March 15, 2014

We don't have the bathroom shade installed yet, but I wanted to post pictures of our master bathroom reveal.

Our 1976 small 7' x 7.5' bathroom was gutted to the studs and completely remodeled. We had an interior wall removed used a frameless glass shower to open up the small space.

It was a lot of hard work designing, planning and purchasing everything (we hired a contractor for the actual work) but it was worth it, as we love everything about it.

Here are a few before pictures...




And the after....




Again, we are loving our bathroom. I am really surprised to say this, but this small bathroom is the perfect size for the two of us (keep in mind it is a rare occasion that we are getting ready in the bathroom at the same time as I have a makeup/vanity in the bedroom).

I am so grateful to all the helpful GWer's who provided inspiration, advice, and support to me during the planning and execution of this project. Thank you!

Already started planning our hall/guest bath reno. A lovely 1970's harvest gold version of the spin art tile you saw in our master bath before pictures :-)

Here are the details for those of you interested:

Calacatta Gold marble countertop
Calacatta Gold marble polished 12x12 floor tile
Calacatta Gold long octagon polished mosaic tile
Shower sills & threshold: White marble (Lowes)
White subway tile: Non-brand purchased at local store (Floors USA)
White chair rail tile: Jeffery Court Alegro White Crown 2”x12” (Home Depot)
Fixtures: Newport Brass Victoria in polished chrome
Rain showerhead: Moen Waterhill in polished chrome
Train Rack: Restoration Hardware Lugarno in polished chrome
Toilet: Kohler Memoirs
Sink: Kohler Caxton (smallest size)
Vanity: Ultracraft cabinets
Sconces: Hudson Valley Newport
Venetian Mirror: Ebay
Toilet paper holder, accessories: Homegoods
Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore - Edgecomb Grey
Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore - Chantilly Lace
Other: Hydroban waterproofing and drain, Heated flooring, Ditra membrane

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Comments (59)

  • tnfarmhousefixin

    Wow - what a beautiful transformation! I can't believe how much opening up the shower with the glass doors made the bathroom seem so much bigger. Getting rid of the floral wallpaper was a good choice too :)

  • DreamingoftheUP

    That is one beautiful transformation! The first thing that struck me, after the initial WOW, was how the space opened up with the glass shower.

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  • southofsa

    I can't believe you didn't want to to keep the floral wallpaper and blue toilet ;-) Your bathroom transformation is amazing! When I see before afters like this it gives me hope. Thanks for posting- Lisa

  • 2ajsmama

    What do you do with a big expanse of counter with all cabinets below it? With the window there I figured it would make a great place to put on makeup (I know you said you have a vanity in the BR)?

    I *love* your shower door handle! Is that part of the Virginia collection?

    Was the original plumbing on the interior wall where the old TP holder was?

    The whole bathroom is stunning, but that door handle makes it for me!

  • piscesgirl

    Wow, thank you for all your wonderful comments.

    canuckplayer - we don't regret not saving the blue toilet, however I do wish we would have saved a square of the blue tile. Since we have a matching harvest gold bathroom (which is the next reno) we will save a tile from there probably.

    ajsmama- we debated back and forth regarding double sink vanity, makeup table, etc. Ultimately we decided we wanted the extra storage. As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I are never in the bathroom at the same time and I have a separate makeup vanity in the bedroom where I do my hair and makeup.

    The shower door handle as well as the hinges are by Portals Hardware the Symphony style. We also looked at CR Lawrence Colonial style handle, but the shower door company told us the CR Lawrence handle tended to rattle a bit, and that Portals was a better quality...so we went with Portals and are very happy with it.

    Yes the original shower plumbing was on the divider wall we had taken down. It was moved to the bedroom wall. Otherwise no other plumbing was moved.

  • suzanne_sl

    The wainscoting was a good idea! It really brings the two sides of the room together.

  • suzanne_sl

    P.S. What are you doing about window covering? I just realized that the glass shower is directly opposite that large window. What's out there?

