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Rowe Furniture: Good or Bad?

12 years ago

I've been reading lots of comments on this site (both good and bad) about Rowe Furniture. We've found a few different sofas that we like - they happen to be Rowe Furniture brand, and we don't have any experience with them. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether or not Rowe produces quality furniture? It sounds like the company has had some problems in the past with quality, reliability, etc., but maybe now is back on track? Thoughts? (We'd be buying the sofa from McGregors Furniture/Kenwood House, if that makes a difference.)

Comments (65)

  • janjan212

    I agree with ebse, I too bought a Rowe sofa about 8 years ago, the salesman was "so impressed" with the quality, he advised me not to waste my money on the stores extended warranty. He said it was built to last far beyond what any extended warranty would cover it for. It was one of the most comfortable couches I had ever owned, but it looked horrible after LESS than 2 years. A waste of money. My bottom cushions were sagging, BAD. I finally gave it away to a family in need. They enjoyed it for the comfort, and didn't really care about the appearance.

    Not sure if the quality has changed since, but I would never buy another one.

  • bj_dumont_msn_com

    We bought our Rowe couch in 2000. Solid as a rock. Just hoping we can now replace the slipcover. Our microfiber washed liked a charm. Word is Rowe went under for awhile. I would bet they were bought out by someone else or changed quality of furniture in production line. Hence the reason for positive posting years ago to negative posting later on.

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  • marketer

    I don't know much about the quality of Rowe but I do know that they used to manufacture the Jonathan Adler furniture line & also owned Storehouse until it went out of business.

  • thankurnmo

    I am likely going to purchase a Rowe sofa and loveseat(very strongly considering it). One thing I am finding on all the furniture threads is that many of these companies have gone through major changes and what was so 10 years ago or even 3 years ago might not be the case. I believe Rowe went through some down times but from what I see I believe they are back to a quality product (and made in USA as is Broyhill) at a moderate price. If anyone has current experience I would really love to hear some.

  • PRO

    Rowe does not have any sofas with 8-way hand tied coil springs. They use cheap plywood frames and manufacture on a assembly line with very little attention for quality.
    They also build Clayton Marcus on the same assembly line but the only difference is they have 8-way coil springs but it is not done correctly, and will not last as it should.
    I dont recommend anything from Rowe , if you are looking for quality.

  • dutseal

    I bought two Fabric loveseats from Storehouse Furniture here in Houston, back in 2001. It went out of business like several years ago, however the salesperson told me my chair was made by ROWE furniture.

    Supposedly the cushion has a lifetime guarantee, in 2005, I called Rowe and they replaced two cushions, free of charge. Now it's 2014 and it's almost flat down sagging..I think my cushions are standard as I had no issue with feather flying around (down fill).

    However, the Frame Itself I would say it's very good, I have moved 4 times since 2001, and the frame is still solid as ever. Only the cushions and the Removable slipcover fail big time. The velcro don't attach anymore, and for some reason the fabric Shrank so at the corners it's not covered.

  • meadowlark669

    I have had a Rowe sofa for eight years. I have also had problems with cushions. However the furniture store I deal with has replaced my cushions, free of charge every 18 months or so. This was one of the reasons I chose a Rowe sofa. It gets heavy use every day and the back attached cushions are in great shape. In addition, the frame is solid and it is the most comfortable sofa I have ever owned. All my children hope to inherit it.

  • freethinker99

    Dutseal if the fabric is washable you could try washing the covers and then placing them on the sofa slightly damp. They may fit better this way.

  • melanyn

    I have been extremely happy with Rowe furniture. Superior quality and made in the USA. My next sofa will be a Rowe.

  • PRO

    Rowe upholstery has cheap thin pine plywood frames, stapled together with little or no glue. Their is cheaper upholstery than Rowe that uses osb frames. But their quality is not much better than Ashley or Rooms to Go. Rowe uses a fast pace assembly line with very little attention to quality, fit or finish. If you purchase a sofa from Rowe with no problems, consider yourself lucky.

  • thankurnmo

    I guess I should update that I decided to purchase the sofa and loveseat last year (Actually got them Thanksgiving of 2013). Obviously it's not a long time, but I am pleased. I can acknowledge that it is not top of the line, but it's very good. We do use that room heavily so I cant say I expect this to continue to look great after many years. I think it[s priced accordingly so I am fine with that. It does look very nice now, and I do like that it really is made in America.

    I don't know about rooms to go but I do know that it's way better than Ashley from what I have seen around here in the northeast.

    On another related note, there are Ashley furniture stores in our region- is this the same Ashley people refer to? Because there, any sofa I looked at, had sofa cushions which were NOT covered on both sides. They had Velcro to keep them in place but you could NOT flip them to double the wear or rotate. The stuff in the stores looks attractive, but I really was turned off by that.


