Help! what kind of biting insect has invaded my home?

September 24, 2007

Over the last few weeks I've been itching from something in my home that is biting me. I saw the thread on fleas, but I don't know if these are fleas or not. I cannot see anything, but I can feel little bites and in certain places in my house they'll fly up my nose or in my ear. I'm just itchy and jumpy all over, but the bites just itch momentarily with no welts or red marks (not, for example, like mosquito or fly bites). I think fleas leave noticable red marks, don't they? These must be something like biting gnats or noseeums, but I have scoured to make sure there is no left out food, etc., and I can't figure out where they are coming from. I've never seen anything like a "swarm" of them -- in fact, again, I can't see them at all. We've had continuing hot, humid weather well into September. I've tried spraying DEET-type spray in areas, including around the perimeter of the house, but I'm still getting bit inside. Does anyone have any ideas???

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  • Elizabeth Fulan
  • Elizabeth Fulan
    high dryer heat will work... Trick is not to let them sit at all all....they climb into the air vent and get into your lint and right on your clothes....remove clothes while still hot and immediately into a bag!!!
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  • Elizabeth Fulan
    A Must Read for anybody with invisible insect problem...This strand is new to the U.S,, Reports in Iran where a doctor actually took somebody seriously...
    We must repost this everywhere we can...IF our doctors won't take the time to learn new things on their own We will have to do their jobs for them and teach them... it will take them 5 years to catch up to what we already know...MEANWHILE we could be facing serious medical problems while they are to small minded to actually check into it........P.s.
    taking apple cider vinegar pills does seem to help...
  • toxcrusadr

    I think I have said this before in this thread but it bears repeating: It is likely you do not all have the same insect. Posters are using different terminology and it is not clear that you actually have this or that insect, and they are not all the same. No-see-ums are sand flies, or 'biting midges'. Sewer flies or drain files are a completely different critter. There are thousands of species of each. Treaments that work on one may not work on another. I'm not saying anyone is doing this, but: 1) if you don't have a positive ID, don't call them a random name, and 2) be careful telling others what THEY have in their house and concentrate on your own.

  • kbradshaw8

    Yes. I think environment and where we live has a lot to do with it. there is also a fungus being passed on with this. That even after they THINK they have gotten rid of the bugs, they r still dealing with open lesions and crazy itch. Some feel sick.

    lots of bugs can carry the same fungus or different fungus that causes the same symptoms. So till drs in this country begin to take us seriousl, all we have is comparing our notes with others. It’s most frustrating.

  • kbradshaw8

    Hi Elizabeth, I think U hit the nail on the head. I had the same issue in my Arizona house. Problem is, finding where the moisture is coming from. Mine was just like urs. People need to check their crawl space, and attics.

    mold abt always visible like one would think.

    carl u r spot on too. Springtails EAT mold. so if the grounds near or under ur house r damp and there is mold, springtails can follow.

    This needs to be treated internally to for some ( most) people.

    There is a protocol that is getting good results. Nothing cures this quickly. But getting the enviornment balanced is the right direction. It’s called the FIRM protocol. U can buy all the ingredients on line. Or just want to read more about it, check out FB groups.

    Morgellons / mold it’s Steve beddingfeilds group. He’s got some real science going on in his studies. He’s and many others habe been able to grow thsee fungi from skin scrapping and the other weirdness floating around in the air. It’s WAYYYY to much for to write about here. I prob wouldn’t explain it correctly either. If nothing else u can see some good pics that will help u know ur not alone or going crazy. U r not Delusiona.

    For many people Lyme and bartonella spirochet r involved. But unless ur doc

    ( if u can find one) is doing the ELISA testing , don’t bother. Most labs use the western blot test. Which highly flawed. People testing negative on western blot method test positive when ELISA PCR is done. UR Doc has to request the right test. Ur insurance prob won’t cover it.

    I hope I guys will check out Steve’s group. Good info.

  • kbradshaw8

    Jenna, I hate to say this, but all of ur house hold is infected with this. U will bring it with u when u move. It’s in anything that is fabric. Couches chairs clothing. Even wood. This is more than just bugs. It’s bugs that like mold and fungus. Ur home has a moisture problem which attracts a variety of “no see ems“ Which eat, and lay eggs in the mold. U get bit by these bugs that carry and transfer fungus when they bite u. So even if u get rid of the bugs, u still could have a fungal infections. Also u r breathing in microscopic spores which carry microscopic mites. This is also internal. I can’t tell u how many stories I’ve read of people moving. They were ok for a week or 2. Then it starts up again. Or if people putting everything in storage For OVER A YEAR. Thinking they have cured the problem , they bring their clothing and furniture back into the house. It starts up AGAIN.

    Another person, after being free of this for several years, just opening a rubber maide storage box, felt the bites as soon as they took the top off. Like a cloud of inviable bugs, is what she wrote.