  • writersblock

    Wow, is that gorgeous! I love everything about it, from the Venetian mirror to the shower door handle. How big is the shower?

  • greenhaven

    Congratulations on finishing a job well-done! Looks amazing!

  • troff

    Can you tell me the size of your shower?

    We are adding one to our ensuite and the largest possible size is 36"x48". I thought I wanted a larger one, but yours looks airy and spacious without being huge.

  • troff

    Sorry, double posted!

    This post was edited by troff on Sun, Mar 16, 14 at 12:02

  • Bunny

    Wow! That mirror!!! What are the new room dimensions? How long is your vanity? It's a beautiful space and I love the large window.

  • verver

    looks great! i posted a thread on vanity depth (can't decide between 18" or 22")- you have a similar layout...what is the depth of your vanity, and how much room between it and the shower? thanks!

  • alex9179


    I have a similar sized MBA at 6.5 x 9 with that darn plumbing wall for the shower. The vanity and shower/toilet are opposite each other on the short walls. We're also keeping the single sink configuration and maximizing storage.

    I'd love to know the dimensions of your shower, too.

  • lam702

    Wow! It looks so much bigger now! I've been pondering my small bathroom, I have a 36" vanity in there now, but would love something larger. But I was afraid it would look too big and out of place in the small bathroom. But, seeing your remodel, maybe I can do it after all...........Beautiful!

  • piscesgirl

    suzannes - I think we are going to do some sort of valance for the window with a pull down shade behind it. Our house sits high up on hill in a cul-du-sac so that window looks out into our entire neighborhood. You can't see in during the day but at night you can, so we do need some sort of covering so we don't flash or neighbors :-O

    troff - The shower is 32" x 42" if you measure the interior floor print. Glass wall to glass wall it is 34.5" x 44.5". Keep in mind the shower there before was a 32" x 32" which my husband wouldn't shower in because it was way too small (he showered in the hall tub/shower enclosure which is 30x60). He was worried that the 32" x 42" shower would be too small but he loves the space and says it is perfect.

    linelle - The room is approximately 7' x 7.5'. The vanity is the length of the room 83".

    verver - The vanity is 19" wide (frame measurement excluding doors). The space between the vanity and the shower threshold is 35.5". The only way we could have made vanity deeper was to have a smaller entry door as we only had 21" between the exterior wall and the door molding for our vanity wall. Our door was 28" wide and we ultimately decided we didn't want a smaller bathroom doorway so we decided not to increase the depth of the vanity. If you are trying to decide between 18" and 22" I would go with 22" if you have that option. 18" will really limit you regarding sink choices and it it will also be extreamly hard to fit a faucet, unless you are doing wall mount. We ordered the smallest kohler sink and got everything to fit but it "just" fit.

  • enduring

    OH WOW! This took me by surprise. I was looking at the before pictures, then so excited as I transitioned to the after pictures. You have done a marvelous job! That Edgecomb Grey looks great with the calacatta marble. I love the extremely versatile Kohler Caxton sink. I had considered using it until I found the Kohler Verticyl ceramic sink that went better with my contemporary design. I bet you feel like you're in heaven every time you enter. It is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing and listing the details of fixtures.

    Edited to add: You did a wonderful job of using elegant materials with restraint. That mirror is an example, it just owns that wall :)

    Edited again to add: I see the huge recess in your shower, that is lovely and provides elbow room too. Brilliant.

    This post was edited by enduring on Sun, Mar 16, 14 at 14:44

  • DreamingoftheUP

    @firsthome - what is the name of the edge profile you used on your counter & backsplash?

  • piscesgirl

    DreamingoftheUP - The countertop edge is cove dupont and the backsplash edge is ogee.

  • Ruth Felando

    Love your new bathroom. How long did the project take? Do you have a tub in another bathroom?

  • williamsem

    Oh, that color scheme is lovely. Wonderful reno!

  • PRO
  • piscesgirl

    goalkeeper_116_06122013 - the reno to way to long. Our contractor did a really good job but was slow. It took about 3 months. Thankfully we weren't paying by the hour ;-)

    We have a tub/shower in the hall bathroom. That is our next project.

