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is coco bidet 9500r as good as toto washlet s300?

10 years ago

I know TOTO washlet S300 is good. But it's $900, kind of expensive. I don't know if the COCO bidet 9500R (about $450)is as good.

Coco Bidet Elongated 9500R Toilet Seat with Remote Control Personal Wash New
TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300 Elongated Front Toilet Seat, Cotton White

I saw Costco sells AMDM bidet (only $200), but some reviews in amazon complained the remote control did not work after a few months. I don't know if it has good massage features as compared to the above two models.

Any input or sharing of experience is greatly appreciated.

Comments (6)

  • MongoCT
    10 years ago

    I've not used the coco, butt we have an s300 and a biobidet1000.

    We prefer the BB1000 (about $500) over the s300, the spray range seems to suit the females a bit better than the spray range on the s300.

    The bells and whistles; warmed water, heated air dryer, heated seat, etc, are all fine and dandy, but the handheld remote is probably the best "bell and whistle".

    I forget how long we've had them...three, maybe four years or so? No problems or durability issues with either.

    Your mileage may vary...just our personal opinions.

  • sweeby
    10 years ago

    "I've not used the coco, butt we have an s300 and a biobidet1000. "

    Typo Mongo? ;-)

  • herring_maven
    10 years ago

    janesylvia: "I know TOTO washlet S300 is good. But it's $900, kind of expensive. I don't know if the COCO bidet 9500R (about $450)is as good."

    Janesylvia, the very fact that we cannot offer an opinion as to the Coco Bidet may be the point of our "opinion" of alternatives to the Toto model. We travel back and forth to Japan several times a year -- and as you know Japan is where the advanced toilet seat technology was invented and is constantly being improved upon. We have seen and "tried" many different models of advanced toilet seats when in Japan (where I happen to be while typing this), but every single one of them was either a Toto model or an Inax model. We have seen other brands, less expensive, of advanced toilet seats for sale in discount stores, but never have we seen any advanced toilet seat that was not either an Inax or a Toto in any public facility or in a home. Inax and Toto completely dominate the Japanese market, which is the most sophisticated market in the world for this specific genre of product.

    As a matter of personal preference, we prefer the two-wand design of the Inax line -- which allows the posterior cleaning wand and the feminine cleaning wand each to be positioned for the respective optimal angles of incidence of the spray -- to the one-wand design of the Toto models, but that may not be as important to you as it is to us. To underscore the latter, for our own home in the Unted States, we purchased an Inax (the Clessence model that does not have a remote control) for a price about half that of the Toto S300. We are happy with our Inax, and we do not experience the initial "cold moment" that crops up as an issue in the (very positive) reviews of the Coco to you which you linked.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Other options to consider

  • janesylvia
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    Mongoct, thank you very much for your detailed information and introducing me the Bio Bidet 1000. I did notice it has all the bells and whistles of the TOTO S300, but costs about half of the price. I'll think about it.

    Herring_maven, thank you so much for sharing your first hand experience in Japan (I've never been there), detailed information about TOTO and Inax, personal experience on Inax, and the internet link for the most popular bidets. Very helpful!

  • Jared Powers
    2 years ago

    WARNING: Stay away from this company. I purchased a Coco bidet and after receiving the item and having it professionally installed by a plumber, I learned that the bidet was defective. After reaching out to the company multiple times, I did not hear any response. After doing some research, I learned that it is a 3 person company in Kansas that has an F grade on the BBB with multiple reviews in their site and among others. After disputing the charge with my AMEX , I finally received a response from the owner who was not only offensive on the phone but wanted me to ship the defective bidet back at my own expense and told me that he doesn’t accept returns on his products. Needless to say, I had never experienced anything like this.