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WANTED: Everything You Wanted to Know .........................

13 years ago

.........about your partner but were afraid to ask...........!!!!

Okay, this is the place to share some information that will help your partner get to know you a little better. Please don't turn this in to a "Wish" list of items. Most of us like to gather information on our partners by reading some of their posts. It is amazing what you can find out by doing a search not just on the Cooking Forum but on some of the other forums your partner might post too.

But it does help if your partner posts a few things that you might not be able to find out any other way. This is a summer swap so things to include are what kind of summer dining or entertaining do you do. Do you like patio dining, picnics. BBQing? What are the colours of your dining room kitchen or patio furniture. Family members? Allergies or religious restrictions?

And if you are going to be on vacation during this time period please post the dates you will be absent so that your partner will be able to plan accordingly.

Don't forget that this is a MINI Summer Swap which means 5 Items or less. $30.00 Minimum plus shipping and the deadline for shipping is July 22nd. You can still sign up until Thursday June 15th. I'll try to get partners assigned and the emails out by Sunday June 18th if not before.


Comments (97)

  • compumom

    I guess it's my turn to go--
    It's DH, DS (23) and me in our home of 28+ years. We use our yard quite frequently to entertain in small groups or just ourselves. Our gas grill sees plenty of use. I hope next year to put in a new one with a small island. We remodeled our kitchen almost 4 years ago. Our granite is Costa Esmerlda, cabs are cherry and the walls are light green with bright white trim. Our daily dishes are French Garden by Villeroy and Boch.

    Our patio area has green chairs and umbrella with brick .
    We are fairly easy to please, red wine drinker, cloth napkin users, like spicy foods (DH more than me), love mustards, like to cook but do have quite a few utensils. Coffee and tea drinkers, but not herbal teas! We love chocolate, but prefer dark to milk. Casual entertaining of family and friends as well as entertaining DD, DSIL and our active 19 month old grandson is what makes us happy. I like to cook and DH will assist if I whine loudly enough!. I'm allergic to most dairy products and I can't eat nuts or beans, but DH does. Jessy and Diana have both been here, so if you need more info, just ask them!

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • mer4205

    Hello Partner!

    I am also easy to please and have loved everything that I have received in the swaps...It's me and the DH and two doggies, Mimi and Puccini. I love to cook and especially love to make all types of ethnic foods. I have a love of pottery and collect practical shapes that I use to serve food. We have three season porch that the DH has been renovating...we hope to use it by July 4th! I am planning on decorating it with the sunny colors of blue, yellow and white kind of a south of France feel! I love things that are particular to your area and really appreciate anything that you will send! (Love spicy things too!).... -maria

  • trixietx

    It is just me and DH at home. We farm/ranch and live in a small town in the Texas panhandle(population 2500 in town, 3500 in the county.)

    DS, DIL and almost 2 yr. old grandson (he is my pride and joy and favorite pastime) live close, DS helps DH and also farms and ranches on his own. DD lives about 100 miles from home and comes home sometimes on the weekend.

    My kitchen and dining room are in neutral colors with red accents.

    I enjoy flower and vegetable gardening and grow most of my own vegetables to preserve. I take lunch to the field during planting and harvest season so it comes in pretty handy.

    It is hard for me to stay inside during the summer, I would rather be outside working in the yard. It has been a little easier this year because it has been so hot.
    We have two backyard patios, neither one large, but a big yard and I enjoy entertaining outside.
    I grill outside three or four times a week and sometimes more, all year.
    Can't think of any dislikes or allergies, will try most anything, within reason. I can't stand liver of any kind, don't send me liver, but I don't think that should be a problem, or hope not!!

    I am not hard to please. I will like and appreciate what I receive, for sure.

    I just wish I had more imagination!

  • brenda55

    Here in SA its just me, my DH, Jim, and our precious granddaughter, Aleksi, who will turn four next week. We just relocated in March to SA.

    Our new home has no patio, that will be next year's project, so we don't do outdoor dining at this point. We downsized tremendously in our relocation, partly on purpose and partly due to the horrendous moving company we used in relocating, so I've not come up with a definitive color scheme for the dining area, nor kitchen.

    We never have chocolate in our home, except when Aleksi is gone for a few days as she has an allergy to chocolate. I don't drink coffee, and we like almost any kind of food, except for really hot, though.

    I am trying to reinvent my cooking, as it became very, very BORING for several years, and that is how I came across this forum, looking for ideas and help to push me to the other side and can you say I found the "Promised Land" on this forum. LOL.

    I am very easy to please, will love and appreciate whatever I receive and please, no fret for this Texas girl.

