Restorafinish or Wood Elixir for a worn wood desk?

11 years ago

We have an old maple desk (1930s or 40s) with a very worn finish. It is nothing special, but is the right size for a child's room. I want to improve the finish, but am in no mood to sand the whole thing down and redo it. I heard that a product called Restorafinish is quite good, and was going to go ahead and try it, but then I read about something called Wood Elixir which claims to be better. Having absolutely no experience with either, I am now not sure which way to go. Has anyone on this board used either product (Restore-A-Finish or Wood Elixir)? If so, would you please share your experiences?

Thanks very much!

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  • bobismyuncle
    11 years ago

    I've used Restor-a-finish and am not very impressed with it. It provides some short term shine and that lasts a few weeks. I professionally repair and rehab furniture and would be embarrassed if my work only lasted this long before a callback.

    I recommend a good cleaning, a light sanding, and adding some finish to the worn spots to seal the wood -- shellac or lacquer would be a good choice.

    Here is a link that might be useful:

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