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Does anyone have an induction cooktop that does NOT buzz or click

11 years ago

I am trying to pull the trigger on a modest remodel of a small galley kitchen. I am considering switching from a gas range to an induction cooktop (plus wall oven) because it would vastly improve the layout. (Right now the range and sink are on a single interior wall, separated only by the dishwasher.) I'm not a great cook and anything is going to look nicer than what I currently have, so it shouldn't be a tough decision. And for a narrow kitchen with a lot of traffic, induction just seems safer. But I do worry about some of the complaints, particularly the noise issue - which has come up here several times recently. Persistent buzzing when cooking would drive me bonkers. I'm just wondering if this is unavoidable, or if there are induction users who've never experienced this. Fwiw, I'm strictly lower end in terms of prices and options - I'm hoping to find a Bosch cooktop based on reviews here, but may wind up with something like a Kitchenaid or Kenmore.

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