Will I ever get the dust out of my furniture?

12 years ago

Hi guys - I am a frequent poster over at the decorating and remodeling forums because we are just closing up a large scale renovation in our home that included gutting plaster and drywalling generating TONS of very fine dust.

Despite our best efforts to section off rooms with tape and plastic, we still are dealing with tons and tons of dust.

This weekend I have been having panic attacks. We have our furniture in our sunny DR because our carpet is getting put into our FR this week, and all you can see is DUST in the sunlight. You should see the dust puffing out of our sofa and loveseat every time someone sits down. Yesterday, I actually put one piece in front of a box fan blowing out of the window and banged on it for about 30 minutes hoping to rid it of the dust - today, it is still puffing away every time someone sits down.

Is it hopeless? Is there anything I can do to get the dust out? I am willing to have it professionally cleaned, or buy myself the very best vacuum on Earth. But one thing I don't want to do is buy new furniture at this time. (But I will if I have to.)

Am I going to ruin our brand new carpet by moving this old dusty stuff back into the FR once its laid??

Any advice would be highly appreicated.

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