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Pirelli Webbing vs. Spring Suspension in Sofa

17 years ago

We are looking to purchase a reclining leather sofa & chair set and are currently comparing furniture made by Omnia Leather and Leather Italia USA. The Omnia Leather furniture has a tempered steel spring suspension while the Leather Italia furniture has "Super Strength Pirelli Webbing" with double lacing that it claims Mercedes and Porsche use the same type of seating.

Any thoughts on which is the better suspension system that will hold up over time?

The two sofas we are comparing are the Omnia "Catera" and Leather Italia USA "Baker". Here are links to both:

We definately want leather, reclining, and high backed sofa. Any advice on these two or others greatly appreciated.

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  • 17 years ago

    OK, so if we go with the Omnia sofa, the next question is whether to get the 2.0 or 3.0 density cushions. Since there is a pillow top on the cushion, I was leaning towards the 3.0 figuring the pillow top would counteract some of the firmness of the higher density cushion and that the higher density would hold up better as the sofa aged.

    Problem is, the closest dealer is 90 miles away and they don't have a 3.0 pillowtop cushion on their showroom floor.

    The store manager recommends the 3.0 for motion sofas (which he will order at the same cost as the 2.0).


  • PRO
    17 years ago

    When designing motion furniture, manufacturers are somewhat limited on their spring choices. Meaning you dont have much room to work with so these 2 methods are commonly used. I would suggest Pirelli webbing (2-way) over spring suspension, or also know as Flexolator. If designed correctly; sinous wire will give you a much better comfort(ride). But few manufacturers are willing to make their seat frames strong enough to use sinous wire.
    The density of the foam in the seat cushions refers to the actual weight of the foam and not how soft or firm it is. The higher the density usually means a longer lasting cushion. But a low density HR foam will outlast a high density polyurethane foam. Some manufacturers have been know in the past to load their foam just to say they are using a high density foam.

  • 17 years ago

    I can't advise you on the cushions, like you've heard there are other factors involved. Anyways, an upholsterer can easily replace the cores when they wear out.

    Omnia I believe can properly make a sinuous coil unit.

  • 15 years ago

    I was just introduced to Pirelli webbing at Raymour and Flanagan yesterday. Was looking at Natuzzi leather sofas. I understood the salesman to say that Pirelli webbing was the suspension system; no springs. He turned the loveseat over and showed me the webbing and never mentioned springs at all. Just kept talking about how great the webbing is.
    So, what's the scoop on sofas utilizing the webbing?

  • 6 years ago