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porch column size

November 26, 2008

we are building a house that need many porch columns. I can't decide between 8" and 10" and between round or square. I currently am leaning towards 10" square. Can anyone share pics on any of the above so I can see them "in person" to help with the decision (the square are cheaper snd easier to install since they are a wrap and not a load bearing column). I am adding an unfinished pic of my house. Any suggestions would be great.

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  • worthy

    Here's an impressive home previously posted here. I believe the owner dismissed it as an "interim" residence until she built something more permanent.

    I think I prefer narrower square columns for your lovely "farm home".

  • worthy

    Square columns work nicely on this classic.

  • gary1227

    I have a few photos on my photo blog below of our porch columns. We are building an Italianate Style farm house. Our columns are made of Azek material wrapped around load bearing beams much like your porch.

    Here is a link that might be useful: My Picture Blog

  • hollyh3kids

    These are ours. I believe they are about 9". We went with square because we felt that was more classic than a taper and wouldn't be trendy.

  • sturdy

    gary1227...what size columns did you install? Seeing the 9" from hollyh3kids, I'm thinking the 10" would be a better option. I do like the square columns; it is a bonus that they would be less of a hassle to install.

  • lorraineal

    With the size and visual "weight" of your home, I'd be leaning towards the more substantial look of the 10" columns.

  • pacacru

    I will do 10" square PVC wrap. Not round columns for that house style.

  • brutuses

    gary, I can't wait to see your tree lined drive in the summer when the trees fill out. It's going to be gorgeous. What kind of trees did you plant?

    Down here in old New Orleans in the Uptown district, the appeal is the gorgeous oak tree lined streets, some over 100 years old. I hate oak trees (so messy), but love their beauity.

  • cursivesailor


    My property in Lakeview is on a oak tree lined street. I was told that the tree in front our new property is around 160 years old. I'm so glad it made it through Katrina. But when it becomes full of catipillars, its no fun.

  • brutuses

    Oh, I hate those freaking catepillars (pardon my language). Have you ever tried having the tree sprayed to kill them? That's the only way I could have one of those trees around me. I'm so glad I have cypress growing around me instead of those oaks.

    I'm not surprised to hear the age of yours. There are many like them all over S.Louisiana and yes, unfortunately, a lot of them perished during Katrina.

  • gary1227

    Hi Brutuses:

    The trees along our Driveway are Honey Locust.

  • brutuses

    Oh goodness do they have the locust in the summer months? I remember my girlfriend had a huge tree in front of her house and it was loaded with locusts. Oh I get the chills just thinking about it. Creepy things come out of trees at night. LOL And let's not forget the flying roaches.

  • Tiffany Dutson

    hollyh3kids where are your porch columns from? are they wood or pre-built?

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