  • Toronado3800 Zone 6 St Louis

    Ashley has a couple with double sided cushions. they are rare birds. we have (had? tax season is hectic) one on display with a different pattern on each side. Ashley is real decent for the price we pay and how easy the ordering process is. plus they have GREAT product support.
    Either way though, you are happy, have a sofa that is obviously working in your place and that is what counts!

  • nanafive24

    Run run run never purchase this brand still paying on a sofa that is falling apart & Rowe won't do anything about it the quality is cheap I will never buy any thing made by this company ever again I am so pissed off they are just ignoring me R. Lyons Norfolk,Ma.

  • Bash Brannigan

    Just got my Rowe couch and chair on Nov. 14, 2015, and what a disaster. Guess I'm going to small claims court. The furniture company I bought from should be offering to give me a refund, but they are not. Dear Rowe, please contact Naturewood in Sacramento, CA, and resolve this.

  • thankurnmo

    Naturewood- how did you pay? I ask because if you paid by credit card, you should reach out to the credit card. The photos you posted look terrible and I cant imagine how that even left any kind of quality control. Whenever I have had furniture delivered (from local stores as well as North Carolina direct) they have always set up the furntiure and inspected it. One time with wood bedroom furniture when they removed the wrapping the delivery people saw a scratch and didnt even bother bringing it in. I dont understand how yours got delivered. Definitely not right.

    for what its worth, 2 years out, I am still very pleased with the couch and loveseat I got , and we use them heavily.

  • Bash Brannigan

    Thanks for commenting. Visa would not cancel the payment unless it was a fraud situation. I understand their reasoning; that I authorized payment and it is now an issue re: manufacturing defect. I'm pretty shocked that Rowe quality control gave this stuff a "thumbs up". It's so bad, it's funny. I had guests and we were laughing at it. Delivery guys set up and did not inspect.

  • Leah Schultz

    We purchased a Rowe sofa and love seat 13 years ago that held up well. HOWEVER, I just purchased a new rowe sectional and it was delivered to me with blemishes in the fabric. I paid for a new piece of furniture i did not want a defective one. Their rep told me it had to be repaired they would not repair that piece. He then went on to tell me i was being unreasonable for not wanting them to fix it and wanting it replaced and proceeded to hang up on me. I will NEVER buy from ROWE again. Save your money and choose something else.

  • organicm

    I purchased 2 Rowe sofas (Carmel model/down) at North Carolina Furniture Mart 16 years ago. Except for fading of the fabric due to living in the tropics, they are still in excellent condition. Very well made and the most comfortable sofas I have ever sat on and slept on. I am finally changing the slipcovers! Have not decided if I want to buy or have some made. I'm thinking the company might have changed ownership with all the bad experience's I keep seeing online. Sad.

  • BB Galore

    I'll never buy Rowe furniture again. Bought a sectional sofa with what was supposed to be a durable upholstery. I did not buy the upgraded, inner-spring seat cushions.

    Within a year or two, the seats were mushy and unsupportive. Within 3-5 years, I began using blankets on the cushions to hide tears in the fabric, and began sewing torn seams on the back cushions.

    This was a sofa my husband and I bought shortly after we were married, when we were young and poor. At nearly $2,000 it was a huge splurge back then. It took 14 more years until we stopped being house-poor and baby-broke enough to finally buy a new sofa, and I hated my Rowe sofa for at least 12 of those 14 years. (Most people could/should have replaced it ten years sooner, but hubby and I don't believe in consumer debt, so sometimes we live with a bad purchase a little too long.)

    Am I overstating the matter to say I hated that sofa with the fury of a thousand suns? That it was a source of evil misery that ruined my back for life? Maybe slightly. But it is fair to say it was the single worst household purchase I ever made.

    P.S. It was the move into another home that prompted the new sofa purchases. I bought Natuzzi leather sofas for the living room, and an IKEA sofa for the playroom. After 7 years of daily use, all are holding up beautifully. I'll never do Rowe again.

  • Janene Daniels

    Any suggestions as to who'm to get slip covers from, Without paying a fortune? This is my only gripe as I have owned 2 queensbury sofas for 25 yrs now and they are still as good as new all but for the slipcovers in which i have replaced once previously, the original slipcovers (jean material) are still in great shape also all but for fading, especially on the armrests. The couches are so comfortable and sturdy - as another post stated my daughter hopes I pass them to her eventually. Hope this is helpful. vjanened@yahoo

  • Dflemmon Lemmon

    I just know that I purchased 2 Rowe sofas and a chaise lounge in 1996. We just took one of the couches to our daughter and husband who just moved into a very large home. The other couch is at our son's house. The chaise, we are still using. These all still look like new. (And they have been used!!)

