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Prefinished hardwood floor splintering

11 years ago

I had a prefinished hardwood floor installed in my small apartment in October. (I live in Brooklyn.) It is made by Fuse Flooring; it is a very hard tropical wood (I think sucupira). The floor has been splintering. I contacted the architect who managed my renovation. He said he'd used flooring from this company many times and never experienced this (or any other) problem. He inspected the floor and after a week or 10 days had passed informed me that the splintering is caused by dryness. He says that the solution is for me to use a humidifier. I am not a fan of humidifiers. I use a motorized wheelchair, and maintaining a humidifier anywhere but the kitchen or bathroom (which have tile floors) is going to be hard on me. In my experience, too, humidifiers are leak-prone, hard to clean, high-maintenance. Has anyone experienced this kind of issue? Do you agree that a humidifier is the solution? Any advice? Thanks so much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fuse Flooring

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