Excited about my hot garden!

6 years ago

This is just a "squeeee" post because I'm getting some landscaping done in my "hot garden." Don't want to put it in the landscaping forum because I'm not asking for any help right now and . . . they can be mean over there! ;)

I have a 30 x 50 feet rectangle of dirt surrounded by rock walls in my newly built home (purchased in January 2013). the outdoor space is really important to me, and I've done some things, most notably building my screened porch. Now that's done, I need to plant a few more things, but needed some "bones." Most people in my area just slap turf on there (very poor choice for our desert climate) or rock it. Boring! So . . .

I'm having a low curved retaining wall built along the back wall; 18" high with a brick cap. It will serve as a planter, and additional seating, and also a way to help channel the stormwater where I want it. There will be a break in the wall with a couple of large flat stones so I can step up and look over my wall. I'll be planting a Desert Museum palo verde tree, an ocotillo, and some other native Chihuhuan desert shrubs and stuff along there, which eventually won't need much water at all.

I'm also having a circular feature marked out with steel edging -- will probably do something more with it later, but I've been planning that since I moved in. The drip irrigation will be extended also, and sleeves placed for future landscape lighting.

I'm pretty nervous about it -- once you get that hardscape in there it's there to stay. And I'll still have dirt, but with all the wind blown dirt in there I'm not ready to finish it with gravel yet. and I'll be pretty broke afterwards. But it'll be cool! I hope! Wish me luck!

//end squeee//


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