  • blueiris24

    I keep waiting to write something on here when I'm not tired, but I'm giving up on that ever happening.
    You all have such beautiful homes!
    I live in the west and am the sole female in my home of two sons, and little dog. We are always on the go - sometimes too much so -- but we love learning and trying new things. I spend many, many, many, many hours at the soccer and baseball fields.
    My favorite type of food is Mexican, although I am a complete whimp when it comes to anything with hot spices. I also love just making a bunch of tapas for dinner. We have a yard with a small outdoor area to eat, and we do eat outside a lot in the summer. My DH is getting a gas grill for Father's Day, be we pretty much have everything for that.
    My taste is very eclectic - I love old things, contemporary things -- I don't really like pastels and I'm not much into country aside from holiday decorations. I'm going to Santa Fe with friends to celebrate my 40th bday this summer, and I love that type of artwork -- the earth tones and deep colors. I hope to redo my kitchen this year in bold Santa Fe colors - red, gold, and that blue they have that I haven't quite found a match for (yet)!
    I love things that make me laugh. I love roosters. (yes, that said I Love Roosters.)We love to have friends and neighbors over for casual entertaining. I enjoy gardening and reading. I also enjoy quilting but haven't had much time for that lately. I'm starting to get into working with beads.
    We love chocolate at this house and it needs to be well hidden to survive. I'm sure I'll love whatever I receive!

  • debbie814

    I wrote a novel about myself this morning, and I see that it never got posted. Darn

    Well we recently gutted the kitchen. Out with the old, and in with the new! Should be done by mid July. The cabinets will be natural cherry, stainless appliances, hardwood floor, walls will be painted BM Linen White and Coyote Trail (brown family).

    Our dining room paint is SW Macadamia (beige)with a mission style dining room set.

    In the summer, we eat on our patio, and our color theme is lime green plastic ware. We are a family of 5, with a boxer Kiki.

  • ann_t

    Here is a list of those that haven't yet posted to this thread. I've received a few emails from your partners looking for information. Please post soon. And I know that I'm guilty too and so I'm off to post now.


    Cinda in CT

  • ann_t

    There is just the two of us. Our Son Matt lives about an hour from us so we get to see him often.

    The {{gwi:1462891}} in this house is open to the {{gwi:1462892}}. I like it because there is a lot of light from big windows and a skylight. Colours are a kind of burnt orange in the kitchen and yellows elsewhere. And except for the espresso machine, toaster oven, olive oil, pepper grinder and salt bowls I try to keep my counters bare. All my other small appliances are stored in the Island.

    I think that almost everyone here probably knows most of my likes and dislikes. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of any kind of condiment, or bbq sauce or that I hate carrots, parsnips and raisins.

    I can't decide if I have an actual favourite food. I pretty much cook anything and everything. French, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Indian, basic "Diner" food, etc. I'm lucky that I live in an area where I can pretty much get any ingredient I need. I enjoy just about every method of cooking to. Love to bake and very seldom buy bread or other baked goods because I prefer to bake them myself. I grill year around although we never eat outside. In fact we are very casual and even though we eat most of our meals in front of the TV I still like to make use of nice dishes and serving pieces.

    I'm really looking forward to shopping for my swap partner. We have a lot of local artist/craftsmens in the area and many of them show at some of the Island's Farmer's markets on Saturdays. I plan to visit a few of them between here and Victoria over the next 4 weekends and I hope to find some interesting cooking/kitchen related items to send. Because of the US Customs regulations I probably won't bother sending any food items.


  • Tikanas2

    Another easy going swap partner here.
    I have loved everything I have gotten in the swaps. It's just me and DS and Oreo, the cat here, but DD is here A LOT!! and likes to sample and try out everything.
    For Mother's day I received a big basket of gourmet items that the kids picked out for me in hopes that it was "as good as a swap box". I loved the basket, AND the thought...

    Pauline, I didn't realize just how BUSY you are. A hubby and a boyfriend! And you still find time to cook!!

    Darn, Tracey, I was gonna send you bugs... : )

    I love to entertain and manage to do so regularly even in my cramped, temporary digs. I like earth tones, spicy foods, spices and all types of cuisines. I LOVE homemade/ homecooked stuff.

    I am avoiding sweets but the kids won't turn them down lol. Wines are nice or? I am a coffee drinker but like an occasional tea.

    I look at the swaps as a way to get to know everybody better. If you like it, I'll give it a try!


  • Marigene

    Guess it is my turn. My kitchen has cream colored cabinets with blue glass knobs and pulls, walls are painted a light kiwi, bisque colored appliances, and light beige counters. We have a gas grill that we use infrequently and do not eat outside very often (too many mosquitoes and they love both myself and hubby). We have no allergies or real food dislikes. Green is my favorite color. I will love whatever you send!

