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Anybody know about Four Seasons slipcovered Furniture?

11 years ago

I am looking at a slipcovered sofa and swivel rocker by Four Seasons Furniture for our well used family room. They offer a variety of cotton fabrics, velvets and chenilles.

I would appreciate any information on the company - their quality, reputation and durability.

Also, do you recommend slipcovers and those fabrics for an active family room? I love the feel of cotton, but am somewhat concerned about 'natural' fabrics. Do slip covers stay in place, or do you have to constantly rearrange them?

Here is a link that might be useful: Four Seasons Link

Comments (83)

  • Debbie Williams

    We purchased a Four Seasons sectional and chair 3 years ago and love it. My husband sits in the chair and after having it dry cleaned twice, we are getting ready to order new slip covers. The original was 100% cotton and for a mans chair, I won't do that again. I am going to pick something more durable. We purchased our furniture from Greenfront Furniture Outlet in FarmVille, Va. Huge place with discounted prices. I paid a third of what most of you paid by purchasing at retail price. I love the way the furniture looks and it is so comfortable!

  • leslieoliver

    has anyone bought a four seasons couch that folds out to a bed?? I have 2 gliders and love them and need a couch that folds out for our weekend home.

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  • tulips4u

    We are looking at the Four Seasons Devon or Alexandria 3 cushion sofa with a coordinating chair. However, I don't want the slipcover version. Has anyone used the upholstered fabrics? It's the Blackstone 100% poly in a sand color. TIA!

  • sap20

    I would not recommend Four Seasons. My experience with a slip covered sectional was disappointing in terms of quality.

  • andreapeters27

    I am looking to purchase a slipcover sofa. Which is better the Four Seasons Alexandria or the Rowe Nantucket? Which is better quality. I am looking at the same covers for both, Topsider on the Four Seasons and the comparable fabric on the Rowe. Both in Natural, (ivory color). The store carries both manufactures and I can't seem to get a straight answer. Both are about the same price.

  • The Sunny Store

    I think the FS is more comfortable and better quality

  • andreapeters27

    Any reason why you think that? I'm trying to understand which is better. Did you own one of these? Are you a professional in the business? Also any experience with topsider natural color as the fabric?

    Thank you.

  • HU-226811

    I am not familiar with the Rowe sofa, but had a FS Alexandria couch and chair. They were not well made - problems with the frame detaching from the springs, poor sewing, etc. The fabric on the sofa was very nice, cotton, durable, but cut a bit on the small side. The couch was never comfortable, with under stuffed seat cushions and overstuffed back cushions. It hurt to sit on this sofa - the chair was ok on comfort. I would stay away from FS furniture - too many unrefined aspects - especially for the price.

  • suedog

    Hi - I need to purchase a new slipcover for my Alexandria couch manufactured by 4 Seasons Furniture. Can anyone tell me where they got theirs? They are rather hard to find. I can't locate my paperwork on my couch and can't remember where I purchased (bought online 2 years ago). Thanks!

  • leemiller

    I checked back with the place I got a glider from and the quote for a new slipcover was something like $600 +200 for the ottoman - can that be right? Anyone have a lead on a cheaper option?

  • The Sunny Store

    Sounds about right since the slipcovers run 50% of the full furniture price. Might want to inquire at they currently have a sale going on.

  • Laurie Brondgeest

    I purchased the Daniel chair 1/2, chair, and ottoman, $5842. After 1 1/2 years it looks like it needs to be replaced. The cushions have completely collapsed the springs have collapsed and the fabric has stretched out badly. I have put in a claim with the store I purchased from and with Four Seasons. Been waiting 4 months and no one has bothered to resolve these issues. I am one person using this furniture and treat my stuff well so for this to happen not good.

  • PRO

    I have a Four Seasons sofa I purchased 6 years ago, and I love it. The cushions are downfilled and are soft, yet they hold their shape well. I have taken off the slipcovers too many times to count, to wash and they have held up beautifully.

  • PRO
    Your Space Furniture - Custom Upholstered Sofas

    Have you tried flipping them over? Oh well, if they have collapsed springs, it will not help much.