    Sorryi just reread ur post and saw u didn’t bring old stuff with u.


    YES. cars get infested / infected too.

    U need to treat ur pets. U r welcome to find me on messenger and call if u would like. Don’t worry I’m not selling anything. . I’ll tell u what I know about the FIRM protocol.

    People r getting well. Or just go to FB groups



    Lots of pics , microscopic pics too.

    There r many levels to this.

    Even if u don’t think it’s morgellons or mold, it’s good info.

  • HU-380265122

    Ok every one in family has me thinking II'm crazy I have these things in my car too please help me I have white dots that just fall off me what kind of shampoo can I use they are attacking me and my daughter's hair line my face book is Christine Klim I live in pa Can you please private message me on there on what to

  • Carl Dunkin

    I have the same problem they are called springtails exterminators run away when you mention them unless they are cons find any and all water leaks in your home and fix get a dehumidifier and set it at 40 kill and clean all mold and mildew I have a window in the middle of my tub and it was leaking water from showers between the tile and window mold in the wall by the tub also a faucet on the tub leaked in the wall more mold I have been working on it the bugs are starting to thin out . Also house plants aquariums get out do not bring plants in from outside ! Look up springtails online for more info it helps , they get in swarms and I have a small pump up sprayer filled with vinegar ( white ) that I spray when I feel them They are hard to see but they do not like vinegar and when they get in my ears I use peroxide just lay down and drop just a little in

  • Cindy Diehl

    I Thank God I found you!! I'm , disabled. My yr old girl left for college back in Aug. Toot, toot, she's a scholarman, she received a scholarship and is a Honor student. Omg. She comes for Christmas break this weekend. Now I'm an only child, live next door to my yr old son and my elderly, divorced, active and verbally, towards me, have son and daughter nice but distance. I'm on drugs, I'm crazy. I beg them to come see proof. I'm infested, my dog, my bed everything. With unseeables. Help. Single parent. My heart is crushed, don't show it. No-one will help me with anything. Wicked mouth witch of a mother has all, even dad, rents upstairs, I will ask for help. Mother has her own health food store. About yrs. She bad mouths me to her tavern friends, father, church, my bff since grade , believes my girl. I'm abusing my med. Pepsid, no narcotics, etc. Lol I fight hard, sometimes, to stay on this planet. Man, it's like my immature, parents, but they don't change their deceit. Haven't since divorce was final yrs ago. They started their verbal abuse then. Etc. AnywAnyway, this seemed to start about yrs ago. After a field mice invasion. Then a little mold but I bought mobile home largest singlewide then, new. I was blessed to be good at high school sports, gun shooting, archery, my dog and horse, etc. Country gal. It's like end game. They win!!! Please any solutions. Will save my life. Thank you all. Sorry for long post.... feel things in. Thank

  • kbradshaw8

    U have a combo of fungal infection. Most likely from the mites that came from the mice and living in a home with moisture issues. Mobile homes r famous for mold. Even new. Check under ur house for water. Broken pipes. Check the seams on outside of mobile hoMe. Ur pets can bring this too u too.

    Mom to tired to type more. But look st above post , where I tell a gal, to go the FB mold morgellons site. u can learn more about the FIRM protocol their. U don’t buy it from them. It’s 4 products u buy from where u choose.

    on this site, u will also see tons of photos so u can compare and see u r not alone. That u r not crazy.

    This needs to be treated internallay and Topically.

    U can also find me on messenger. U can call me through messenger.

    It wont give u my phone number, or urs to me. It just connects us when u click on the phone icon. It’s easier for me to talk about than type.

    People r getting well. They r getting better On the protocol.

    Take care.

    Hope to hear from u. If not, have safe holidays.

  • Carl Dunkin

    kbradshaw8 stop trying to push your products

  • toxcrusadr

    That's OK, most people aren't going to buy things from someone who writes in u's and r's like a kid texting. :-]

  • Mandi Morgan

    Jenna Darby unfortunately my skin looks EXACTLY like yours!! People stare at me in stores like ‘yuck’ and I’m thinking ‘if only you understood!’ I have moved 3 times in 4 years and still can’t get rid of it! After putting everything known to man on my body I discovered this ‘thing’ is actually inside of us so we can’t ‘run’ from it. I kept thinking how the heck is this following me EVERYWHERE and EVERY move? Then I thought ‘well maybe it was already here.’ I like you pull lint from my skin. It’s so shocking I have to take pics to look at the pics and ensure I’m not delusional and that it did happen! A certain lotion I apply and then turn off light and use only my cellphone camera shows it sticking out of my fingers and I pull it out like spiderweb! Sadly like you no one will help me either and I have thoughts I shouldn’t a lot of the times! I don’t want to live like this!! No one should have too! At least we know there are others and we are not alone! God Hell us!!

