Textured Tile Floor -- how to clean

12 years ago

We had our kitchen floors done in a porcelain tile that has a textured surface. It doesn't clean easily with a Wet Jet because of the texture. I have to get on hands and knees for a full day to scrub. I searched the forums and see recommendations for steam cleaners, but my questions are these:

1. I feel that in order to get into the textured surface, I need scrubbing brushes, not just steam; The steamers seem to work on hot water alone. Anyone have experience with textured tile?

2. The steamers I could find reviews for (Bissell, Hoover) all raved about how they cleaned their carpets. Do these machines work equally as well on carpet as on a hard surface? Or are you using a different steamer for tile?

3. Target sells a cleaner from Koblenz that appears to be designed for hard floors, but there are no reviews for it and I find nothing in the forums here. Anyone know anything about them?

I'm going to post this on the flooring forum as well....


Here is a link that might be useful: Koblenz cleaner at Target

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