Do I pick Carpet by warranty, twist and density, or wear rating?

February 10, 2008

Please help, we have spent hours going all over town and are SO confused! How do we pick the carpet that will last the longest without matting, frizzing, or showing all sorts of spots like our current carpet.

One store told us to pick carpet by twist, face weight and density, that the wear rating is totally subjective and dosen't matter and neither does the warranty. I noticed on the shaw carpets that the ones with the really high wear ratings have low density... that really confused me.

Another store said to look only at the wear rating, the twist and density don't indicate if the carpet will wear well and neither does the warranty because companies don't honor them.

The 3rd store said to only go by the warranty, that wear rating, twist, and density didn't make any difference as long as we select a stainmaster ultra carpet that has a great 15 year warranty and then it would be replaced for free in 15 years if anything goes wrong at all?

SO... we are so confused and can't find anything online that answers our questions either. I called the manufacturers and nobody would or could answer our questions.

So - how do we pick? We were looking at a few frieze styles by shaw, karastan, and gulistan. None of those are very dense at all and I worry about that - the only reason we were looking at friezes was we were told they wear the best?

The Frieze are all made with tactesse and have a face weight of 58.5, twist of 6.6, and a density of 1755, wear rating about 3.8 to 4.5. These all have the great stainmaster ultralife warranty.

We are also looking at a textured carpet by shaw that has a face weight of 63.4, twist of 7.7 and 5.8 (2 different fibers) and a density of 2153. This has the normal shaw warranty and a wear rating of 4.25.

So - any of you who know the truth about picking carpet PLEASE help us out because my head is swimming and we have to make a decision this week!

PS- we are also installing Pergo World traveler KOA flooring... I am hoping this is good because when we ask which one is good everyone just says "all of them are good"

THanks so much in advance for any help!

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