  • kent4489

    First, before I forget... I'll be gone from June 28 thru July 10, so won't be here to get a package.

    I go in spurts with cooking interests...last summer, I did some canning and learned to bake bread this past winter. I like baking bread better and need to get back to that. I tend to spend a lot of time outside, planting flowers in the Spring, so kitchen time is limited.

    Just me and DH...and our cat. I like trying new things, but don't care for strong smokey flavors, olives, raisins or cherries. DH is a boring eater. I've listed beverage info on the other thread. No allergies or religious restrictions. We're very casual and don't entertain much here. We entertain more in FL, but even more casually. I like pretty and unusual things. I don't think I have a particular style, but not into cutesy or country.

    Took some pics of my kitchen, eating areas and patio, but they didn't turn out very well. I have cherry cabs, ivory chiffon granite, stainless steel and Brazilian cherry floors. I use reds and gold with bits of navy, although my pics don't show much color. I keep my counters fairly clutter-free. I haven't done much decorating because we were thinking about moving, but have decided to stay. I can settle in now! {{gwi:1462894}} {{gwi:1462896}} {{gwi:1462898}} {{gwi:1462900}}

    We always have breakfast & lunch at the table, but dinner is usually in front of the TV (bad!) {{gwi:1462902}} {{gwi:1462904}}

    I took this pic of our dining room right after we got the table a few months ago. I've since added a gold/red silk table runner and red silk placemats with gold napkins. Still looking for a rug and wall decor.

    Lastly is our patio. We occasionally have lunch at the small bistro table, but often have cocktails in the swing. I have additional chairs that I put out when we have company. {{gwi:1462908}}

    I know I'll be very happy with anything my partner sends. I've been in two swaps and the gifts were terrific!


  • kent4489

    Oh, I forgot to mention, we don't have a grill. Gave it to our neighbors when we moved from our last house and decided we didn't want one anymore. Is it a CF faux pas that we use a GF grill indoors?
    (And sorry my above pictures are so bad...too dark.)

  • maggie2094

    Pauline :D
    I just read my post and apologies if I seem coy. I was having fun but I don't want to make it hard on anyone!

    It is my dh, small son, and 2 furbaby cats. I also tend to immerse myself in new things like say bread baking or pizza making, and lately tarts. It is sort of an ebb and flow thing with me. I could easily spend the whole day baking bread (or failing at baking bread) and not have a clue what I am going to make for dinner. With the warm weather my interest is turning outdoors and we do like to grill.

    My home is earth tones - green, golds, beige. I change accent colors but love orange and deep red.

    Outside I like fun summer colors.

    I love kitchen "stuff" and am always looking for new ways to prepare and serve my food to feed the eye as well as the belly.

    We don't have any restrictions. Funky is okay by me as well as simple white things. Homemade is great, too!

    I am just enjoying the sweet anticipation. Have fun and don't worry about a thing. I will appreciate that you took the time!

  • lakeguy35

    Just a lakebum here y'all! Single and share my small cabin with a Great Dane and two cats. Have a huge family and a great group of friends that love good food and drink.

    My place is all knotty pine and hardwood floors with a big fieldstone fireplace. My decor is a mix of new, antique, and stuff that I think is cool. I can make most anything fit in with my decor. So go for it!!

    Casual entertaining here for the most part. My main cooking events revolve around family functions, holidays, parties in general, and of course good music is always part of the fun. Eating and drinking can take place inside, on the back deck, side patio, on the dock, or out on the boat if it is something simple.

    Bottom line, just have fun and surprise me!!


  • sunnyco

    I have not posted on here a whole lot for quite a while, so I should get busy here. First off, I want to apologize to my swap partner, because while I was thinking about this, I realized that I am probably going to be a very challenging person to shop for. My life is in such flux right now, and has been fairly over-taken by school. My hobbies have been set aside, for the most part. And I am kind of an oddball on here, because I don't cook as much as I used to. Especially in the summer.

    I read a lot of threads in the cooking forum, but I don't post much. Mostly that is because I have not been cooking much for quite a while. I am in school and it's not the cooking I feel I don't have time for as much as it is the cleaning up afterwards.

    I do love food though!

    You would have to put a gun to my head to get me to post pictures of my kitchen. It is horrible. It looks as if it either just exploded, or is about to. That also detracts from my cooking experience. And I am not the greatest cook, for sure. My heart just has not been in it for a while, and that makes a world of difference.

    I should do this when I am more awake. So far it sounds so depressing, and I don't feel depressed! LOL

    My son and I are trying especially hard to lose some weight and get fit this summer. We just joined a rec center, and have been working out.

