Wood Burning Stove - Home Owners Insurance?

March 26, 2008

Those of you who did tell your HOI company that you added a wood burning stove or insert, what did they require/say? Did your rate go up?

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  • old-vt-crafter

    When we installed our stove all they required was a certification that it was done to code. And the installer supplied that. They want to be sure the stove is installed correctly. My agent said that DIY installations always raise red flags. Simply because most DIYers take a shortcut and don't do a complate job like proper chimneys. A vast majority of house fires caused by stoves are DIY installations. Or they aren't aware that the chimney must be cleaned on a yearly basis, because nobody told them. That's what the installer does. He tells you how to maintain a safe heating appliance.
    But the rate didn't increase at all.

  • chelone

    Our rate didn't go up, either. We installed our stove ourselves and obtained a signed inspection from our building inspector/code enforcement guy. We sent a copy of the stove's specs. and the inspection form to the insurance company.

    There have been more than a couple of woodstove related fires and some deaths because of improper installation. Very tragic and unnecessary; I would ALWAYS tell the insurance company there was a woodstove in the house... if you don't and something happens you may well negate the terms of your policy's coverage.

  • jayh

    Nope, I called up my homeowner's insurance (allstate) on a freestanding wood stove and the lady said they treat it like a spaceheater... I have a gas fired boiler but it's off and I only use that when I'm on vacation.


  • christinegreene52

    I would like the names of insurance companies that cover wood burning stoves. Ours will not cover them either in the house or in the store/shop out back. What is there now is a non working propane heater. A replacement would cost $300 - $500. I already have a wood burning stove I could install. Which could be assembled in the same space and connected to the same exhaust pipe in the roof. Chris

  • Christopher_H

    Time to open the phone book and start calling some Independent agents in your area. Those who represent multiple companies.

  • jrb451

    Our State Farm HOI did not include a premium increase for having a wood burning insert/stove.

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