  • catpeople42

    I am a designer and have used the Four Seasons line for many years and for myself and many clients. I think part of the problem I see in reading these reviews is that the different styles do different things (lots of loose back cushions do move around if you use the sofa much). A chair belonging to one person looks baggy and wrinkled. That is because the fabric is linen and linen does that. It is still a great fabric but maybe not for someone who dislikes the shabby chic look. I have bought Four Seasons sofa beds with great success. I upgrade the mattress for a sofa bed any time its offered because let's face it - not many of them are cloud-like to sleep on. Four Seasons has a good variety of very nice fabrics that wash and wear well if marked to do so. I agree with the person who suggested washing and then partially drying the slipcovers and putting them back on slightly damp. And I would say wash and dry them alone too. I like slipcovers to change up the room when I'm bored or to clean them when children (of any age) and pets live in your home. Four Seasons is repped by many quality furniture stores - I find it most often in the smaller design shops where the owner has done some design and is pretty savvy about slipcovers. I have also purchased upholstered furniture from Four Seasons and have found it to be as well and reliably done as their other furniture. Sometimes over the year they have been backed up but always let me know how long it would be as I ordered directly from them back then. If you can't get replacement covers from the store where you bought your furniture you may contact them direction and they will be able to help you. For the person who wondered if they went out of business would she be stuck with a sofa and no way to get covers. I have custom covers made often for sofas with good results. The trick is to find the right person with a knack for sewing and upholstering. I came online to day to look at Four Seasons fabrics to have new slipcovers made for my decades old Sarah chairs and ottomans. I used them for years and gave them to my sister. She used them for years and I took them back when she was finished and I've had them for quite a while. The cushions are looking a bit lopsided so I'm going to order slipcovers and seat cushions (the backs are fine) for a bedroom remodelling I'm doing. The chairs are small scale for a bedroom and very comfortable. So far with all the pieces I've owned I've never had a spring cut loose but if I did I would immediately advise the company because I feel certain they would stand by any reasonable claim made within a certain time. I have a client who has a collection of high end vacation rentals at the beach. You can imagine what occurs in that scenario. He has called me 3 years after the fact to say a chair arm wiggles or a dog chewed on one and will the company replace it free of charge. I can sympathize with companies whose furniture may not get as well used as it is in your home and nothing is bullet proof. I found that out when I had three little grandsons. I hope this information is helpful. I also use Pottery Barn and Ballard Design furniture and have owned some great Rowe sofas. I've had good luck with all of them however they don't work with a lot of my client's budgets.

  • andreapeters27

    I am still debating whether to get a slip cover sofa by Four Seasons, of Rowe, or Emerald Craft. Which is better constructed? They all have the same look and I will be covering them with 100% cotton duck cream covers. So it really boils down to which one is better made and will last longer.

  • Blaze and Piper's Mom

    I just visited a small furniture store on my search for a slipcovered sectional sofa after reading so many bad reviews of other large stores and their products. This small store recommended Four Seasons Devon as I wanted increased seat depth. I like it! I see that this discussion has been going for several years and, hopefully, you folks can help me with my decision. There were a few comments about the defects in the spring unit. Does anyone have a newer sofa (2015-16) who has had these problems? Has the store/manufacturer corrected the issues? Any other comments on the newer sofas quality?

  • catpeople42

    For andreapeters I would say go with Four Seasons or Rowe. If the price for Rowe is a little higher and you can afford it I might lean that way however that is no reflection on Four Seasons because I have owned them too and they have held up for many, many years. Since fabric selection is not an issue for you I think you'll be happy with either choice. I don't know Emerald Craft so can't comment on them although I should have heard of them if they are in the main stream design world. Good luck!

  • Marian Gug

    i'm getting ready to buy the four season sectional alexandria style. i have a narrow room, so their size will work and i like the idea about slip cover. concerned about some stuff i have read. should i upgrade with the down filler? did any of you recommend that? ts a lot of money no matter where you go or what you buy and i just want it to be comfortable and built to last

