Novaform memory foam mattress from COSTCO - Any good?

August 5, 2005

Anyone have the memory foam mattress that can be found at COSTCO? It is a Novaform Brand name and looks very similiar to the Tempur-Pedic but about 1/3 of the price. It comes in box and is suppossed to grow to the normal size once it is unleashed.

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  • radeckiva

    Costco has a special right now on the Novaform mattress, from Feb 18th to March 9th. Anybody know what the difference between the Comfort Royale Memory Foam and the "Grande Elegance", like the last post, I am not sure if Comfort Royale is the same thing as Comfortlux? We are moving into a new house and got rid of our old queen bed of 11 years, and ready to try something new. The memory foam looked neat! We went to Brookstone one day and they had some kind of foam bed so we got to lie down on it, wanted to get a feel for it. It was very nice! Any suggestions where we can go to "try" out the bed before buying it?

  • simjoe

    Not even a choice. No wannabees here. Tempur-Pedic all the way.
    Any sales rep or website that tells you that any mattress is the same as Tempur-Pedic is out right lying to you.
    Why is this a fact you ask? Because it is a fact that Tempur-Pedic holds US and Foreign patents on the Visco elastic material. It is a proprietary material that is only found in products bearing the Tempur-Pedic name. Tempur-Pedic controls every single aspect of the manufacturing of it's products and it is recognized by Hospitals and four star luxury Hotels around the US, not to mention NASA where it was first developed.
    There may be other mattresses that may seem "like" or "close" to the Tempur-Pedic but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades! You go cheaper and you will get cheaper quality. That has never failed to stand true for me, especially when you are buying something that you will spend nearly a third of your life using. You don't go for cheaper when buying your car so why go cheap on something that is even more important to your health and well being. You just try a Tempur-Pedic and you will see there simply is no comparison. Nope, not even a chance here. If you shop around you can find no interest financing to get nice and low monthly payments that doesn't even require a credit check. There are places out there, you just have to break out your local phone book or look online and place some calls. I can promise that you will be very glad you went for the best.

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  • Denie_excite_com

    Tempur-Pedic does NOT hold the patent on Visco foam. Visco foam is NOT a proprietary material and many manufactures produce it.
    This foam was originally developed in the early 1970's at NASA's Ames Research Center (not Tempur-Pedic)in an effort to relieve astronauts as means to absorb the incredible G-force during take off and reentry.

    As to the "NASA" claim, it's no more than a silly market below...

    "The original NASA foam was never suitable for sleeping because it broke down in time and lacked the comfort needed to make a good mattress. But the Program never intended to use space foam for bedding. Remember, it was developed for astronauts' seats, not for sleeping.

    Once released to the industrial world, progress was imminent. Years of research and development by the Swedish company Tempurpedic did turn this early recipe into an unique material now commonly known as memory foam. Some people still like to call it NASA foam.

    This earned them the Certified Space Technology status usually given to a "product that is the direct result of technology developed for space programs, or advances and improvements in such technology".

    Progress continues as other companies work to improve the Tempur-Pedic mattress recipe."

    Rather than believe me or the person making the silly claims about Tempur Pedic, read from the link I provided for yourself. I'm not sure where he was told these claims but anyone can easily find they are not true.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Truth on visco foams

  • denie2008

    As a follow up, the above site I posted has good info on Viscoelastic foams and how to choose them.

  • simjoe

    No you are being misled by false information and are sadly mistaken. You can call Tempur-Pedic and they will e-mail or fax you the numerous patent numbers that they hold and you can contact the patent office yourself (or go to their website) to get the detailed information.
    Do your research before you try to put down a post.
    True visco elastic foam is proprietary and Tempur-Pedic holds patents for the US and other foreign countries.
    It is an absolute fact that NASA did develop the first Visco elastic cusions and Tempur-Pedic (yes the very same company) purchased the technology and developed it into the current mattress that is sold today. They have been in the business since 1983 longer than any other foam mattress manufacturer. Foam mattresses by any other name than Tempur-Pedic are copy cats that are trying their best to put out a similar product and none of them use the same material or manufacturing. It's patented and that is an absolute fact. Any one can post false info on a website now days but the truth is in the numbers. Anyone thinking that a cheap Novaform copy cat wannabee from a Costco is the same as a Tempur-Pedic is seriously kidding themselves and needs to wake up because they must already be dreaming.