  • malabacat_gw

    Beautiful! I love everything about your new space. How do you like your rain shower? I want to put one in our bathroom when we remodel this summer but there are so many brands to choose from.

  • carsonheim

    one word: GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Errant_gw

    I love it!!!! I've actually considered giving up my tub to make my MBR appear larger, but just can't do it. Your reveal almost has me convinced.

  • piscesgirl

    malabacat - We love our rainshower. The showerhead we selected was actually recommended by our local plumbing store. They said for the money it was a great showerhead and I would agree. One thing I found out when researching showerheads is that the style of spray can vary from large drops to fine forceful sprays. It is all a matter of personal preference. This showerhead has the larger softer raindrops, which I prefer. We use the handheld when we want a spray with more pressure.

  • lilvixen

    This looks great! It gives me inspiration for my bathroom, which is a similar size, but it feels like an inefficient use of space. I plan to swap out the tub/shower combo for a slightly smaller corner shower so I can fit a double vanity. I've been looking at the neo-angle showers, and they just don't do it for me. I recently ran across a photo with a rectangular shower like yours and thought it was so much better! I just started looking at prices for the glass shower enclosures, did you buy a prefab one or was it custom made?

  • edeevee

    Absolutely lovely!

  • jerzeegirl

    It's gorgeous! The difference between the old and the new is amazing!

  • enzaenza

    Where can I see these pics??? The details sound perfect!

  • shappy22

    I don't see any pictures.

  • jewelisfabulous

    I don't see any pictures (or a link to get to the pictures) either!

  • monicakm_gw

    I was about to go into "tech mode" to figure out why 3 different browers didn't show any pictures. Glad it's not just me! Would love to see them!

  • Babka NorCal 9b

    Don't blame your computer...The post is from a year ago. The pic link(s) are no longer there.


  • monicakm_gw

    LOL, that should have been the first thing I looked at! Thanks Babka.

  • Jeanette Vey

    Would LOVE to see pictures!! All the wonderful comments have me salivating! I desperately need a mirror for a new bath redo & a good gray paint color!!! Please post as I don't see any from your comment section! Thank you in advance!!

  • Jeanette Vey

    Oh so disappointed!

  • Patricia Kuehne

    I cannot view pix of anything/

  • piscesgirl

    Let me know if you can see the pictures. They are showing up on my computer screen.

  • writersblock

    I can see them, too.

  • Babka NorCal 9b

    They are back now! So cool!


  • PRO
  • otterkill

    Your layout is very similar to my master bath, except where your old shower was we have a tub. What was the out the door number on your reno? If I'm getting too personal, no prob! Also, some information on the glass shower enclosure, custom? I just love love love everything about your reveal and I'm hoping I have the budget to be a copy cat!!

  • Hunzi

    I wants it, precious!

    Wow - this one is going into my inspirational file for the big second floor family bathroom! Great job!

  • piscesgirl

    Otterkill - the glass shower enclosure was custom and done by a local glass shop. I prefer not to share costs publicly online. Not to mention costs can vary a great deal depending on the materials you use, prices and deals on materials, and regional labor costs. For those on a budget you can replicate this look for less if you use a different marble or other materials. There are some great porcelain tiles and quartz countertops that can create a similar look for much less. Calacatta gold generally runs $20+ a square foot for tile and over $200 a square foot for countertop slab. I suggest shopping around to get a sense of what you like and the costs and then drafting a budget. Then from there you can see where you have give and take in your budget to save on some items and splurge on other items. And as always check out Craigslist or Ebay for deals. Who knows, you may find a wonderful deal on closeout tile or remnant slab.

  • otterkill

    Thanks! I totally understand. I officially have "bathroom envy"!


    Absolutely beautiful job

  • flyingkite2015

    piscesgirl, one big WOW! Small space but big jewel!

    I especially like your idea to have only one sink. Very good solution!

  • sail_away

    Wow! What a transformation. Love it.

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