  • catpeople42

    I have often upgraded to the down filler with success. Today I took the horribly trashed slip covers off of a pair of old Sarah chairs by 4 Seasons. They are on their third life now - I bought them with matching ottomans and 2 extra sets of slipcovers for each over 20 years ago and used them in my living room. Then my sister took them to her house, bought new slipcovers and used them for 10 more years in her living room. A couple of years ago she redecorated so I took them back and put them in storage. Recently I was remodeling a small villa and wanted to create a sitting area in a fairly large bedroom overlooking the garden and the pool. I got the smaller scale Sarah chairs out of storage and, first of all, sat in them. They were just as comfy and casual as ever. I washed the cotton khaki twill slipcovers and dried them until slightly damp by draping them on some boxes. This enabled me to see that the feathers surrounding a firm foam center inside a muslin cover were still intact. Then I put them to the test and washed them gently by hand in the shower using my hands, hand soap and warm water washing them using hand soap, water and my hands.. I rinsed them and put them outside on the pool furniture to dry in the warm Florida sun. By the end of the day after being turned several times they were dry. The feathers were fluffy and the cushions smelled fresh and clean. The only casualty was the by now 24 year old muslin covers over the foam and feathers had deteriorated and started to tear. So I stapled the fabric together to temporarily hold the feathers and foam until I have new muslin permanent replacement covers made. and sewn over them. The old twill slipcovers look like new but not too new. I expect the pale yellow floral pattern woven slipcovers will look great tomorrow when I wash them. These are, quite simply, great chairs for the money. With their new white full skirted shabby chic loose covers with ties they will be the most popular place to sit in my home meaning the dog and cat will occupy them every chance they get to sneak in there. The new covers will come off easily and are washer and dryer proof so washing the paw prints off every week will be easy and the look will be very country french, the feel will be soft and cozy and the casual look will also be low maintenance. I won't be surprised if they make it 10 more years which is good because I love these chairs more and more with each passing decade. Definitely get the feathers!

  • Ginny Sowers

    I have found a Four Seasons sofa at a consignment shop but, the springs are exposed under the cushions...? There is a flap of fabric that lays over the springs/coils in between the seat cushion and spring/coils but the flap of fabric just pulls back and the springs/coils are exposed. Has anyone else ever scene this? it seems so strange, and dangerous for children or pets. Please help. i am unable to get an answer from the company itself.

  • shirley taylor

    I know a couple of people who have Four Seasons furniture and we just bought a couch, Alexandria style, with white cotton fabric and we love it. We're about to purchase a second sofa or sectional as soon as we decide which style we want. We've had white, cotton upholstered couches for many years and they're a breeze to clean since there is no color involved so you don't have to worry about discoloration when spot cleaning.....cotton fabric has held up great but, of course, depends on the quality of the fabric to start with. Four Seasons is a great brand and the fabric easily washed....and, in small sections so you can just wash one piece if need be. We love our new sofa! I don't think you can go wrong with Four Seasons.

  • Carol Manto
    I love my furniture got them at the garret
  • mervellie

    I had a really bad experience with Four Seasons. When our swivel rocker came in the slip overs looked so bad that the store personnel were not even sure it was slipcovered at all. The fabric was cut off grain and looked slanted and misshapen. We could not find another fabric in their collection and wound up purchasing our own for them to try again. This time the covers fit well but the flower pattern was not centered on the back and seat cushions. When we got the chair home we discovered that the cushions were not filled with down as we ordered and paid for. We just gave up trying to deal with Four Seasons and now have an expensive, uncomfortable, and sad looking chair.

  • itwillcostyou
    Love.. love.. love Four Seasons! I've had their sofas and swivel gliders... love the easibility of washing them.. the sofas are different than any other company.. instead of a huge covet for the base.. they come off in smaller pieces.. so if your kid gets chocolate just on the arm, you can wash just that piece.. it's great! Also, for me, a big selling point is that the seat cushions themselves are warrantied for 10 years! that's the first part of any sofa that looks worn. I had one slipcover that didn't wash up they way it should have and the company replaced it with my choice of fabric in the same grade. I won't but any other brand. my sofa in the family room is now 2.5 years old and its still looks new.
  • Cari Brumley Ferguson

    Can you buy Four Seasons slipcovers online? I found a second-hand sectional and I'm having a hard time finding a slipcover. I'm in Texas. Thanks!

  • catpeople42

    If the second hand sectional is in reasonable condition for a decent price you have a good find. I personally would first try to figure out which sectional model you have. I would photograph it and send or take the photo to a store that carries Four Seasons and ask them to identify it or I would call Four Seasons and ask them how to determine the model you have purchased or who you can send a photo to at their customer service department for further help.

    Can you buy slipcovers online? Not sure where you are in Texas but there are many design shops that carry the Four Seasons line. Ideally you can visit for help identifying the specific model name, number, and whatever else is necessary to fill out an order form. You can see their many fabric selections and costs in person as well as contrasting welt colors and materials and other trim styles and throw pillows that coordinate with your fabric selection. Four Seasons sells To The Trade only so you have to purchase your slipcovers through a shop that represents their line. The slip covers are not as expensive as a lot of other brands but they are not inexpensive. Many are washable and I air dry them to avoid shrinking. If they recommend putting them in the dryer go ahead but I would still take them out damp so they can be more easily stretched to re-fit over the cushion and zipped. If you send me the name of a nearby by city of any fairly decent size I can help you find a shop that carries the line. I have 2 sets of slips for a pair of chairs I've had for years and by alternating them they have lasted about 20 years plus. I recently had some shabby chic loose throw covers made for them to place in a country french design bedroom. There is a dog and some big cats in the home that want to live on those chairs so the oversize, washable, dryable, white cotton covers go right over the slipcovers and keep paw prints and fur to a minimum with sometimes almost weekly washing during mud season.