  • simjoe

    Thanks for adding support to my post BTW. Yes it is also an absolute fact that in 1998 Tempur-Pedic was awarded the "Certified Technology Seal" from NASA. This seal verifies that the underlying product technology was derived from the United States' efforts and experiments in space. Tempur-Pedic was the one and only mattress company to get this recognition. So I guess that settles the problem about which one is the real deal and which ones are generic wannabes. The Tempur-Pedic being the only company to hold the Certified NASA Technology Seal is a fact I forgot to mention. Thanks for the reminder.

  • ian_us_brit

    Hi Guys
    I am not arguing for or against Tempurpedic vs novaform etc, but regarding patents, they usually only have a 15 year life, after which anyone is allowed to use them. Companies typically keep adjusting products to allow them to keep updated patents, however the old patents are still available to other manufacturers. Hence it is possible ( I have not done in depth research) that Tempurpedic are the only company to have received the Certified NASA technology seal because they are the original company that did transfer the NASA technology to commercial applications. However, even though they received the seal in 1998, that does not mean they did not get there original patents way before that, and hence other companies may now have access to the original information. Alternatively the information that Tempurpedic used (whether they were the original company doing the work for NASA or not) is available to anyone, even you or me, to develop into commercial applications (aquaspace water filters are another example). If Tempurpedic were the original developers for NASA then admittedly they would have a significant advantage, since most smart companies only include enough information to obtain patents, but keep the real secrets proprietary (eg Coca Cola)

    Thanks for the info on this forum, I am one of the many trying to sort out the truth from the myth.

  • frostypup


    Nobody said the Novaform was exactly the same as Tempurpedic. Some may not want to shell out thousands of dollars for the tempurpedic. The title for the post is NOVAFORM MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS FROM COSTCO...ANY GOOD? So, then the next question is Have you tried the Novaform?

  • ian_us_brit

    Regarding one of your earlier posts, look at the link below and scroll to the last few comments to see the differences between the GE and Comfortluxe. I do not know if Comfortluxe is the same as the Comfort Royale( which you can get for $700 instead of $1000) you can pick up at the costco store.

  • denie2008

    Sorry, but Viscoelastic is not a Tempurpedic proprietary product.
    Tempurpedic holds patents ONLY on their version of visco foam.

    The original developer of the product has sold manufacturing rights to several companies other than Tempurpedic.

    "Visco-elastic foam originally was developed in the early 1970s by a company called Dynamic Systems, which was working in association with NASA's Ames Research Center. Scientists
    were engaged on a project to improve crash protection for airline passengers.

    "The chemistry (for visco-elastic foam) was bouncing around in the labs but it never got developed," recalled Charles Yost, the aeronautical engineer who headed North Carolina-based Dynamic Systems in those days. He and the other scientists working on the NASA project changed that, introducing visco-elastic foam.

    NASA was impressed. The new kind of foam "absorbed energy," Yost said. "That's what NASA liked about it."

    Dynamic Systems sold the original manufacturing rights for the new visco material, but later went on to develop what it says are improved visco materials. Those materials are sold to companies in a variety of industries, including the bedding industry.

    Yost, 71, remains a director of the company, whose visco product lines today include the SunMate and Pudgee brands. NASA has honored the company for its work in the space program."

    As for the "certification" it has nothing to do with TP being the only company to make visco foam beds or the quality of the TP bed, read...

    "The product's space-age roots have been officially recognized by NASA, which saluted Tempur-Pedic in 1998 for "significant contributions to transferring aeronautical and space research technology into the private sector to save lives, promote economic opportunity and help improve the quality of life for humankind."

    Now, since the Dynamic Systems has also developed visco products it sells manufacturing rights to, it shows that Tempurpedic does not own viscoelastic foam and it is not a proprietary material.

    Visco foams are rated for quality by density and Tempurpedic does use the best high desity foam. However, just compare the density (in lbs ) of TP to the NovaFoam and go from there.

