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Easements, neighbor's pool/deck, what does it all mean?

14 years ago

DH and I are building a house in a nice neighborhood in a medium-sized town in the midwest. We love the lot and the general location of the neighb. Before we bought the lot we noticed that the people who live behind us have an above-ground pool and an elaborate wood deck around the pool. The deck and pool go all the way to their side of the 6' high fence. In other words, portions of the pool and deck are on the easement.

I don't know alot about easements and hope someone here can educate me.

Are you required to leave easements empty at all times, or can you build structures (like decks and above-ground pools) on them?

Can the city make them tear out their deck and pool if they need access to the easements? If so, will the city be required to reimburse the homeowner to rebuild the pool and deck?

If the city sees that they have used their easement, will they be fined?

I'm asking because our builder is considering asking the city to come out and take a look at the easement on our side of the fence for an unrelated reason. I am certain that the city employee will notice the deck and pool. I'd like to know whether the employee is expected to take any action against my neighbors when he sees how they have built structures on their easement.



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