  • Jake Hamilton

    Most likely lyme disease or morgellons disease. I have it for about a year now. Doctors are no help and most likely tell you its in your head. When i first contracted it, i believe it was from a old coworker. Two days later and beyond my body experienced :

    #Cold sores & ulcers (4mo.)

    # PATM (PEOPLE Allergic To Me

    #Itchy skin

    #pinworms (6mo)

    # glitter like specks coming through pores of my skin (chemtrails)

    # skin moles outbreak around face

    #stomach bloating


    #leaky gut

    fatigue out of no where

    #white hairs growing on my forearm

    # body chills

    # invisible biting insect( under skin)

    Oh last but not least and surely the most socially uncomfortable.

    # PATM (PEOPLE Allergic To Me)

    Meaning my body is putting off some toxic ,ammonia gas that cant be seen. But it makes people cough,smeeze,itch, and have running noses around me. And all these symptoms have been going on for the past year and still. Anyone have advice please let me know ...

  • Carl Dunkin

    ScyFi at its best ! or The Twilight Zone ! - Jake Hamilton

  • Elizabeth Diaz

    Kbradshaw, you aren't a doctor so you have no business diagnosing someone, much simply from a post. This is irresponsible and dangerous.

  • toxcrusadr

    Lyme disease is most certainly identifiable by a blood test, so no doctor worth his/her salt should miss that.

    I have heard the term 'leaky gut' once before and have never had a medical explanation for what that means.

  • HU-492260196

    Hello. You should be get some lint rollers and a five power lighted magnifying glass - good one at Walgreens $8.00. I have aaa lot of miniature black dots and some other little dots. I believe these are carpet beetles. Entomologist that wrote good article from Penn state - PSU was great. The guy now is crazy. Google carpet beetles Penn state. Alo Google are carpet beetles good or maybe are carpet beetles bad - you get a great Pennsylvania exterminatorexterminatorsexterminatorsexterminator. They describe the ace and nose thing. You probably need powerful yard blower and powerful shop vac. These things are on everyone in youryouryour house, lucky you feel them and try to get rid of them - they are not good for hour lungs or throat or eyes. They cause fatiguedfatiguefatigue . Work very hard an you will get a plan. Probably will have to tent your house.

    Best of luck,

  • HU-492260196

    Sorry about misspelling, darn phone or the little comment program went wacky on me. Just likelike thisthisst ofof

    Best luck again. (Darn proivgram.

  • HU-13622711

    2 years, this upcoming July. I too have wanted to deny the whole "Morgellons" thing. I seem to be the only one in my home with the issues you all have described. My 22 year old daughter moved back home for about 2 months, and she began having the same problems...bumps, itchy, etc. I have been leaning towards scabies, because of the itching, bumps, track like marks that almost look like scars or something. Plus my NOW EX fiancee is/was a cheating dog. (Sorry, but its true). However, nothing online that I've researched (for the past 2 years) says that scabies lives in your home/off the human body, for more than a few days. Whatever this is, certainly IS living in my home and my car. Over the coldest days and nights of winter (below freezing) I did not open nor drive my car for 5 days straight and hoped "they" would have all died. But as soon as I entered my car again, I could feel the biting and crawling on my feet, ankles and legs... almost immediately. Have any of you seen the white/translucent hairs in/on your clothing and fabrics? I cannot even enter my downstairs laundryroom without instantly feeling like I'm being attacked. In these 2 years, believe me, i HAVE tried EVERYTHING that I've read about online. All the essential oils, the Benzarid, sulfur, vinegar, ammonia (windex), etc, etc. I have spent thousands and thousands on anything and everything...just trying to find something that will work...and continue working. I have been buying "Permethrin 36.8%" and spraying EVERYTHING in my home. (That is the "typical spray" most exterminators use). Seems the bites get worse for a day or 2 after I spray, as if I've pissed "them" off or something, but then I DO notice a day or 2 of much less biting/stinging, etc. But then it is right back to them same old thing. EVERYBODY thinks I am crazy, nutty, must be on some kind of drugs, losing my mind, blah, blah, blah. I have questioned my own sanity many, many times as well. Not to "toot my own horn", but I am a very intelligent woman and have a very high IQ. I believe there IS an explanation for everything, yet no amount of "brainpower" I've used to come up with a logical explanation, has done any good for me. I am at my witts end. Like some of you have mentioned, I too have had "horrible thoughts' and considered ending this miserable life that has taken over since July, 201`7. Has anybody found an answer? Even writing now, I feel silly and a bit ridiculous. But I too, am past the point of desperation. I would appreciate any help someone can suggest. I am willing to talk with anybody outside of this website/forum, w/e, as well. I have FB, Messenger, Email, Phone, anywhere/any way somebody can chat and/or message about this HORROR I'm living in. Please let me know.... Thanks so much.

