Tile halfway up wall, or floor-to-ceiling in 'wet areas'?

12 years ago

Hi there!

Like many of you, we are about to re-do our master bathroom. I was planning to put our tile up to chair rail height on every wall, with a cap or bullnose on the top. This would be in addition to the fully tiled shower and bathtub niche.

However, the architect I'm working with thinks I should not do this. She recommends just doing the shower and tub areas, and then also tiling the sink wall floor-to-ceiling. Because it is a funny floorplan with all sorts of alcoves, etc (instead of a perfect rectangle), this leaves many walls untiled.

I am struggling with visualizing this. In particular, will the transition from the tiled wall to a regular painted wall seem abrupt and choppy? I'm guessing that this CAN be done well, but without seeing pictures, I'm nervous about it. If I do follow her advice, should there be some sort of vertical edging or bullnose at the ends of the walls, or does the tile just stop?

I have seen bathrooms that have floor-to-ceiling tile, and I think it is gorgeous, but I'm not sure I've seen bathrooms where just some of the walls are tiled. It is the transition that I'm worried about, and the sense of flowing together....

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have, and even better, photos! I really really appreciate it!

FYI the tile will be carrera subway tiles. I haven't picked a paint color, but it is likely to be some sort of blue.

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