I'm desparate for shower construction help, please!

June 3, 2008

Oh where do I start? So I've posted here before with questions about Kerdi and there were questions on whether I could use the Kerdi drain or not (due to some SF code that doesn't allow the PVC nor ABS in the plumbing system. Someone from SF did reply that the code may have changed, but unfortunately I didn't have the time nor the resources to find out. So, in the meantime, the contractors already poured the concrete shower pan and slapped some cement board around the shower, but only 6 1/2 feet up. The rest of the walls in greenboard and the ceiling in regular drywall. (note this is a walk in shower). My husband noticed that they used regular drywall screws in the entire shower. I also noticed that they put roofing paper on top of the studs before putting up the cement board and green board and have a sinking feeling that they did not put any other moisture barrier (poly-vinyl?). So, I'm pretty sure we will need to replace the greenboard and drywall (note: we want to put porcelain tile up and on the ceiling)and at that point we will determine if they put any moisture barrier. I also put my foot down on this crew and want to do the work ourselves. Mind you that neither my husband nor I have any experience in bathroom construction. I do have a couple of friends who are willing to help with the tile installation, but they are weekend DIYers. So, I guess my question is:

If we can't go with Kerdi (which I believe is too late any way since the drain is in and the shower pan is installed). Should we go with Reguarding? If so, where should I get info on how to apply? If no, any other suggestions?

I also have a few tile laying questions, but I'll create another post for that...



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