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'reducing the life expectancy of the magnetron'-Does this happen?

11 years ago

I've seen this statement any number of times. That microwaving with a speed oven will "reduce the life expectancy of the magnetron". Does that really happen? I've never known anyone who wore out the magnetron in a microwave. I've known people who have worn out the door latch, fried the works with wrong things zapped, rubbed all the markings off the buttons, or even worn through the top plastic layers of touch pads. I've never known anyone who wore out a magnetron.

My old MW had daily use, multiple times, for twenty years before it was displaced to my studio. The body shows a little age but it still runs fine and will be great for zapping dyes, I'm assuming for many years to come. I gave my friend my five years previous microwave, an underpowered little thing, when I consolidated households 15 years ago. He doesn't use it daily, but it still runs fine. My folks have a microwave from the late '70's which has had the latch fixed, but still runs fine, and I'm pretty sure an old lady I know is still using her RadarRange from the late '60's.

Do magnetrons really wear out, other than in theory?

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