    Costco has a better return policy than TP as well.

  • denie2008

    Bottom line is the Novaform is a good mattress. May not be as good as TP top of the line $6k+ mattress, but still better than or as good as TP middle of the road product at a fraction of the cost.
    Novaform uses good high density viscoelastic foams.

  • denie2008


    The "in store" mattress at costco is not the same as the online mattress. The online one is of a better/denser visco foam.(in the top layers)
    Even though, all viscoelastic mattresses comfort, including TP, is a matter of personal preference. Doesn't matter if a mattress is $1000.00 or $6000.00 if you like the feel and quality of sleep you get from it.

  • frostypup

    Thank you Ian....

  • lees

    The one in the Costco store (Royale) is the same as the website one that's called "Fresh Dreams." The Comfortluxe is not the same as the one on the store. We are trying to decide between the one in the store and the Comfortluxe and Grand Elegance on the website. I've read conflicting reviews about which one is better for a big man.

    No way am I falling for that Temper Pedic hard-sell about "the proprietary temper material" being God's Gift to Foam. Even very small children have learned that advertisers always lie, and we can all spot floggers doing drive-by postings.

  • curlytop

    We are considering the "Fresh Dreams" mattress from the website. What is the difference between this and the others? Also, where do you get a box spring by itself for a Cal King? Our bed will require that and the only ones i see are really expensive. Thanks!

  • lees

    The Costco website explains the differences between the mattresses they sell by showing the different types of foam used in them. They all have different layers.

    We went with the Royale. It fully expanded within just a few hours. I'd say the Royale (called Fresh Dreams on the website) is pretty firm for me. It was perfect - UNTIL we put a mattress pad on top of it. I guess the mattress pad interferes with our body heat softening the mattress. I have the old style of Costco foam topper on it, with a mattress pad on top of that, and it's perfect that way.

    The Royale is similar to the firmest Tempurpedics that we tried. I was worried that it would be too soft, but it wasn't.

    You can get a Cal King box spring at any mattress store. Or, you can get some plywood cut to the right size at Home Depot or Lowes and make a platform that way.

    And, for anyone wondering, the Royale has not interfered with other bed-related activities besides sleeping....................................................................I can still read in bed just fine. What else were you thinking? ;)

  • roxbaby

    I'm also contemplating buying the Novaform Fresh Dreams mattress from Costco. I've read all the posts here and on other places. I understand that the mattress comes vacuum sealed and then once you open it it's supposed to expand etc. So does it get really heavy after it is fully expanded? The reason I'm asking is that I'm most likely moving in a few months so I would have to move it. It's on sale now so I want to buy it now obviously. I'm worried if I don't open it right away then it might have problems with expanding later as some people had experienced. And I also want to try it out asap. Is it much heavier than a regular mattress? I mean I have a regular one now so I would have to lift it to move anyway so just wondering how inconvienient would it be to move the Novaform one when I have to move out. And realistically how bad is the smell once you open it 'cause once I open it I have no room for two mattresses in my place now so I would have to sleep on it in a pretty short amount of time (a few hours) so would the smell be too strong? If I get it delivered in the morning and let it air out all day would that be sufficient to sleep on it that nite? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • boomer15

    My neighbor bought one and after 2 weeks says his house still reeks of a chemical odor, he is also sweating at night. My wife is extremely sensitive to odors, so my friend
    recommended It it suppose to be 80% more breathable than any memory foam mattress and odorless.But they are priced about the same as Temurpedic .So I guess you get what you pay for.

    Here is a link that might be useful: That Home Site

  • lenvt

    Hi all--

    Well it has been a year and the Costco memory foam question is still around. Here is my update.

    Last Feb. we ordered the Comfortluxe from Costco. It came promptly and was heavy as all get out. It came vaccuum packed and it inflated to full size within two hours, without corners sticking and without any odor to speak of. I am very sensitive to odors so this was an issue for me. I had no problems. The mattress turned out to be way to soft for us. I was nervous about returning it. I shouldn't have been. I'd ordered online, so I called the returns number. They told me I'd have to wait two weeks. Four days later, I got a call from not one, but two different companies to set up a return time. The company came on time and the fellow cheerfully put it in his truck and drove it away. My card was credited for the proper amount. Everything should be that easy.

