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NXR range from durocorp, anyone heard of them?

July 30, 2008

I went to look at American and DCS and noticed the NXR range. Is that a new product? Has anyone heard anything good or bad? I found some info that they are made in china but using a german-made burner and are therefore less expensive.

Any feedback?

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  • jax1723

    Bumping this to see if anyone has any experience with these yet.


  • rnest44

    Sorry, no experience but did you do a search at the bottom of the appliance forum page with 'nxr range' as the keywords? A few threads will come up. I am looking at dual fuel ranges and am interested in Fratelli and ran across the threads. Hope this helps.

  • antss

    It's a knockoff made in China. Haven't seen one in person so I can't comment first hand. Do they have a service network in place? Parts available? How likely are they to be around in 7 years? Do you even care?

    It's probably OK if you are shopping only looks and price, there's a market for everything.

  • guadalupe

    They are/were the maker of the Electrolux pro gas ranges. They have been selling NXR ranges for three years, they have national service set up, but from what I have heard they are pretty much service free, except or an occassional damage, rare because of the way they are packed.

  • mistermackie

    After much research (and an electrolux that had the electronics controlling the oven go out in the first week of use), I found the local distributor for NXR and checked them out in person. I couldn't have been more impressed - same burner manufacturer used by Wolf, good ignitors, and really solid overall. With the addition of an inexpensive extended warranty, I felt confident enough to give it a try.

    So far I'm loving it. Burners have great control over flame. Convection oven is good, and even calibrated within 5 degrees. IR broiler is a little underpowered at 16K BTUs, but still gets a nice sear on a steak. Only piece of advice I'd give people is make sure you have at least 30" clearance - mine was a VERY tight fit.

  • staceyinmaine

    Oh, good to know about the width!! The range will get here before the cabinets are installed, so we'll measure and fit it exactly. Thanks! I can't wait!!!!!!!

  • sayde

    Bumping this -- would love to hear if anyone has purchased, used, seen or heard more about the NXR range.

  • guadalupe

    16K is far from underpowered for a broiler, American Range is 15,500 and so are most others, they are radiant broilers not pipes with pin holes and a flash pan.

  • Stacey Collins

    Mine's here but not yet hooked up... it looks wonderful so far! I am still waiting for the optional center grate to arrive, though.

  • cleanclassic

    I ordered mine from EuroStoves. I love the look, but have an issue with the burners whistling between the high and medium setting. Still waiting for service to come out and fix the issue. Other than that, everything else seems fine so far.

  • trixieinthegarden

    We just got our NXR 30" all-gas installed, and I am blown away! Fantastic solid construction, great burner power on all four burners, broiler is amazing. With nearly no electronics, I expect it to be practically maintenance free. Grilled chicken tonight and it came out great, and my large spaghetti pot looked like a little saucepan on the beefy burners. At about $2,000 with free shipping (arrived with white glove service) I highly recommend!

  • PKSJ

    I've owned one for 1.5 months. The oven paint is peeling all over the inside panels. I've been struggling like crazy to get service from the manufacturer and the appliance store. Service is very poor on this product. They don't respond to your issues fast and you HAVE TO CHASE them every step of the way.

    It's been over a month since we've had use of our oven and it's still not repaired. The oven enamel flakes off after the oven is used several times. After the second use, we found blue porcelain chips all over our food. The repair guys came out to have a look and were shocked to see how much paint was flaking. Every panel on the inside of the oven has chips ranging from a few millimeters to several inches in length.

    We're the third party to experience this and there are two other cases that I've found on the Internet so far.

    My advice from our purchasing experience, stay away from this product. It's been nothing but frustrating to say the least. The manufacturer and an appliance store that we bought from just isn't responsive to critical issues.

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