  • HU-13622711

    Apologies for the typo's... Using my phone and typing fast. I will switch to my laptop, if somebody can find the time to talk, and/or share your experiences, things that may have worked for you, have not worked..... and all that jazz. This is the first time (for me) on this particular page, and it is also the 1st time I've reached out/commented.... and asked for help, like this. Again, it has now been almost 2 years in this hell, and everything in my life has fallen apart since then. I also suffer from "insomnia"...which I had before all of this if anybody is awake late into the night, (it is 9:32pm, where I live), please comment, or what it is that you all do on this page to reach out to one another. I will continue checking periodically, as I do paperwork for my company/business. Thank You so very much to anybody who can/will respond. ~ S.M.

  • kbradshaw8

    All those little hairs in ur basement r from MOLD / fungus so r the bites and the bumps. There r mites aNd other truly microscopic critters that live in and around the mold. when they bite they transfer what eve bacteria on them to u. Also u r BREATHING in mold spores. Somewhere in ur house ur have a water / moisture issue. The fact that u say it’s wayvworse in the basement, tell me u have water leak somewhere. Maybe under ur hiuse tye crawlspace. Check for drips from pipes. Leaks in rooF. Check all hose connections To appliances. Dish Washer, washing machine too. Under sinks, check for wettnrss. it only takes repeated drips to allow mold to grow. ur pets will get it too.

    if u want to talk more, u can Find me on messenger.

    Just call me Lol. I’ll tell u what I’ve learned and where to find the science to back it up. I’m not selling anything Lol.

    ur not crazy. Ur definitely NOT alone Even tho it feels like it .

    Im not a follower of all the conspiracy talk In reguards to this. Have u found Steve bettingfields on face book yet?

    He had 8,000 members on one of his sites. He has all these followers becsuse he can SHOW the science of what’s happening.

    He has also put together a protocol to treat this. U can purchase all of it online through amazon, or buy it from 2 other other people on the site. its the same thing, just easier for some people to order it all from one person.

    FENBEN gets rid of intestinal fungus and parasites

    IODINE DROPS kills bacteria

    RED REISHI ,gets rid of biofilm some get on their skin and leisons.

    MAG 07. ( magnesium. ) helps u pass internal stuff.

    u need to treat this internally also. It Is slow going, but people r getting well. They r getting their lives back. r U a Gardner?

    Contact me.

    Take care

    Sharin Bradshaw.

  • Kaky Murray

    To HU13622711

    everything you’ve described has been occurring in my home. The ‘dust’ literally flies toward people around me causing them to itch face nose and hair. I have issues with my lungs, stomach and tongue and mouth in general and I feel like I am choking from it. I have occasional red streaks like a scratch although i haven’t been scratched I believe this is highly contagious. I’ve read that this may be a fungus or mold, but it truly seems to have some insect component. I have not openly discussed the details with medical doctors as they seem to be at a complete loss. I have had every conceivable test one can have I have been experiencing this for 8 months and I can feel something jumping on me and landing on me in my home and car. I’ve used cedar oil forgger numerous times, windex, vinegar, Kleen Green, and sterifab. Nothing has stopped it. I live in New York. Feeling like I can’t go on like this but must endure for children

  • Carl Dunkin

    Find a reputable pest control and ask them about thrips find any and ALL water leaks and fix them and check every where for mold and get rid of it keep the humidity low also remove all house plants thry lay their eggs in dirt and will feed on the plants they will start getting brown areas on them , I have noticed that they will get in my refrigerator also on my celery and lettuce etc. if they are not sealed in bags

  • kei88

    Kei 88

    I’m not sure I have morgellon or not.

    I have been feeling since 2014 that itching all over my body time to time, crawling specially underarms and private place and hair and back of neck, and on my face nose and mouth something jumping or flying in.

    In our place black mold were problem in 2014 and 2015, but since 2015 to now white molds are problems. Spores which is lightening are flying around our place. With pool shock right now the mold have been controlled but spring is coming it maybe problems.

    People belonging Houzz must be understand what I am talking about even though my funny English.

    Now I have been facing big problems. I was told yesterday the surgery of total hip replacement for both legs is the best option of my hip condition. Those who experienced this surgery or know someone your friends experiencing this surgery, please answer my questions. Surgeon for this surgery concern the cavity because of the germs, I heard some are taking antibiotics, but our dust/bugs will not die with antibiotics or any other things.

    ....... I’m feeling crawling underarms right now. Since last night I felt so much This crawling things. Here is the photo I took right now:

    This photo was took by enlarged. These white things are the most problems. Round and triangle black one I see too. .....

    What percentages do this surgeries are successful? I’m 85 yrs old so I told the surgeon I don’t want to change the bones the Lord my God gave to me to metal or something. Doctor said you can’t control your death you maybe live till 92 years old then too late to operation so you have to live with wheelchair. Doctor knows the kind of person and she said she should do operation when she could do it. She said she is very regret. I don’t want to be regret!!!!

