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SANDING away the dirt on vinyl flooring

Valerie Emmerich
10 years ago

This is kind of a strange question/idea. . . . We've lived in our condo for almost 14 years, along with a 70s style kitchen that I've tried to make the best of without redoing the whole thing. (Definitely not in the budget!) But the vinyl floor is the bane of my life. It has these little pits and grooves in it and over time, all the dirt has settled quite comfortably in the pits and grooves.

So, once, I said to my husband (who works in a hardware store and knows a fair amount about these kinds of things), "Why can't we just sand off a very thin layer of the floor, leaving behind a like-new, clean surface?" He said it wouldn't work, although he tends to be a naysayer when he doesn't want to deal with something or bother to look it up on the internet :-)

Today I took some sandpaper (it was in a drawer - no idea what grade it was) and sanded over some yellowish stains that haven't come off any other way. Presto - gone! Then I found a couple of small, especially dirty areas and sanded a little - not as much as I would for real, but just to see if my theory could work. It seemed to work.

So my idea is to use an orbital sander (too hard to control one of those floor sanders) and, well, like I said, sand off a thin layer of this disgusting vinyl sheeting floor. Does anyone have any thoughts, pro or con, about this idea? Can you foresee any problems? I'm truly at my wits end about this floor. Thanks!!

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