    We took photos of inflating the mattress if anyone would like me to post them.

    We ended up ordering our "cheaperpedic" mattress online from The company name came up in every online mattress discussion and no one had a horror story. I called the company and talked to an operator who was very helpful. His name was Kevin Kelly I think. We had them build a mattress just for us. What is good about restonclouds is that they directly compare their knockoffs to TP models. If you know you like the TP Deluxe, they have a model that is similar and they clearly tell you which one it is. Our mattress came quickly and we've been loving it every since. We still say, "I love this mattress!" Now I think they call it the Thermoplush Select 9".

    I was more nervous to do a large purchase from Rest On Clouds because of the unknown factor. But they were excellent and so is their product. We saved almost two thousand dollars off the TP price.

    I hope this helps!


    Here is a link that might be useful: Rest On Clouds

  • jennel35

    We bought a novaform mattress from costco and the edges stayed compressed we waited about a month and finally took it back.The next one expanded as soon as we took it out and was much easier to open. So don't wait if does not expand it won't get a new on they said about 1 in 15 don't properly expand.

  • davew_2008

    Don't buy it. After a year and a half ours has low areas where my wife and I sleep. These low areas will not go away. I now wake up with back aches each morning. Good luck to me in trying to return this to Costco after a year and a half. Absolute waste of money.

  • savemecash

    I cannot believe that there is so much hand-wringing over mattresses. Sure it was expensive, but you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Make every night the best night's sleep. Hub, who has arthritis, and I bought a TempurPedic one year ago and it still looks and feels like the day it was delivered. No dips, curls, creases. Not hot. Easy to sit up and read in bed.

  • russgrover

    I have the
    Pure Comfort DeluxeÂ
    Queen Mattress
    Item # 345474

    From Costco

    And even though it's weird to SINK into a bed
    I LOVE IT!

    I have Degenerative Disk Disease in my L5
    The Great thing about this matress is you have ZERO Pressure Points. With a Regular Matress I HURT when I was laying on my bed because of Pressure Points.
    With this one. it's like you are on a bed of Clouds.
    (Yes it's different to get used to)

    But Because of this bed (I've had it 9 months now)
    I have now felt good enough to Excersize and lose weight.

    I Recommend this bed for ANYONE with back problems and their bed has pressure points. (That hurt)
    if you don't like the Sinking Feeling, NovaForm has one that they sometimes Sell at Costco Also, (Similar to Sleep Number but MUCH Cheaper)

    I'm glad I bought it and I wish I would have got it 10 years ago......

    Here is a link that might be useful: Costco On sale now

  • jwilson2

    I've had my Costco Novaform mattress for 3 years now. I can say that I still love this mattress. It cradles me like I am laying on a cloud. I sleep on my side a lot and I can tell you that there is no other kind of mattress that is as comfortable for this type of sleeping. Absolutely no pressure points. You generally fall asleep almost as soon as you hit the bed. I don't think I will use any other type of mattress ever again. Novaform now has their Comfort Deluxe model. I can only guess that they are improving the mattress with each new version. Probably tweaking the foam makeup based on customer feedback. From what I've read the Novaform easily competes with Tempurpedic at 1/3 the price. I can't say definitively since I've never slept on a Tempurpedic. The Novaform will enable you to get some serious sleep! I use a platform bed with no box spring. The mattress sits on a 1/4" piece of plywood that is on top of the bed's wooden slats.

    Novaform Comfort Deluxe Cutaway

    * Top layer of Memory Foam: 3" of Nutra Temp® temperature-neutral, premium-quality memory foam
    * Base layer of Memory Foam: 9" of superior support foam

  • fazworld_msn_com

    Anyone have the NovaForm Comfortluxe? Costco sells this one and the Pure Comfort Deluxe. The Comfortluxe is a little more expensive but has a layer of foam that regulates temperature (so it says).. can anyone comment on the differences between these Costco versions and what their personal experience has been? I'm inclined to wait until either one of these goes on sale, but I want to be ready to wait if one is much better than the other. Thanks.

