Does your fridge door swing shut or stay open? What's "normal"?

8 years ago

I've always taken for granted that my (single door) refrigerators have had just a little tension on them, so when I walk away from the fridge, the door swings shut.

My new single door fridge doesn't have any tendency to swing closed--it actually swings open and hits the wall next to it, or just stays in the open position.

It's a small detail, but in reality it's kind of a pain...I'm always leaving it open by mistake or walking back across te kitchen to close it after removing a big pot of soup or something.

The manual doesn't address the door swing. Does anyone know whether there's an adjustment for this, or whether there's a "norm" for the swing on a fridge door?

It's a Viking freestanding, BTW.

Thanks :)

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