    Pls! pls! answer this questions.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Traksmasher .

    Going through something right now.I've been searching and searching for an answer to an 'itching' problem that began LAST month! When I told the head of maintenance he looked at me crazy.I've been experiencing small...what feel like 'pinches' or bites' on my toes,back of my foot and elbows.I often have this itching near my eye brow,the corner of my eye and elbows. I have no 'bite marks' or 'bumps' just itching.The issue is 'centralized' in my dining area and living room.One night while I did some paperwork on my laptop I felt like 'dozens' of tiny insects were crawling all over me BUT..I saw NOTHING! Whatever IT IS seems to be 'nocturnal' because the itching increases in later hours in the TWO aforementioned areas. Any answers?

  • kbradshaw8

    Hi there , it’ maybe a type of mite. They come out at nite. Many people r struggling with mold and mites. Sometimes the mites May come from a bird nest near by. Perhaps tucked up under the eaves of ur house or condo. It’s that time of year when baby birds fry from their nest Leaving behind thousand of bird mites. They r the size of that period

    < . >

    they r almost clear and a reddish rusty color after they feed. On blood.

    Springtails r another bug known to infest yards and homes. Interior too.

    They say they don’t bite. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

    But they Said that about bird mites too.

    old school is still being taught to drs.

    That if u itch and feel crawling and they can’t SEE anything, then u have delusional parasitosis.

    In other words ur crazy. This diagnosis was given in 1936.

    Unfortunatly not much has changed how drs see this.

    it was thot that bird mites would only bite. Then because ur not a bird they would leave u alone.

    We know othwise now. A group of veterinarIan’s PROVED this is out dated info. I’ll tey to include the link at the end of this.

    But u say ur not seeing any bite marks. Just itching.

    mold and the spores can also cause u to itch. It also attracts mites and other microscopic bugs.

    IF u do have mites, what ever they crawl through , live in, that bacteria can be transferred through a bite.

    Have u brought any new plants in ur house or ur yard? R u a Gardner?

    do u have pets?

    Check ur home for dampness. Check under ur sinks, dishwasher clothes washer. Bathrooms r famous for mold. Have maintenance check the attic space for damp area. Bird or other critters nesting up theRe. If u have a crawl space under ur home, check for leaky pipes. Just a drip , slow tiny drip can cause mold.

    U say it started a month ago , did u buy any used furniture or clothing. often people store things in a shop or out building that might have mice or other animals sharing the space.

    Then they unknowingly sell or donate infested furniture.

    items Made of fabric seem to become infested easily. Clothing too. Cars too.

    Did u just start using ur AC a month ago? Did u have house guest?

    hope maybe this info will help.

    Have u been tested for Lyme disease?

    For a huge number of us, Lyme disease is involved

    but not for everyonE.

    Some people show with bites or lesions, some have nothing but crawling Sensation.

    Ur not crazy.

    Ur not alone.

    Did u stay at a hotel the last few months?

    there is a great site on FB. For people dealing with mold/ mites and crawling.

    They have put together a protocol that is helping peoplE get well.

    hard to tell from ur info, what’s goong on. If any of my questions to u, seem to fit, or jog ur memory a bit, contact me again.

    there is a great book


    THE YEAR of THE MITE. By Jane ishka

    its a great book. Easy to read. Well written. About a family of 3, that got this unexplainable itch. It took a long me for her to get diagnosed, what she did to treat this. I don’t think she had any mold issues.

    Anyway, it’s so well written I felt like I was having a convo , hearing a story from a friend.

    Its her book that I found the bird mite issue. U might try googling



    I orders it by accident, bought the kindle version. Didn’t mean to hit BUY lol. But did. It was good thing lol

    Great infO. Sadly doctors havnt gotten the memo yet about bird mites and humans. Or ANY MITE OR TICKS EITHER. Many states r STILL denying that have LYME Or TICKS that carry Lyme. Absurd. Ticks travel by animals. Animals travel for food. Horses cattle’s pets live stock gets moved all the time.

  • Traksmasher .

    Thank You for responding Kbradshaw8 I appreciate the detailed info. Two things stuck out in your list of possible explanations. The FIRST was the comment about staying at a hotel,my wife and I stayed at a Home Suites Hotel in New York back in April. Then you mentioned fabric,my wife bought two large chair covers for our love seat and a large lounge style chair.They were delivered by Amazon.I traced the timeline of our issue to THAT delivery.Funny thing is I sat on the love seat and itched while she sits in the large lounge chair and doesn't.We live in a townhouse,no pets,no guest staying or stayed with us and the 'problem area' is the living room and dining room.Our upstairs...for the time being is unaffected.But THIS issue is DRIVING US CRAZY! I need a solution YESTERDAY! How do you fix a problem YOU CAN'T SEE?!?