  • bartay

    Sadly, I bought a Novafoam about 6 mo's ago( from the store). I have tried to adjust to it. I like a soft sleep, but it is way too soft. I sink down so far that I spend the night in a virtual ditch and have to fight to roll over. It is not a comfortable sleep and I regret having bought it. I can't wait to get rid of it. It does NOT sleep like the more expensive TP product. Has anyone ever gotten a refund for this from Costco?

  • jouleofparadise

    I am very surprised some of you found the Novaform mattress from Costco too soft. I bought a 12" one a few years ago and it felt like a boulder. There was NO WAY I could endure it. Costco was good about the return; but, it was nightmare getting it back to the store. It opened like a liferaft; so, there was no way to get it back into the original container or anything smaller than the roof of the large SUV I had to borrow. I am using three memory foam products now: (1) RV - Topper that is absolutely wonderful. My most comfortable place to sleep. I need to find the carton and/or literature to try to find another of this brand. (2) Master bedroom - Spa Sensations 8" mattress in my old waterbed frame, bought at Walmart for around $250. This mattress is a major improvement in my life. I used air mattresses in the interim. BTW, when I could no longer find the original brand of chambered air mattress, I used Aerobeds. They never lasted long enough to be worth the trouble of exchanging/returning them. I bought the Novaform when I began waking up with shoulders and hips that ached more than when I went to bed. I think the ground or my empty waterbed frame would have been more comfortable! (3) Dogs - I have two ThermoPedic Temperature Smart Pet Beds made by Pet's Corner. My four Labs and I love them; so, I need more. They're great in or out of crates and easy to move. I'd just rather have them in more places. I bought the last two at the local Walmart about a year ago and can't find more at any store or on-line. Can any of you help steer me toward add'l ones?

  • imajamoke

    What about powerbases? We are looking to replace our foam matress with this one but we have adjustable power bases as box springs (move head and/or feet up and down). Anyone using this bed with power bases?

  • janicequinn

    yes! We just purchased our second memory foam mattress. Both are the Comfort Deluxe. Got a full size mattress in January for myself and husband and a queen size to put in the guest bedroom. I hope the guests like it as well as we do. It's very firm, but comfortable.

  • twinsies06

    Does anyone know anything about health concerns with memory foam mattresses? I am not one to freak out about everything in the world causing cancer. However, I have come across quite a few websites and reviews that talk about the stuff memory foam is made of being a known carcinogen. Of course, most who are concerned are only in favor of buying organic mattresses, but they are SO expensive. I am all confused! Anyone have any thoughts for me? I would totally apprecaite any legit info! Thanks!

    Also, for those of you who have the Novafoam memory mattresses, do you have a problem with the sides sagging? My husband and I bought the adjustable air/foam model from Costco and have been sleeping on it for a few weeks now. It is fairly comfortable, but when we get near the edge we feel like we are going to roll right off. We are considering returning it and buying a strictly memory foam model, but would like to know if those have the same problem. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • cxg909_gmail_com

    Because there doesn't seem to be much info on these beds out there im going to post up an email from "Sleep Innovations" that I received after asking them a few questions.

    Maybe this will help some people choose which bed would be a best for them.

