Which brand of canned pineapple has least tin-can-taste?

March 19, 2013

To me there's a very strong tin can odor in canned fruit, such as pineapple, peaches etc. etc. I just this week bought a popular brand of pineapple (tidbits).
Expiration date: Nov. 2015

I'm not talking about an off-brand, this is the Top brand for pineapple. Yet the tidbits smell and taste like the corrugated tin can they came in.

Are there any brands of pineapple & other fruit which don't have the cheap interior which leeches a tin odor?

BTW, does the Great Value brand also leech odor, or is it OK? I've never yet tried GV fruit.

Years ago I bought canned fruit concentrate (outside the country) which had a white-coated interior covering the tin. Is that not available in any canned fruit in the U.S?

Any/all tips appreciated.

Comments (2)

  • worriedone

    well this is a tad old but the "canned" caught my eye. If anything, buy it bagged in the frozen section, whole, or in a plastic container from the store that you can quickly remove it from and place in safer storage.

    The lining of those cans is poison. Unless it states there is no Bishpenol A or BPA that is an endocrine disruptor. Why chance it if there are choices? (canned tomato anything is really bad)

    Some (many who make money discounting information) may claim it's not harmful. (Like, the fda/epa.) Still.

    Why risk it. When you don't have to.

  • kittymoonbeam

    I saw some in glass jars so that's the safest. Don't eat canned fruit or cooked fruit from the salad bar or buffet that came from a can.

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