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Wolf 48" dual fuel or all gas??

September 1, 2014

Starting a kitchen remodel and trying to decide between the 48" dual fuel Wolf vs the all gas. The all gas is less expensive, and also comes with the 8 burner option which is preferable to me. The dual fuel is only 6 burners with a griddle or grill which I can live with. Is an electric oven better than gas? trying to decide if the extra $$$ for an electic oven is worth it? I cook a significant amount- I do bake, althought I cook much more often. Thanks!!

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  • hvtech42

    If you are going Wolf, definitely get the all gas. I would steer clear of the dual fuel. Search the forum for posts about the blue porcelain chipping issues with Wolf electric ovens here if you have not already.

    Electric ovens are generally considered to be superior to gas in terms of precision and evenness, especially if you're cooking many things at once, but that's not to say gas ovens are bad. Also, ovens vary: not all electric ovens are the same. Some may not work as well as your average gas oven. Most people do not care or notice a difference between the two fuels. If you want the electric oven get a different brand. I don't know you or your habits so I can't say which suits you best, but it seems from your post that you are more of a stovetop cook and would probably be very happy with a gas oven like most people.

    What led you to Wolf? IMO for the money there are better options.

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  • skr20

    Thank you! I was pretty much set on the all gas after some research last night until I read that the gas was NOT self cleaning. Now I am unsure again. The other model i did look at was dacor, mostly because of the 8 burner option. I will also be purchasing the Wolf steam oven so thats was part of the deciding factor. What else would you recommend?

  • bulldinkie

    Im looking at the wolf dual fuel.I myself prefer electric but hubby decided it was gas.I have an aga now
    .Im scared of gas,when I was a child aneighbors house blew up,from gas
    .I was at a wolf dealer about 2 weeks ago ,I asked is it self cleaning?He said yes ,but they don't recommend it./The high temps are hard on shelves etc.so I wonder is that why the blue would crack?

  • hvtech42

    ^Nobody here understands either. They have been selling this faulty enamel for years in both dual fuel ranges and wallovens. The interiors have cracked even on ovens where the owner did not use the self clean cycle.

    The dual fuel range that intrigues me most is the Capital Connoisseurian because of the powerful open burners but there is very little feedback on that yet.

    I don't have any recommendations for other dual fuel ranges due to extremely mixed feedback.

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  • njannrosen

    I have the Wolf electric oven for two years and used the self cleaning feature without any problem. I love it.

  • hvtech42

    The other thing I should add is that sometimes is that there have probably been many enamel failures that were never reported to Wolf because it can take careful inspection to see, even when it is flaking at a dangerous level.

    One person did not have theirs fail until 4 years in. And of course it varies based on how often you use the oven.

  • kalapointer

    NJAnnRose I would carefully look at yours before your warrant runs out. I had to use a flash light to see the chips in the front corners. There is so much reflection in the ovens from the lights on the sides, it is hard to see the chips. This is what it looks like.

  • melis918

    I am also intrigued by the Connoisseuriann and am seriously considering it-if I can figure out how to see one!

  • skr20

    Thanks for the feedback. I am leaning towards the all gas range - because of the lower price point and the enamel, as the all gas does not have the blue interior. I am also going with the wolf steam oven which will give me an electric option. Any thoughts on the Thermador pro series ranges here? I've heard that they have really beefed up their appliances recently and the promo is a pretty good deal.

  • skr20

    Anyone have any thoughts about the Thermador duel fuel pro grand NOT steam model?

  • hvtech42

    I didn't get a chance to test the oven of that Thermador range but I did test the burners. I liked them better than the Wolf but I preferred the open burner ranges overall for performance.

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