  • blanche thames

    Think everyone is right they look like littlefuzzies they do look like na I had them year they are similar to he so much that lice shampoo works little bit but they are not head lice my husband does not have them or gets bitten by your nose ears mouth even your shoes I think it is partly why I feel them bitten me my diet is horrible and my lack of exercise I'm not % sure this part but I think they came from our attic after we had bees terminx came out an sprayed but all the dead bug's the attic something has to eat the ? What ever eats decomposing insects mabe also could due to water under the house I said the attic because the little brown around the vents ? Also had little brown spotts they e blood jus like lice an are smaller and

  • kbradshaw8

    Hi masher hi Blanche. i think u r both on the right track. Masher with the chair covers u spoke of. We’re they new or used? It gets tricky. Many things that come to us from out of state and especially out of the USA, sit in shipping containers for weeks. Even months until they maker is ready to ship the container. U never know WHAT ELSE ur items r being shipped with. I’ve heard people say they they think they got it from down comforters from China. But, although I think that’s very possible, I don’t think thats it. If it were, we would be hearing more about it. It would be a BIGGER issue. More people would be making that connection. That’s just my thots on this. I got this when I 23 ish 40 years ago. Back then it didn’t have a name applied to it. Now the name mmorgellons is being applied. morgellons is basically mold and a type of biting insect that transfers mold fungus WHATEEVER They live in walk through reproduce in........through a bite. B cause the CDC has been calling us delusional, we r on our own trying to figure it out. some people r desperately sick from this.

    mites R dirty dirty dirty. o would get those chairs out of ur house fast. Now. Before they start reproducing Faster than u can deal with it.

    Calling an exterminator USUALLY doesn’t last but for a few days.

    Tho I’ve not used it I’m reading a lot about APPREND and BOTANIGARD. I’ve not used these. There is a group site on FB just about bird mites. but the site with the most actual science going on is the morgellons support science there r many sites. But it’s run by STEVE BETTINGFIELD. once the CDC FULLY ADMITS and wants to know more, this man is on the ball. At some point this can become internal. Because of the transfer of mold fungus unknown pathogens. These mites carry their OWN mites too.

    U can find me on messenger if u ever want to talk directly. I don’t sell anything. I can tell u about the internal protocol Steve has put together to treat this. But u can find it on his FB group site. It’s a wonderful group. Because there r so many people that can’t afford to treat or have gone broke , literally-trying to treat this, those of us that can afford it, donate money to help others treat , that can’t afford it. That’s how much we believe in his research.

    There r 2 people that run this part of the group. No one is required to take it, u can do whatever u want.

    because of his research and super smart brain lol, i feel his research and protocol makes the best sensE.

    We r on our own. Till that changes I feel fortunate to have his group. There is no over nite fix for this.

    U can find me on FB and contact me through messenger if u would like.

    This stuff is a NIGHTMARE.

    Things that help. A lint roller. Roll everything. Ur bed chairs ur body. Wash ur hair in the sink. Not the shower. What ever mites abs other critters r in ur hair, run down ur body when u shower.

    u may not be that badly infested yet.

    Do either of u have lesions or just bites. I talk to a lot of people. I don’t get paid. I’m not any crazier than u guys r. i just try to direct people to what I know helps and keep them from getting wrapped up in conspiracy sites, that say it’s our government doing it to us. Don’t go there. This is nature. AT ITS WORST! Our earth is sick. I think humidity is involved too. An air purifier will help clean up the mold spore and mites in the air. BUT. it won’t stop it till u find the source. I’m trying to find the name of the company that the bird mite group has spoken of. It will test ur samples. But I can’t locate it. It’s something like VETDNA. yet looking it up I can’t find it. I’ve dealt with this 2 times in 40 years. I’m just about clear right now. I’m not a doctor or an entomologist or anything lol. I just have had experience and have done a lot of researcH.

    but steve beddingfeild, he actually can understand ALL of what he’s reading and apply it.

    the protocol he has put together is called FIRM.

    FENBENDAZOLE kills parasites and helps with the some people r breathing in. ( mold sickness too )

    IODINE ( lugols) iodine kills bacteria.

    RED REISHI helps break down the biofilm that some people get from bacteria. The bacteria grows the biofilm to protect itself.

    MAG O7

    Mag 07 is a super strong combo of magnesium And herbs

    The magnesuim keeps u regular so ur pooping it all out.

    I didn’t think it would work. But 2 years of talking to others using this and desperation finally made me try it. It’s slow. But it works. U can read more about it. Think about it. Research it. U don’t have to buy the products from the new little online store. U can buy them from amazon too. They just made it easier putting it all together.

    Steve has several sites. His sites r growing. FasT. partly because this is becoming a HUGE world wide issue and because people r talking about what’s helping. Like me.

    There r a few people here who have been a little rude to me. They don’t have what u have what we have. What more people have than we really know about.

