vinyl tile over composite floor ... how? An $$ mess!!

12 years ago

I am replacing vinyl flooring (squares) over a partical board floor in an upstairs apt. kitchen. The original tiles were glued down .. some sticking but most loose. I guess this type of board flooring must meet building standards here!

What is the proper procedure for laying tile (either squares or sheet vinyl)over this base? Should there be something between the new tile & the flooring? I spent $300 on roll of vinyl & was told by Home Depot to glue it down over tar paper laid over the floor first but it became a mess ... the vinyl curled back up up & I lost $300 worth! Of course Home Depot gave all kinds of excuses why it did this despite their employee's advise!

Thanks for any ideas as to what happened & what I need to do to keep it from doing the same again.


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