    "Below is a break down of our mattresses at from firmest to softest.
    -Our Pure Comfort Mattress will be our firmest and most supportive mattress. This 12" mattress consists of: 2.5" of NutraTemp memory foam as the top layer, 9.5" of premium base foam, and a smooth top cover. The Pure Comfort has a 20 year warranty.
    -Our Pure Comfort Deluxe mattress also has a 20 year warranty and will be firmer than the Pure Comfort Grand, but less firm than the Pure Comfort Mattress. We use 3" of NutraTemp memory followed by 9" of our conventional base foam. The Pure Comfort Deluxe mattress has a smooth top cover.
    -Our Pure Comfort Grand 12" Mattress consists of: 3" of NutraTemp memory foam as the top layer 2" of high resiliency foam for added comfort and support, and 7" of premium base foam. The cover is a Quilted European Box Top Mattress Cover with water and stain resistance. 10 year warranty
    -The Comfortluxe comes with a 10 year warranty. It has 1.5" of cool wave memory foam, 1.5" of 6 lbs foam, 2" of a 5 lbs density foam, and 7" of conventional base foam.
    -The Novaform Elite is 3" of 4lb. density foam followed by 9" of conventional base foam. It comes with a thin white cover. The Novaform Elite has a 10 year warranty.
    -The Fresh Dreams has 1" of cool wave, 4" of 5lbs density foam and 7" of base foam. It is soft. 10 year warranty
    -Our Grande Elegance is our top of the line mattress. It comes with a 20 year warranty because the foam is polymer enriched, which is less likely to sag or make impressions. There is 1" of 4lb density Cool wave breathable memory foam, which amounts to less body heat retaining in the foam. Then there are 3" of 5lbs density foam followed by 1" high resiliency foam which makes this mattress so supportive. The Grande Elegance also has a quilted padded cover on top.

    The warranty covers normal wear and tear of the mattress. The warranty does not cover comfort preference, any damage done to the bed if it is not properly supported by a center support or bed slats, or any regular warranty issues if the mattress is in unsanitary conditions. Since we do not experience a great deal of problems with our products we do not require you to register for the warranty. Rather per our warranty please hold on to your original sales receipt and proof of purchase from the box. If you were to experience any problems with in the warranty period please contact Sleep Innovations for a replacement".

  • justjeff_2010

    I slept on the Novaform memory foam mattress, but didn't find it to feel like the Tempurpedics I have laid on in the stores. I did some research and spoke with and expert at who does the mattress reviews. He mentioned that memory foam will feel different when it is not the same density, as well as if the foam fibers were spaced a part further to accomodate more airflow (usually a good thing, but I still found the mattress to be a bit hot). Anyway, I am including their link below, since he was so helpful.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Mattress Reviews

  • mrfelix

    I looked at the Tempurpedic Cloud which has the fold-up where you look at TV or read a book, etc. Does the Novafoam have one that has a fold-up feature?

  • None_nothing_org

    The NovaForm memory mattress becomes really heavy once it expands, because it sucks up a lot of AIR and literally GROWS.

  • frankutchen_yahoo_com

    How can it get heavier by filling with air? That's like saying a big balloon is heavy.

  • harry_wild

    Hi everyone,

    I purchased a "full" size gel memory foam mattress at Costco - the Novoform brand.

    Before that happen; I purchased a 3" mattress topper which I still have.

    The question is should I place the 3" mattress topper on top of my gel memory foam mattress or try to return it to Costco?

    What are the benefits of placing it on top? Is it even better or not? Has anyone try it? I thought I read someone here has done it but want to make sure.

    My Gel Memory Foam Mattress is airring itself out!


  • speedlever

    As of this posting, Costco has 4 different memory foam mattresses:
    1) NovaForm Deluxe Comfort (12")
    2) NovaForm Bella Notte (12")
    3) NovaForm Gel Memory Foam (12") - least expensive
    4) Sleep Science (10")

    Anyone know how they compare? Also, how do they compare to the ones available on (Sleep innovations and Lucid). They seem to be much less expensive at

    No foam densities are listed for any of the above. But most are some variation of 2.5" memory foam over 2.5" of some other kind of foam over 5 to 7 inches of a base foam.

  • glenna

    I bought the Nova Form (deluxe) 3 1/2 years ago. The mattress is awful: it maintains a sag where my husband sleeps; the zipper on the cover broke; and Costco couldn't help me out at all.

    Like most memory foam mattresses, it sleeps "hot," and the king size weighs about as much as a VW Beetle. That means that putting on the bottom fitted sheet in a bedframe is quite a struggle. I'm saving up money and will be happy to dump this thing as soon as I can.

  • speedlever

    Sleep Science advertises a wedge support system to prevent side sag and allow full use of the bed. Is that an important feature for a memory foam mattress or just advertising fluff?