    I don't eat much dairy product because it makes my allergies go haywire. I don't worry about little bits of it in things, and I do use a bit of hard cheeses on my food sometimes because it gives me a lot of bang for my buck, so to speak. Don't send me any liver! I hate liver! :p

    I have a husband, two sons (11 and 13), a very small sheltie dog, a cat, and two cockatiels we are trying to get rid of. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe my swap partner wants some My 11 year old is a vegetarian. Nobody else here is. He makes a lot of his own meals. I'm really proud of him.

    We eat a lot of sandwiches around here. I make a lot of Mexican food. Easy Mexican food. I would like to eat more salad dressings, but I have a hard time finding dressings I like. I don't like many bottled ones, and I have not had much luck with homemade ones. When I find one I like, I eat it until I am sick of it. We also eat a lot of snacky things. I love salty-crunchy and sweet about equally.

    I have been purging my house of extra stuff for over a year. I like practical things. I started out on the moonlady thing a few years ago, but have not had the self-discipline to get back on it. It's so strange that this has been so hard, because I love organizing things, in spite of my general lack of day-to-day organization. I like getting it there, just not maintaining it, but I have not even gotten it there for so long... Well, it's not so strange, I guess. It takes TIME to organize. :)

    When I do have time to hobby, I love to read. Historical fiction, food science, sociology, humor. Right now, I am reading a book called "Stumbling on happiness." It is really interesting, and sometimes funny.

    I also sew. I had to pack my sewing room into a storage unit for a while because my kids were sharing a room. They were getting bigger and the room was not. Just a few weeks ago, I got the stuff out of storage and build a big cutting table, using my filing cabinets as pedestals for the top. I can't wait for it to get cool enough out for me to spend some time in the garage. I would say baking, reading and sewing are the three hobbies I most often come back to. I have been doing them since I was a child.

    When I have more time, I like to make collages, soap, paper, woodworking, write (usually journalling). I will try my hand at just about anything. Jack of all trades -master of none! lol

    I like pretty much all colors. My favorite is periwinkle. I take that back. I am not fond of the harvest gold/avocado color scheme, but even those colors have their place.

    I like a lot of things that a lot of people think are strange. I love skeletons and bugs (there are a few of the latter that are on my permanent **** list though. lol). I'm not very "girly" that way. I used to garden, but I learned that after the short season of nice weather, it just gets too hot and I don't take care of the plants.

    It's really hot here.

    Oh! I will be gone from the 7th of july to around the end of August. Probably until the 26th or so, but we are not sure yet. My husband will be here after the 18th, so he will bring any packages in, but he won't open them. (in case of perishables).

    If my swap partner has questions, maybe they can have someone else email me and I will post the answers on here.


  • ann_t

    Sunny, just to confirm, you are going to be away from July 7th until the end of August and your husband will be home to pick up packages after July 18th?????? or is that August 18th????.

    Since the targeted mail out date is July 22nd it is going to be important for your partner to time their shipment.

    Would it be more convenient for your partner to ship directly to where ever you will be during this time period?

    During the last swap Jayne was my partner and she was in Florida during the swap so I mailed my gift to her there.


  • chase_gw

    Mostly it's just Clive and I. Our daughter Meredith goes to University out of province but is home for the summer. Our son Chris has his own place but is actually living at our cottage all summer so I have one in each house! No escaping them!!

    We love to entertain both here and at the cottage. our style is very laid back and casual. As for tates, Clive is not a fan of spicy and I'm not much of a sweets person! LOL

    Kitchen here is in sagey, bluey greens with some olive things happening, I thought I had a pic but I don't. Kitchen at the cottage is modern rustic.

    To be honest swap partner I will be thrilled with anything you might choose. Just have fun and don't sweat it!

  • chase_gw

    Oooops, didn't mean to link to the album! Ignore hot tub photo!!! LOL

  • sunnyco

    My husband will be here after the 18th of July.

    I can ask my neighbor to check, as well. She will be checking on the cat every other day or so.

  • compumom

    Yes Sunny, but how can you respond to your partner? The swap is for July and maybe the beginning of August not the end. Can't you have it sent to you on vacation?

  • jessyf

    Oh no Sunny! I think that most people sign up for a swap so they can participate in all the oohing, aahhing and follow ups (thats a beeeeeg job and part of the fun). Will you be on line during the 6 weeks you are away?

  • Bizzo

    Sorry to be posting so late! We were in York Maine for my birthday last Tuesday (yes, 13 is my lucky number) and then Newport for the weekend... and my PC died when I got home!! but I seem to be up and running again now!!

    At home, it's just DH and me... and a kitchen we remodeled about 8 months ago. My kitchen has tan-brown granite counters, one burgundy wall, and caramel-colored cabinets. My dining room walls are mostly sage-greenish (one wall is cream with sage trim).

