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how to dispose of refrigerator and freon????

15 years ago

My old refrigerator just died and I see my trash hauler charges $90 to take it away but only if I have the freon removed first. First, is it possible that the freon removal can be a DIY job (I kind of doubt it)? Where do I find freon removal services that would do this in my house? And are there any other options for getting rid of a refrig than paying the $90 to BFI? Break it up and put it in the trash piecemeal? Just wondering if there are any other cheapos out there that saved some cash. Note, I don't want to add to the global warming - I do want the freon disposed of. Or is it likely that since my refrig utterly stopped cooling suggest that the freon all leaked out already, in which case why get the service?

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