Kohler Tub with Exo-crylic---Any experience?

5 years ago

We finally selected on the Kohler Archer soaking tub after sitting in the 60 inch model (and much research). We think the 66 inch will be a better size, but it was not in the showroom. It is made from a different material, called exo-crylic, which is lighter.

Checking if anyone has a tub in this new material and are there any problems or benefits? Flimsier? More likely to break? Other?

Thanking you in advance for replies, as well as for all the good info provided on this site.

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  • Bongo

    We just installed the same one, but haven't used it yet. I hope it holds up, but I would be curious what others have to say as well...

  • bireland

    Wondering if you have used your tub, yet, and have any further opinions? Thx!

  • Bongo

    No, not yet, we are just finishing our tile around the tub. Hopefully within the next month. However, the tub already has a scratch from our tile contractor, so my advice is make sure you protect it during the tile installation as it scratches easier than our cast iron tub in the 2nd bathroom.

  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA

    Wondering what the experience is with the new 'Eco-crylic' material that some of the Kohler tubs are made with? It's supposed to outgas 90% less VOCs and is 30% lighter. Would love to know if there is initially a 'chemical odor' to the tub, and if so how long it lasts? If the material wears any differently than previous materials?

  • Bongo

    I didn't notice any smell at all, but it was installed by our GC so we were not living in the house for a couple of months after it was installed. As far as the quality/wear - let me just say that I prefer our other cast iron tub more. I mean Acher is not bad, but it does't feel like a real cast iron, it feels a little plasticky… and I think it's turning yellow no matter what I use to clean it…. That's just my opinion...

  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA

    Thanks Bongo - I hope I can get a cast iron tub over an acrylic of any kind. It will be for the 2nd floor, so we are still discussing it. I didn't even consider that the acrylic can turn yellow over time. Good info.

  • PRO
    By Any Design Ltd.

    When you get a larger tub sometimes your feet can support your body so you can not sit easily in the tub in recline mode. Food for thought.

  • Bongo

    Prairiemoon - this is exactly what we did, we have cast iron on the 1st floor and Archer acrylic on the 2nd floor because it was a lighter tub. But there is no comparison, the cast iron tub wears better and feels better.

  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA

    Thanks John - we are going to try to find a 5.5ft tub, but may just stick with the 5ft tub. We were in the store and were able to sit in the 6ft tub and especially when it is a soaker and the water is deep, you need the bottom of the tub to support you. 5ft 11" person doesn't like to take baths either, and two people who are 5'5" who will be using the tub the most.

    Bongo - We are discussing with the contractor whether a cast iron can go on the second floor. We want to make things easy on the first floor with a cureless shower. Haven't completely decided that though.

  • R J

    Hi All, just curious and would like to know how your ExoCrylic tubs from KHOLER have been going for these few years. Any cracks/scratches/dents/discolorations ? Easy to clean ? Thanks.

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