    I have been caffeine-free for 3.5 years, and as much as I love my decaf, I can tell when I get an extra boost of caffeine, and it's not a good thing!

    DH is the hot-dogs and mac&cheese guy, but I love most all foods (except fishy-fish, and sushi 'cause I don't like the nori). I am, however, back at Weight Watchers, and have been recently diagnosed as insulin-resistance so I have been looking with interest at SharonCB's low GI food postings.

    I love kitchen gadgets, and while in York stopped at Stonewall Kitchen, but walked away from several things that called my name... all your posts on microplanes almost had me.

    I'm really pretty easy... and quite grateful to whatever creative thing comes my way. I'm very excited about getting to play in the mini-swap this time!

    DH does have a full bar, and bought me a wine fridge for one of my previous birthdays, if that helps... And I love to read, and I especially love to read about food! (are you surprised)!!


  • finally

    Hey, I'm FINALLY posting! While finally is a fitting name, it definitely did not pay off if you want to search for posts by me. Even with the curly-que thingy in front, a seach comes up with 320 hits. Searching for Dolores is better, but I don't always sign that way.

    So here's the skinny on me:

    Our family is me, DH, 2 DDs and 1 DS, all teenagers. Also a DPD (Dear PoopyDog). None of us are picky eaters--actually we're pretty adventurous. One of my DDs is allergic to nuts, legumes and sesame products, though.

    We are recent remodelers. Our new kitchen is open to our dining room and family room. We have creamy-white cabinets with black and stainless appliances, and dark green granite. Accent pieces in the kitchen are a green color (like Chantal's Garden Green). The colors in the rest of the great room are earthier tones with brick-ish red and green accents. We do BBQ frequently, all year round. After the remodel, we redid the landscaping front and back, but haven't eaten outside yet! I did pick up some cool battery operated paper lanterns at Cost Plus World Imports that are a brick color, so outdoors may go in that color direction once we get furniture for it.

    While I like to cook, I LOVE to make desserts. Chocolate and lemon are two of my favorites. Like Elizabeth above, kitchen tools are always calling my name. I did manage to pare down during the remodel, but I wouldn't have passed up a micro-plane!

    DH and I do enjoy an evening cocktail, so no issues with sending alcohol. I know you have to be careful shipping that to some places!

    So, swappie, I hope this helps you! The best thing for you to know though, is that I'm not picky at all and will appreciate anything you choose!

    ~finally (aka Dolores)

  • scott55405

    Well I have been around the forum for a number of years now and am happy to be getting back into participating in swaps. After a lifetime in Minnesota I have relocated to Los Angeles last fall and am quite happy with my decision.

    I live in a charming, spacious 1 BR mid-century apt. (which makes me very happy as I like all things mid-century) about 2 miles east of Venice Beach, near downtown Culver City. (I know this probably means nothing to non-CA folks, but that's where I live!) LOL I love one level living and how quick it is to clean this place!

    I like my happy little well lit kitchen and dining area, and find it very easy and pleasant to work in a compact kitchen. I found a nice dinette set at IKEA that had red upholstered seats, and I have just taken off with the red. Lots of red used in my place, and red accessories in the kitchen especially. Also interested in vintage kitchenware, textiles and small appliances.

    Beyond that, I am also not a picky person and you can have fun shopping for me. Always interested in trying new things. I wasn't cooking much there for a while but am getting back into that, baking and casual entertaining of smaller groups again. I like many kinds of foods, pasta related stuff is a favorite that comes to mind, and I like red and white wines, non-flavored coffee and tea. No dietary restrictions or anything here at this time.

    I've always had fun with the swaps, so have fun shopping!

  • KatieC

    I live in a constant state of remodel on a {{gwi:1462909}} in the Idaho Panhandle. (Dh does custom woodworking, and it's a case of 'the cobbler's children always need shoes'. When he does finish something for us, it's awesome, though (and, as he says, "It's paid for" [read that: "Quit complaining"]).

    I'm easy....we like all kinds of food and drink. No allergies and eerything I hate (liver!) isn't shippable. We grill often, but don't eat outside very much. Once the monster mosquitoes subside, we get wasps, who reallllly like barbecue. Regional stuff is always good. I just want my partner to have fun.

    My little house is mostly wood inside...

  • sunnyco

    I will only be away for just over three weeks, at the maximum. I will be here to answer questions until the night of the 6th of July. After that, I will be periodically checking my email and if anyone has questions I will get on here and post an answer. At the very least, I would reply to the person who emails me.

    I hesitate to send Ann the address for where I will be, because I will be in, lets see, 5 different places. I will be in one longer than the rest, but I am not sure how long. I can pinpoint a narrow range of days that I am sure to be there, but I don't know if I would trust USPS to hit the target.

