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How to sterilize really old cast iron...probably 50 yrs + old

16 years ago

OK, get ready to laugh. I have always used cast iron all my life. My mother cooked with it...been married for 40 years and have always had family pieces. I still cook with cast iron and love it. Well, I have been carrying around a several used cast iron skillets and a larger iron pot for the last 25 years that I have never used. I just move them each time we move and store them in the garage. They must be ancient. I found them in an old house in New Orleans at least 25 years ago and they were old then. Now I want to either use them or get rid of them, but really would rather keep them. What is the best way to sterilize cast iron and I do mean really sterilize. I have to admit that I am a germ freak as you can tell. I know you are not supposed to put cast iron in a dish washer, but do you think that would sterlize them and then I could cure them. What do you think? I can only imagine what you are thinking? I can't believe after all these years I want to retrieve them, but they have grown to be part of me now, so I want to put them to use. Please let me have your thoughts. More than anything, I think I need piece of mind that they will be suitable for cooking. Thanks for your ideas.

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