    Thats ok. I know what I know.

    How ever u approach this, I wish u tye best of luck. Like I said, u r welcome to contact me through messenger. my profile pic says

    TIGHTLY TANGLED and shows a sketch of a Head with lots of hair lol.

    Sharin ( with an I) Bradshaw

    take care ☺️

  • toxcrusadr

    This was interesting.

    The Mayo Clinic has a unique place in medicine: extremely high quality care from capable professionals, while also well known throughout its history for thinking outside the box and finding new ways to do things. This page strikes a pretty good balance I think. Although it doesn't present any quick cures.

  • m_j_jessi

    There are so many out there with a problem but not one person wants to talk about it. I know most people think that only dirty people have bugs I thought that but I’m a very clean and tidy person and it’s been about 3 years now. Although our numbers have declined some after finding some mold on the concrete of the addition of your house. I know there has to be more so I keep looking. I have learned some things along the way i will share with you and hope they help you some and maybe give others some relief also. #1ckean house everyday with vinegar and dawn dish soap. #2dont let laundry go do it every day seal dirty clothes in a zip lock bag and keep your clean clothes and linens in a zip lock bag also #3 wash your doors inside and out everyday. #4 keep kitchen and bathroom free of water as much as possible wipe your shower walls and bathtubs sinks floors anything that gets wet. #6 wash walls and ceilings once a week pay close attention to areas that look dirtier then others these are places the are able to move back and forth from. #7 vacuum your car . #8always look for mold . #9 go to Walmart and get mosquito netting 2 of them and hang above your bed have at least one tucked under your mattress. # 10 make essential oils your friend peppermint oil. eucalyptus, clove, Lemmon grass, orange, frankincens, tea tree, these help mix one or a couple together with castle soap and water shake and spray on yourself and everywhere they will help also mix sea salt and water and spray over whole body don’t wipe off after shower. Stay still and keep lights low. They don’t seem to like music much either they seem to attack more sounds stupid I know but is true. Hope this helps give some relief to any who reads this good luck.

  • m_j_jessi

    I’m writing this for hu 13622711. I know this is hell im there with you I also don’t sleep well and you can contact me any time I am in the pacific time zone just let me know

  • toxcrusadr

    How do you stay still with the lights off when you're constantly cleaning house?

    I may sound flippant but seriously this must drive you nuts.

  • kbradshaw8

    No one can sleep with this crud anyway.

  • kbradshaw8

    good one about cleaning the door! Glad to hear uve made the mold mite connection. Most can’t see the mites. They r FAST and TINY.

    Oabout the size of the period. . And almost clear. Until they eat. Get a blood meal from us or our pets. Then they r sort of a rusty clear color lol.

    At some point, if u r getting bit, u will want to consider.... DO intestinal treatment. These mites and other buyers carry bacteria.

    Many people actually clear - get rid of the mites. But still have the crawl and itch. Skin lesions that’s when it’s definitely become an internal situation. Bird mites carry what ever ticks carry. Unfortunately because the CDC fought so long against Lyme disease, saying it wasn’t wide spread only a small percentage of people get it, AND LYME is only found in certain states, fighting all that, they forgot to mention that OTHER biting bugs can also transmit Lyme. Mites also carry fungus and other bacteria / pathogens that get transferred to us through bites.

    There is a wonderful site on FB that deals with mites and mold. Steve beddingfield has put together a logical internal treatment Plan. It’s called FIRM. I mention it a lot. U can find me on messenger if u like. I don’t sell anything. I talk with many people and about this and what NOT to waste ur money on too.

    The protocol is




    MAGNESIUM ( MAG 07) It’s expensive. But u can use regular magnesium too.

    Look up MAG 07 on amazon. Read the reviews. U will understand better why people use it.

    The fenben paralizes internal parasites they can’t hang on.

    IODINE kill bacteria. U can make a paste of fenben and iodine and apply topically if u have bites and lesions.

    Red reshi breaks up the biofilm so u can get to ur skin.

    many people have developed kind of a weird second skin. It’s not skin. It’s a biofilm produced by bacteria. It protects the bacteria so it can keep growing.

    Thats a BAD THING lol. Many get it in the scalp too. It’s sort of looks like a wet but kind of waxy opaque skin that grows over sores. Hard to describe.

    Mute protocol is safe for pets too.

    The MAGNESUIM keeps u regular so ur pooping it all out.

    It works. People r getting well on this protocol. Getting their life back.

    Tyere is no fast cure. But ur life will start to become more manageable as u treat

    u can order it all on amazon. Or from THE HAPPY STORE. They deal with all things mites and mold And all that goes with it.

    For those that have auto immune illnesses , things can get worse suddenly.

    also google this :


    specifically bird mites.

    drs r STILL under the impression that bird mites don’t feed off of humanS. They just taste test. Then leave when the see u aren’t a bird. Lololol. Ok doc.

    a group of vets have the most current info on it.

    easy to read chart will pop up when u google this.