    Really, it will only be 10 days that there will be no-one here at the house. Outside of those days, my husband would be able to tell me if I got a package, so I could at least let you know that.

    Is that OK?

  • sunnyco

    I will be gone from July 7th to Sometime in the last week of July. My husband will be gone for the first 10 days of it.

    It's really not that bad. I swear! LOL

  • lowspark

    As everyone here probably already knows, I recently remodeled my kitchen incorporating a Grape/Wine theme. Dark purple granite counters with a pink marble tile backsplash. I also have some sage green accents. (Pix of my kitchen are in the "Scenes of a Finished Kitchen" album linked on My Page.)

    My Dining room has medium purple colored walls with dark purple & burgundy window coverings and a sort of an iris theme. We don't have a lot of formal dinners but I do host pot lucks regularly.

    My 18 yo son is off to college this year(!) and my 16 yo son is a vegetarian.

    We eat a good variety of foods, like spicy stuff, chocolate (esp. dark), wine, beer. No coffee, but love iced tea. No allergies.

    I do have Penzey's and Whole Foods but no Trader Joe's nearby.

    I'm sure I'll love whatever you send, I'm pretty easy to please. I've participated in a few of these swaps now and loved everything I got. Have fun shopping for me as I know I'll have fun shopping for my partner!

  • ann_t

    You are right Sunny, that isn't too bad. LOL! I misunderstood. I thought you were going to be gone for over 6 weeks. In your post above you mention that you will be gone from July 7th, until almost the end of August. I'm sure your partner can postpone mailing for a week so that it arrives the end of July after you are home.


  • sunnyco

    Sorry. I am brain-fried. I am going to blame it on the hot weather. lol

    Oooh. That might be something my swap partner will want to consider. The weather here then will likely as not be over 100 degrees, and that might make some things not mail so well...

    Once, in the summer, I went to a ladies get-together at a friend's house. She mentioned something about "some chocolate would be nice" and I just happened to have a bar of my favorite chocolove 70% in my purse. I had eaten about half of it, and just folded the wrapper over kind of loosely. I broke off a piece and gave it to her. She took a bite and started laughing so hard she couldn't talk. We all sat and looked at her, and tried to figure out what was so funny. Finally, she spit something into her palm and held it out for us to see. It was the (small) key to my 57 chevy. Had it been an unopened bar, it would have been OK, but at some point, the bar got a bit warm, probably sitting in my purse in the car, and that loose key found it's way into the chocolate.

    I'm not sure what the moral of this story is, but I just thought of it. lol I guess it's "don't eat melty, pre-opened things out of people's purses in the summer in Texas."

  • compumom

    LOL Sunny!
    Glad to see that you will be able to play. I hate watching people get anxious about their swapmates!

  • lori316

    Okay, a couple of very important things first:

    First and foremost, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't stress!!! I want my partner to have as much fun doing this as I do each time. I'm easy, really.

    Next: I am away from July 1 through somewhere around the 14th or 15th. I'll do my best to post and keep updated while I'm away, I promise.

    One more important note: I am allergic to shellfish, pineapple, and coconut...all things that coincide with summer themes, of course. LOL I also stay away from red wines because they trigger migraines for me.

    Okay, now on to the fun stuff:

    It's me, Bob and just the last 3 kids still at home (14, 11, & 5). We are very casual 90% of the time. While we love to entertain, we love for our friends to relax and be comfortable/casual while in our home, and most of our gatherings are very informal.

    While I think I'm an okay cook, I love, love, love to bake. There's always something sweet in the oven. We love chocolate, fruits, cakes, pies, breads, etc.

    My favorite style of cooking (and eating!) is Italian.

    We love rich cream sauces, as well as spicey; sweet as well as sour. We generally like to eat healthy during the week, but on the weekends, I indulge like nobody would believe (think Paula Deen's cooking/baking). Love to make elaborate, sinful desserts.

    I love gadgets as well as cookbooks.

    I currently live a whopping 2 miles from the house I grew up in, so regional themes are always very interesting to me. I don't get out much. LOL

    Our new kitchen is just about a year old. It has hickory cabinets with Australian Cypress flooring. The counter top & island are a deep red (think cranberry), and our walls are a dark mustard color. Hmmm....looks better than it sounds. LOL

    The dining room is a sage green with pine flooring and ceiling. Lots of wood, but light.

    When we put the dining room addition on, we wiped out our old deck and now have a new one off the dining room. We are starting fresh outside with the yard and will be buying a new gas grill when we return from vacation. We currently have a charcoal grill, but usually use the gas for the convenience.

    We are an active family and love sports, being outside, and the summers, although they're way too short here.

    I hope this all helps, but as I said, please relax and enjoy. I've loved everything that was sent to me.