  • Cari Brumley Ferguson

    Thank you@catpeople42 for all the great info! The lady I'm potentially purchasing from said she'll get the style/collection info for me. I'm guessing it's Caroline from searching around a little. Here's a photo. I'm near Austin. Dallas would work, too.

  • catpeople42

    Cari - here's what I found:

    Thank you for inquiring about Four Seasons Furniture. We have dealers throughout the continental United States and are continuously growing. Four Seasons invites you to visit a dealer near you and experience the comfort, style, and to view over 300 fabrics.

    Sorry, our fabrics are not viewable online because of poor representation.

    To Inquire About A Four Seasons Dealer Near You,

    Please email us here,, and be sure to include the following:

    • City

    • State

    • Zip Code

    Sorry, but we do not sell directly to the public.

    Thank You!

  • Cari Brumley Ferguson

    Thanks so much!

  • CJ

    I've looked at the Rowe and Four Seasons sofas and plan to order the FS, because you can remove separate pieces off to wash, since they are velcroed on. Does anyone have the Comfort Chic cushion, an alternate to feathers? The 100% cotton Crypton fabric in a cream color sounds like it will be durable.

  • catpeople42

    Hi - I have had standard cushions and feathers wrapped cushions but unsure about the comfort chic cushion. All I can tell you is I've purchased a lot of Four Seasons Slipcovered Furniture and have never had anything but quality, longevity and easy care.

  • CJ

    Thank you so much for the timely answer! I plan to order today.

  • catpeople42

    You're welcome! I'm a designer and buy their line often. I think it's great and they stand by their products.

    Enjoy your new sofa!!

  • Maureen Michel Loesberg

    Can the FS cotton slip cover be professionally cleaned on frame?

  • catpeople42

    I have not done so but a cleaning professional should be able to tell you if that will work upon examining it. My guess would be yes. A story: I have another sofa with two bench style cushions. It was the sofa of my dreams at $7,000. I got a good designers price on it however it was still very expensive. The cushions are heavy, filled with feathers covered in muslin inside zip off loosely woven cotton cushion covers. There was an extremely unfortunate accident with a cat resulting in cat urine odor soaking through the cover and muslin into the feathers. I was not home so my husband thought it would be a good idea to take it - the cushion, covers, filling and all - outside and hose it down. I mean a thorough soaking with water draining through it like a waterfall. By the time I got back the cushion was hanging over a rope in the back yard tied between two posts draining and drying. I wanted to kill him and cry not sure in what order. The cat was in huge trouble.

    To my complete amazement, when the whole mess dried out which took 2 days in the Florida sun, that cushion went right back on the sofa next to the unsoiled cushion and looked and smelled as good as the day it arrived matching the rest of the sofa perfectly.

    Based on that experience, I have to believe professional cleaning of your sofa by an experienced company would turn out fine. You can always call Four Seasons Furniture in North Carolina and ask them the same question. Good luck!

  • lpnlpn

    I have had the The Four Seasons Alexandria sofa and love seat for over 5 years. Have washed the oatmeal colored slip covers (with white piping) about once a year. They still look great. Holds up very well with 3 kids and a dog.

  • robnancyscott

    We have the Alexandria sofa, two Bailey gliders, and an ottoman...all Four Seasons, since December 2012. We recently replaced the slip cover on the sofa and realized the two seat cushions in our gliders were splitting and shedding feathers (original slipcover level 6 fabric is great). Four Seasons was responsive, but only offered to sell two new $50 cushions since our 5 year warranty expired. Sorry, I expect our furniture cushions to last longer than the slipcover. We are a family of two, with a quiet lifestyle, and regularly rotate cushions. Our sofa slipcover was level 3 fabric and the seat cushions were pilling, we replaced through American Country Home Store (good website to see the fabric selections) in January 2019.