    Here is a link that might be useful: Costco Sleep Science

  • edwinsmoz

    I found that the memory foam mattresses have several things I find uncomfortable about them. For one, when it's cold, the mattress freezes. When its hot, you sink into the mattress. I felt I could not get any type of regular sleep on the mattress. I'd find out for sure if they let you return the bed and don't keep it a day past that date unless you are positive you can deal with a foam mattress of any kind. Personally I would recommend you check out an IntelliBed first. They use gel instead of foam.

    Here is a link that might be useful: IntelliBed

  • quinn123

    Whatever you do, beware of the Gel infused mattresses. They are very sensitive to the colder weather. They turn Rock Solid in the colder months. I wish I had read the reviews first. Anyone got any recommendations for a soft memory foam with medium firm support? I guess like the temper pedic would be nice...but at Costco?


  • Lucasey

    Hi I'm looking to buy the Roma Sera Memory Foam Mattress from Costco. Does anyone have that particular mattress? There's so many differnt types and the spec's seem to be okay. I 'm hoping it's not too soft and not too firm. I looking for a medium firmness .

  • Krazykatkaren

    For fuzzymom:

    I would like to ask you to send me the catalog number for the perfect memory foam pillow you got from JCPENNYS you
    Over it so I thought I would try it. Mope you got the message......
    Karen bewudoin

  • LeonPyatt

    They are good, however you shouldn't buy it online, because some of them have deffects and you need to test each one before deciding

    Here is a link that might be useful: SleepMentor

  • krissie55

    Instead of buying the memory foam mattress I bought two of the 2" memory foam toppers from Costco (Nova brand). Works great for my low back misery and bursitis in hips.

    I tried a friend's Temper.... mattress and it was too hard for me.

    The toppers made the bed very comfortable. I do use a quilted cotton bed pad over the toppers to keep from getting too hot in the summer. My body weight still sinks into the toppers supporting as it should.

    The two toppers was less expensive than a mattress. I put the toppers on top of an almost new Beauty Rest regular mattress.

  • freethinker99

    In my opinion Tempurpedic makes the best foam mattress in a variety of firmness ratings. Some with soft tops, others with foam tops. These are a bit more coslty but I think it is worth spending the money on one fo these sets.

  • Alexa

    For those of you interested in the materials used, manufacture location, etc. for the Novaform (by Sleep Innovations) memory foam & gel-memory foam mattresses, check out this FAQ link. Boy was I glad to find out that the first mattress my husband and I purchased (2 years ago) as newly-weds, the gel memory foam, is free of PDBF/Formaldehyde and it is made in the USA.

    The reason we purchased this mattress was because it helps alleviate pressure-points which was crucial for us to have considering that my husband had recently underwent back surgery. In the two years we have had this mattress, he is still pleased with this purchase; and needless to say, so am I.

    I understand that comfort is a personalized type of thing, and being that I myself prefer a "in-between/medium" support (not too hard, not too soft), this was a great buy. We live at an altitude of about 5K, so in the 2 years we've had this mattress, the gel portion of the mattress is a bit more stiff when not in use during the winter, then eventually softens up with the applied body-heat; and during the passer-by summers, it is continually soft. Just a heads up! ;-)

  • nursemarr

    I purchased the Novafoam gel topper one year ago and I love it. I was having problems with hip and lower back stiffness and pain upon rising and was taking a lot of Motrin to get my day started. The price was great and now I wake up pain free. I'm overweight, which contributed to my issues with pain. My mattress topper recovers its shape immediately when I get up. I am happy with this purchase, the cost, quality and ten year warranty. Costco has a liberal return policy, so if it doesn't work for you you can get a refund.

  • Karen Valenti

    I love my novaform. I have had it for several years. It is still very comfortable. Great buy. Would buy v another one. Maybe years from now.

  • Bill Kolodychuk

    My mattress was about 3 years old and it was already lumpy and too hard. Bought the Novafoam gel topper and what a difference a topper can make. It is way more comfortable with the topper, but it might take a week to get used to it. I got mine when on sale at $50 off, but it is worth the money at regular. It certainly makes it more comfortable, don't know about support. Buy it, try it, take it back if not suitable. Other stores might not offer this.

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