Anyone heard of TMIO Intelligent Ovens - Need parts and service

10 years ago

hi folks, i purchased one of those hi-tech TMIO ( double-wall ovens about four years ago for a kitchen renovation i was doing at the time.

The oven has been great, is super user-friendly, and has some very cool features (most of which we don't use), but... of course, its giving us some errors now that indicate that the auto-locking mechanism on the top oven is malfunctioning.

Long story short, the company has gone out of business and no one seems to know how to service it or where to get parts. Has anyone else heard of this company and/or how i get service for it. I'm located in the Philly area in PA.

Huge (and obvious) life-lesson for me: don't spend big money on a high-end appliance from an unestablished company... duh... but i was lured by the feature set and, as of that point, great reviews, especially in tech magazines and web blogs. At the time they were retailing for about $6-7k and had started selling in Best Buy, so i figured they were poised to take off (i paid $2500 from a high-end builder who was going bankrupt and had those and subZs to sell off).

I even spoke with the company directly and asked about parts and service should they ever go out of business. Never! the owner exclaimed... But if we did, parts are all industry standard... Sure.

So anyway, help would be greatly appreciated as we're relegated to using the lower oven most of the time. Thanks!

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