How wide are your bathroom and bedroom doors?

13 years ago

As we speak, Kurt the Contractor is dismantling the bathroom. I've had to revert to "Plan B," with hints of "Plan C," but the bathroom will morph into something brighter, drier, and more user-friendly.

He just removed the huge 1955 built-in cabinet "thing" and discovered that, yes, we can put in a new and wider door.

The current door into the bathroom is 28-inches wide. There are two bedroom doors in the same area of the hallway. They are each 30 inches wide and they can not be replaced.

Should I replace the bathroom door so it matches the other two 30-inch wide doors? Should I live dangerously and go for 32-inches...or 34...on the bathroom door?

The bathroom is only 7x9 ft. It can not be made "handicapped accessible," but the doorway can be wider than 28."

What would you do?

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