  • lindainct

    Sorry to be posting to this late but we are on vacation on Marthas's Vineyard and have to go the the library to get on line.
    Just DH and me at home (3 kids, 9 GK) and no fur babies at the moment.
    We like to entertain, a lot, and I do a little catering. I love all kinds of serving pieces.
    Kitchen colors are white and cobalt blue and a little yellow-we collect pineapples.
    We enjoy eating almost anything except we prefer not too hot.
    I have a small vegetable garden and I make pickles and lots of jam and jelly and I also post on the Harvest Forum.
    The swaps I have participated in have been great and my partners have always sent things that I love; so partner, do not stress just have fun.

  • annie1992

    Oh, I agree, don't stress at all over mine, I love everything I've ever gotten. Since I live in the same county I was born in and grew up in, I love regional items from other areas.

    And don't forget the packing material!! I always smooth out the newspapers from my partner and read them. (grin) An added bonus.

    Sonny, a person on another forum mentioned that she had pecan trees and that she was just going to use pecans as packing material. I thought "Heck, I'd just like the packing material". LOL


  • sburkhart

    Hey there, I am Stacey. Born and raised here in West Virginia. I am a mother of 3 daughters Emily (step-16), Hannah (9), and Abigail (4). Married to DH John for 13 years. WE love grilling and picnicing. I grill 3-4 meals a week and we "picnic" usually at least once a week. The girls love it and am happy to abblige. All my girls like to dabble in the kitchen as well. We have alot of "family nights" with fun food and games or movies.

    I am a country cook so to speak. You know country ham broth in the green beans. I love to bake and can. I like to make up recipes. We do have a garden from which I make pickles, salsa, and chili sauce. There is nothing like home canned green beans!!! Oh i love to share what I make too.

    I love salad dressings, BBQ sauces, and marinades for grilling. I love gadgets to make my life in the kitchen easier. I collect cookbooks the more pictures the better and those community cookbooks too.

    My hubby and I are remodeling our house. We just completed our living room and dining room. We ripped up the carpet and put down hardwood floors and painted the walls. It's called Red Ochue which looks like a orangish rust color. We soon will be moving to the kitchens...replacing the floors with the same hardwood and still debating the colors in there. I am thinking Sage???
    Not much of a drinker... I do like an Amarietto sour every now and then.

    BUT I am a BIG CHOCOLATE fan. Not too many placing here to get "good chocolate". No TJ or any of those type markets here. Just a Weis, Giant, Food Lion, and Walmart.
    That is about it!


  • sburkhart

    Oh I forget to mention, I will be out of town July 10-13. I will be traveling to Chicago for a conference.

  • TobyT

    We are a family of four; DH, twin 10-year-old daughters and me. We live on acreage in a rural area, about an hour east of Vancouver, in the beautiful Fraser Valley. We are surrounded by farmland and the neighbouring township claims to be the raspberry capitol of Canada!
    We cook and eat outside a lot in the summer (no bugs here!)and camp, boat and picnic on a regular basis. When we entertain it is most often casually with other families, although several times a year I like to have multi-course sit down dinners for 6-8 adults. I love fun and funky serving pieces. Our kitchen, dining room, family room area (all open) are mostly shades of sage and taupe with black and plum accents. Floors and cabinets are natural maple.
    We are adventurous food-wise and like to try new things. I bake bread and sweets regularly and cook from scratch almost every night. We have no dietary or religious restrictions.
    We are adventurous food wise and always open to trying new things. There isn't a TJ's within hundreds of miles of here (do you know where the nearest one is AnnT?)
    I am easy going and easy to please - so have fun!

  • ann_t

    Jane, would that be a Trader Joe's or a TJ Maxx? LOL! I'm pretty sure you have a Home Sense/Winners out your way, which is the same as TJ Maxx and the closest Trader Joes is in Washington state. We do have a World Foods in West Vancouver. Bit of a hike for you and in my opinion not worth it the drive.


  • mer4205


    Hi Partners! I am going to be in Maine on vacation next week fyi. Will be back on July 2nd...There will be a nephew here watching the if you are one to send your package early - there will be someone here....of course this means that my package to my partner will be going out after the 4th of July and probably contain some lobstah-jerky!!!-maria ;)

  • TobyT

    Ann, sorry I meant Trader Joes. There are several in the Seattle area, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland etc, so I just may have to go for a weekend in Seattle soon!

  • mustangs81

    I have been so happy with each swap--my partners have all been wonderful and creative. So, I am tempted to leave it in my partner's capable hands and just enjoy yet another friendship that this activity spawns.

    I think you all know that I love gadgets; but that might be a problem as I do have a considerable number of them.

