Worst smell ever! Eggnog spilled on car carpet.

15 years ago

Last Christmas, a glass bottle of eggnog broke in my car--spilled eggnog was everywhere. I cleaned up the glass and washed the carpet, even though it was freezing. Thought I'd gotten it all until summer came. Obviously the eggnog was still there and it stinks to high heaven. I've tried Febreez, carpet cleaners (with and without enzymes), vinegar, soapy water, baking soda and Oust. During the day, I leave the windows and garage door open so the car can air out. I've taken out the carpeting in the trunk and imagine it needs to be replaced. Yet, the odor persists, and in our summer heat and humidity, I don't want to drive with all the windows open -- not that open windows help much anyway. Please help -- I'm desperate! Thanks.

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