    Thr book is great. It’s just the real life story of this woman and her small family that got mites. I felt like I was visiting with a friend reading this. A really SMART FRIEND lol

    Jane ishka.

    Anyway, I think this chart would be very helpful if uve been dealing with THAT KIND OF DOCTOR.

    LINT rollers r great too. .

  • toxcrusadr

    Some questions, just by way of clarification for everyone.

    >>At some point, if u r getting bit, u will want to consider.... DO intestinal treatment. These mites and other buyers carry bacteria.

    Which bacteria, and how do we know that they reside in the intestines and nowhere else, such that this treatment will remove them?

    What treatment exactly? Mag07 and/or ___?


    Interesting, I thought at first it was a brand name, but this is a very old thing I have never heard of.. Mixture of KI and elemental iodine in a water solution, used as a disinfectant.

    So, what do you recommend using the Logol's for?

    >>Red reshi breaks up the biofilm so u can get to ur skin.

    Do you mean Reishi as in the mushroom? How is it used? Do you scrub the biofilm off of your skin with it, consume it, make tea, take a bath in it...??


    This appears to be a veterinary drug used for parasites in animals. Is it approved for human use in the US?

  • carotx

    I'm having a problem with these invisible biters. Last night, I left a small glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with dish soap in our bathroom, in hopes of catching the noseeums instead of being bitten all night. I showered right before bed and slept with ear plugs to keep the bugs out of my ears. This morning, the vinegar/soap concoction had many tiny dead bugs floating in it. Our exterminator was just here and says he has no idea what these bugs are. He sprayed but will be back if they're still biting me in a few days. My husband isn't being bitten and I was starting to think I was crazy until the exterminator confirmed that they were bugs of some sort. This is horrible!

  • m_j_jessi

    The worst thing imaginable. I to had an exterminator but they did not go away 3 years now don’t have any idea what to do. Go to Walmart go to camping isle and grab 2!mosquito netting’s cost around 20 well here in the north west it does it’s my only sanctuary when I absolutely can’t handle it any more. Make sure you don’t wear infested clothes. Hope this gives you relief

  • m_j_jessi

    To toxcrusadr. This does drive me absolutely crazy some days I break down just cry . My husband and I built this house with our own hands every inch of it. This is suppose to be my safe place So now what doesnt matter if you move they move with you in everything you own, can’t afford to just leave everything I’m not rich took 10 years to build my house paycheck to paycheck. They get into your cars , campers, what ever it is you like to do they are there I not only have just one bug now but several different kinds because one will attract the other and on and on. We are getting the upper hand we have fewer now then ever but can’t stop cleaning same ritual every day that is how I got fewer and fewer Life is hard and especially for my husband who is attracted way more then I going through this does not make a marriage easy either but we also use it to our advantage when one is down the other has to stand up and fight a little harder that day. It’s as if I’m cursed and blessed God makes us strong keeps our hearts warm so that we can continue even though I don’t know how much longer I can take this but everyday I wake up and repeat as if I’m suppose to learn something but just keep missing it somehow . Do I cry or laugh you tell me

  • Kimber

    I want to thank you for the helpful hints, I was just wandering if you used exact measurements for the 2 sprays.

  • Kimber

    this is for m_j_jessi. I want to thank you for the helpful tips for the 2 sprays, I was wandering if you used exact measurements for the sprays.

  • Rolando A. Moreno

    I've finally got rid of them this week with this spray after more than 3 years. I've spent so much money using just about all that's available at LOWES, HOME DEPOT and AMAZON.

    This thing only cost $5.48 at a Chinese supermarket compared to all those other sprays, bombs, smoke bombs, etc that i used including all mold solutions costing up to $90 per gallon. There's no way I can estimate what I've spent but most likely $5K per year for nothing. I've done so many small demolition around the house from the basement to the attik and clearing trees and plants outside costing more money like $1,500 for 3 trees, etc.

    I've used this 2 years ago but I only used it in one room. Last week, I decided to try it wherever I suspected they hide. so from the removing the floor boards in a closet that got me access to the wall cavity on the fireplace below, the soil under the porch in front of the house facing East where they can hide from the wind and the rain where from the beginning was a primary suspect place, I bought 8 of this and they're gone after attacking them day and night.

  • Rolando A. Moreno

    correction -$1,500 per tree and there were 3 maple trees.

  • toxcrusadr

    Not sure where you live but that seems like very expensive tree work!

  • toxcrusadr

    Was curious about that Black Jack product. It has two permethrin class compounds which are insecticides that are relatively non-toxic to humans. In fact one of the two is actually used on clothing and netting as a repellent as well. The third is piperonyl butoxide, which is not a pesticide itself but is a sort of booster for certain pesticides including permethrins.

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