    I love dark chocolate, sauces, spices, oils, vinegars, etc. I also love unusual serving pieces and I collect regional cookbooks. Gee, I sound like most of the CF members.

    The closest Trader Joe's is five states away. A Pensey's is only 200 miles from here. Fortunately a Wild Oats opened two months ago.

    My kitchen is

    , greens and has an

  • bubbeskitchen

    This is a duplicate of what I just posted on the older thread.

    Thought I'd better catch up and let the newer folks know a bit about me.
    Married, all kids are too, and altogether there are 7 grandkids.

    We have no allergies but a few dislikes or aversions:

    DH loathes olives, the fruit.
    I dont like florals very much and definitely dont heavily many scented things.
    Like handmade or homemade just about anything.
    I dont lean towards things Victorian or very ornate
    Love metal, wood, stone, ceramic, organic looking things
    Neither one of us is fond of the blood-sausage-type things.
    We both like nuts, chocolate (mines dark, his is lighter but he is changing), spices, sweet and savory things. I love lemon,

    We eat at home often, I love to set a pretty table, linen napkins everyday

    We divide our time between NYC and a small town in CT.
    We are moving in the fall to and down-sizing in NY.

    CT: The country home is eclectic leans towards the whimsical or lyrical, my color palette is basically established by all the things that I own. You can check it out on under bubbeskitchen. It is the Sherman House album.

    NY is contemporary and traditional. We are changing our color palette when we move from the neutrals with dusty peach to spicy colors: saffron, ginger, paprika. My new kitchen is right out in the open; the counters are slate, the cabinets and appliances are wood-grain and the sink and stove are stainless. So I guess my new digs will be more contemporary to modern and streamline if I can do it. Here is a link: My kitchen layout is like the dining room picture link on the bottom of the "great spaces" page.
    I kind of have a free-wheeling thing going on and an opportunity to try new stuff. I do intend to reduce visible clutter by containerizing a lot.

    Thats what comes to mind right now. Hope that it helps.


  • lowspark

    Just in case this might help anyone, here's the swapper info from the last swap. Good to have as much info as possible!

  • Terri_PacNW

    to the top

  • craftyrn

    We might need this on top

  • artsyshell

    Things about me not posted previously... My kitchen has a wine theme to it. Walls are a mustardy colour, wine labels are blown up and wallpapered to the backspash. Lots of little wine steward decorations. Lots of Grapes as accents. Accents colours are black and aubergine, with some stainless steel. My dining room is Striped in an aubergine colour, with aubergine carpet. A little formal, eclectic.
    I love mustards of all kinds, love spices, love olive oils, flavored vinegars etc. Like olives, differant types of crackers, differant kinds of salad dressings. Love pesto, Cilantro is a favorite as is garlic. Love cheeses of all kinds. Love kitchen gadgets, appliances and basically anything for the kitchen. I have a convection gas range, a convection wall oven and a convection microwave. My new favorite appliance, is my Saeco automatic esspresso machine, (love coffee, all flavors except for cinnamon coffee, although I like cinnamon). Like differant kinds of teas. Love to entertain. Try never to make the same thing twice for the same person unless it is requested. I love dishes (my collections include colours in either black, white or gold) Love accessories for entertaining. NO known allergies to anything

    Probably much more than you wanted to know, but I am pretty easy, and love just about anything and evertyhing. Hope this helps.


  • dedtired

    Hi. I just read what I posted here earlier and almost nothing has changed. I enjoy inviting my friends over for a casual dinner. We eat at the small table on my patio or if the weather is too hot, inside at the dining room table. Sometimes we get together for drinks and snacks and sit on the porch. I am the only one with a screened in porch so i am popular during mosquito season. I make mixed drinks since my close friend is allergic to wine (sulfites)and I think it's fun to try trendy drinks.

    I also entertain my book club regularly and serve wine and appetizers.

    I still love having breakfast on the porch, especially a leisurely Sunday morning.

    I have one tomato plant which currently has four green tomatoes on it! We have lots of good farm makets around so I let someone else do the farming. I truly enjoy all seasonal fruits as well as fresh corn.

    I really like flower gardening and spend as much time on that as I can.

    I loooove coffee and iced tea, but not so much hot tea.

    I'll add more later. I have to get going now.

  • diana55

    Here's the info on me.....I'm happily married with 1 daughter ( Rachelle 15 ) and a step daughter ( Ashley 21)She's never home!!!LOL You know that age!!! Kiko, and a cat named Puss Puss. Don't laugh, my daughter named the cat.
    I love everything to do with cooking,and I love to bake too. I'm not fussy, so anything you buy me I will be happy with!!! I love Apple green & White. I do love silver too. Happy shopping!!! Diana55

  • Terri_PacNW

    to the top

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