  • jeffh95

    Four Seasons makes some of the finest slipcover furniture you can buy period. They also make Their furniture tightly upholstered. Some of the negative reviews I see are clearly the fault of both the person that sold it to them, and the customer themselves for not doing just a little research. Slipcovers will naturally fit "more loosely" than a tightly upholstered frame. Also the "saggy seat" pics I see are clearly due to the fact those items have the "down seat option" which requires some TLC to keep it looking nice just like a nice down throw pillow needs to be fluffed. Those customers should have opted for another seat cushion as several are available. I have never seen a stitching problem on any Four Seasons product, and its likely that those people tried to dry their cushions in a tumble dryer which is the primary cause of those types of problems. Four Seasons website gives the proper care instructions. Also you should be aware if you choose a fabric with high linen content "comfort wrinkles" are normal. I have worked in design and furniture sales for 26 years and can tell you it is a fine product.

  • madizzy2

    Please visit for Four Seasons Furniture & Slipcovers. Extremely knowledgeable interior design services at no charge, all current styles & fabrics, replacement slipcovers & cushions. Been in business for 13 years with excellent customer service!

  • madschar

    Does anyone have experience with Braxton-Culler?

  • Mary Janas

    I have the sofa and love it! The covers stay in place and always look nice. I wash in cold water and line dry( the washable fabric line). I would recommend not getting the down seat cushions however. I got the firm foam.

  • jonis4511

    I’m considering the Dev Grande Sofa with a Memory Foam Sleeper. Our local dealer has advised me to get the Belgium Linen fabric instead of the Performance fabric. She is concerned about the chemicals in the Performance material. Can anyone advise me on the cushion that would be best because of the sleeper. I’m being told that I should get the Comfort Chic because the sleeper will make the sofa more firm. I prefer a sofa that is sort of firm so I’m not sure if the firm cushion will be too firm with the sleeper. Any advice is appreciated!

  • PRO
    Lindsay Interiors

    Anyone have recommendations on who has the best pricing near SC/NC on Four Seasons sectionals? Any high point outlets?

  • jack campbell

    Hi, purchasing the FS Slipcover Alexandria couch and loveseat. Getting two different recommendations from different retailers concerning fabric. Very confusing. One said to get the Sunbrella Sparkle snow which is 100% acryllic. Another dealer said that would "buckle" and not look good because of weight. He said to get the Flixer in Cloud which is cotton, poly blend. Can anyone help ? Appreciate any help in advance.

  • HU-362403471

    Hi JacJack, I sold Four Season's Slipcovered furniture for years as an interior decorator. I love thiis company! I is the only slipcovered brand that I will buy for myself or recommend to my friends and family.

    They have great style, tremendous comfort and a big selection of beautiful fabrics.

    If you are buying pieces for a room that will get lots of use, I would recommend a sturdy fabric like denim or a cotton twill. Linen is wonderful, but I would only choose it for a lightly used room. My personal preference is a strong off-white cotton. I bought an extra set of slipcovers and rotate them. Their throwpillows are really nice too. I also bought a dust ruffle for my bed from thethem.

    Four Seasons also has the most comfortable swivel rocker that I have ever sat in.

    Happy shopping!

  • madizzy2

    Visit for Four Season's Slipcovered Furniture. They have all the current products including furniture and Replacement Slipcovers (even on discontinued styles), fabrics, and amazing customer service! Free Interior Design Services, competitive pricing, free swatches, White Glove Delivery, & best of all NO sales tax!

  • Patti Armistead

    I purchased a Caroline sofa from Four Seasons and upgraded cushions to firm for my back. After waiting FOUR months for my sofa it finally arrived. Less than 6 months later, the couch arm broke and the seat cushions are far less than firm. Four Seasons response has been pitiful! They have had the retailer over at my house THREE times for pictures and videos to confirm arm was broken. Subsequently, we had to use pliers to pull a staple from my dog’s paw who in now on pain meds and antibiotics! Four Seasons only wants to replace the arm. Guess I’m going to have to take a trip to Sea Grove, NC to settle this with the manufacturer due to their abominable customer service. STAY AWAY FROM FOUR SEASONS IFYOU EXPECT QUALITY AND GOOD CUSTOMER CARE.

  • Patti Armistead

    Oh and add to that, I bought a performance fabric and it’s already pilling. IMHO, this company does NOT BUILD QUALITY FURNITURE AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SUBPAR

  • Blaze and Piper's Mom

    I just sold my Four Seasons, Devin sofa. I owned it for about 2 years and it seemed fine, structurally. I ordered the extra depth and found that with down cushions, it was not comfortable and my shorter friends could not sit. My dog and I used it for lounging. So sorry to hear that they were so unresponsive.

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