anyone have one of these vintage ceramic xmas trees?

Lavoie Boho
December 28, 2006

Check it out. I just got one from a friend. How old is it and where can I get some replacement bulbs for several that are missing?

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  • oddie

    OMG,I made these ceramic trees for everyone in my family atleast 28 years ago! and they were around long before that. I did a google search and theres quite a few places you could order from, here is one
    the lites sure didnt cost that much way back when, wish I had made one for myself, you might try e-bay, sure brought back alot of memories

  • sweets98

    I have one of those, too. My Gram has had one and I always admired it. She picked mine up at a yard sale. It had apparently broke and someone tried to patch it. The glue they used turned brown hideous. So I painted the whole tree again, put new snow on it and it is as good as new! Mine is actually in the half bath on the counter this year.:)

    My DH's Gram had a white one with all blue lights! His step mother has it right now.

  • chickencollecter

    We have 4 of those in various sizes around here! I do like them, but haven't used them for a couple of years now. I'm thinking maybe I'll put them out again next year...thanks for reminding me how great they look.

    Be Safe, Rach

  • toomuchglass

    My MIL Made me one. You can still buy replacement lights too . A couple small craft stores around here have the bulbs - but I'd call a local ceramic store by you to find them.

  • patty_cakes

    Remember them well! I made a green pearl color for myself and a white pearl for my Mother, and added opalesent glitter. ;o)


  • crystal01

    I made one in high school art class wayyyyyyyyy baackkkkkk in 1977!

  • nodakgal

    Hobby Lobby has the "bulb" type beads from what I understand. Make sure you either take one with or measure the bulbs. They come in assorted sizes. I did a google search for peg bulbs and found a place that sells them, reasonably ($4.99 for 144 I think) I would like to have a few extra for my tree as I have just enough, but I don't want 144! LOL I got the one my MIL used to have and she has been gone 15 years. I have to wait til I get to the bigger city that has a Hobby Lobby. Had my DD look at Joanne's and they don't have them.

  • minnie_tx

    I also made them in the 70"s I poured the clay at a school who held ceramic classes at night. One I did in a terra cotta finish. They are in my old Christmas stuff in the garage.
    That is a nice one.

  • girlsingardens

    I bought a box of the plastic bulbs at hobby lobby. They were something like 100 for 2 dollars. But good luck finding them now I know that they were clearancing the Christmas stuff at the first of December.


  • christopherh

    It's a Nowell mold! I can't tell you how many we made and sold at craft shows. We put a music box in the flat section of the base where the cord comes out.
    We sold them in the early 80s up through the early 90s for $25.00!

    More than once we sold out at a show and had to make up for the next day. I poured two trees, dried them in my wife's oven, glazed right over the greenware and fired them that same night. The next morning I was using weldor's gloves to take the trees out of the kiln as they were still hot.

    That tree brings back memories. And the mold was literally bulletproof. The detail didn't wear from years of pouring.

    Today I see those same trees at craft shows selling for $80.00!

    You can go to www.lamp-specialties for the lights. That's where we got all our supplies.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Lamp Specialties

  • pumpkin32133

    I use to have one of those trees and loved it but it got broken when i moved I wonder where i could find another one, does anyone have any ideas

  • Terri_PacNW

    I found a bunch of different bulbs and toppers on Ebay.

  • lindasc

    I still have mine but don't use it, just leave it in the attic.

  • lynnencfan

    Talk about bringing back memories. That was my second ceramic project back in the early 70's. I still have mine and got replacement bulbs from Michaels. It has a place of honor every Christmas......


  • cora_lea

    Early 70's was when I made them...like many of you...in a ceramic's class. I made my mother one with the lights and frosting on the tips of the trees. I 'think' I have it downstairs in a box. If not...one of my siblings got it when she died a little over a year ago. I made myself one, but painted it with craft paints, putting different shades of green on it and tipping the ends with a white paint. It looks very realistic. My ceramic Santa with a child sitting on his lap sits in front of it during Christmas time.

  • kathleen_li

    I have one, and gave the one I made for my mom in the 70's to my dil after mom died. I also bought replacement bulbs right before Christmas on line. Googled lights for ceramic trees and got a whole list of places. Of course, if you have a ceramic store nearby they will have them too.And as a previous poster said, know what size you need.

  • cookie693

    I can make those vintage trees. I currently have a white one with multicolored lights for sale. I have these beautiful green and white Doc Holiday Trees for sale. They are about 12" tall, complete with lights. Check out my FB page O Christmas Tree.

  • PRO
    Lisa's Creative Designs

    My Mom made a few of these back in the late 70's. My grandmother still has hers. You can trying looking for bulbs on Ebay.

  • HU-140798712

    I purchased one 52 years ago in an antique store. The woman that made it went totally blind and mine was the last she made many years before I acquired mine. It stays in family room year round and is sometimes turned on for a summer Christma.

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