    Have been very happy with the fabrics and the quality. Just wanted to get a good word in for a product that has served us very well! (Just gave them away as I am ready for a change!...20years!)

  • Ernie Aguilar

    I bought a sectional for my loft and a sofa and oversized chair for my living room back in 2007. When I moved out of my house I gave the sectional to my parents and it still looks great till this day. The couch I have in storage because I cannot part with it, the quality is just un-matched to any other sofas I have seen. The oversized chair got its use from my children but the cushions were still great so 4 years ago I had it re upholstered and still holds the same shape as the day I bought them. Needless to say they are great quality furniture pieces... I wish the Rowe store in OC was stillaround.

  • islandgrandmom

    Thank you Mr. Surface,

    I know Barbara from Sweats has gone above and beyond her customer service. I am just so disappointed in Rowe furniture. The time it took to get the chairs to begin with was in my eyes way too long, and not what I was promised. The chairs were not as I expected for comfort. The chair I sat in at Sweat Furniture Store and made my decision to purchase was comfortable and just what I needed for a family room where we spend most of our time, I needed two chairs and a color to co-ordinate with my brown leather sofa. This required a special order.

    When I finally received the chairs I discovered the comfort level just was not there and the chairs themselves were not quality. One chair coming apart at the seams in front and the other has a screw that is protruding under the material and waiting to puncture it. We are not using these chairs they are not comfortable and secondly because of poor craftsmanship. On top of it all it has cost several hundred dollars more to get the comfort level we expected from the beginning. This purchase experience has been a nightmare in my eyes.

    I tried to leave my personal review on the Rowe website but for some reason it was not available.

    Geri Sink

    On Mar 8, 2017, at 2:29 PM, Tommy Surface <> wrote:

    Hello Geri,

    Sweat’s Furniture has ordered the replacement seat cushion cores and back inserts in the feather soft down. We have had to order these from our supplier so there has been some delay in filling the orders. This could end up being shipped in two shipments, one for each chair. Sweat’s has been checking on status of the orders with us periodically. Thank you

    Tommy Surface

    Rowe Furniture Customer Service

  • Carla Pickett

    I bought a Rowe sofa, new, in 1995, and it was used all the time till 2008, then only occasionally in our finished lower level in a new house. I would but another one in a heartbeat. I actually found this, because I we researching having it reupholstered, for my move to the beach. It's an older darker style, but quite pretty, plaid.

  • longostyles

    Warranty: Rowe Furniture has an awful warranty. Make sure you read it very carefully. We have a Nantucket slipcover sofa that is well past a year old. The cost to repair it is ours. From the shipping and HANDLING for the parts to the labor to have someone come to our house to fix it. I'll bet the number of warranty claims that are covers is slim to none.

    Frame: The wire metal braces on the left and right, not middle, all snapped. If you sit on the sofa there is no support on either side. The sofa is garbage now.

    slip cover: we bought the heavy duty brushed twill so that we could launder it regularly. Even putting it on damp produced a tug-of-war. The amount of force needed to pull the fabric over certain areas is surely what caused the slipcover to rip under the tension

    Pillow zippers: the pull has points on it, which once the sofa is used for awhile, no longer lay flush so they poke you or the other fabric causing little holes.

    Pillow core: I had purchased a special protection from the store so when my pillows failed at month 18, they were fixed. Rowe would NOT do anything for us.

    Buy pottery barn, Bassett, lazy boy!

    Rowe is not a stand up company.

    They do not make a product that can be used -especially by families.

    I have a short video which illustrates the problems much more clearly than the picture

    but I can't seem to load here.

  • donnaschich

    I have (If I remember correctly) and 2 cushion Addison sofa that I'm looking for a replacement cover for.... the body cover is fine but the seat cushions and back pillows are pretty much done..... WHERE can I order?

  • Ann Johnson

    I just bought a vintage Rowe swivel channel back rocker from the 80's and it looks and feels brand new and has not been reupholstered. I don't really understand the complaints on here as Rowe has ALWAYS guaranteed their full line of furniture with a lifetime warranty. This is a product that is made in the USA and I fully support this company. I have no vested interest in Rowe, just loving my chair! :-)

  • Kelley Dreaden

    I purchased a very large sectional, a large sofa, and an oversized chair and ottoman in the late 90's. Everything except the sofa is still in full use, incredibly comfortable and, while worn in some areas and a bit thready due to naughty kitties, I couldn't ask for more from a furniture company. As for the sofa I no longer have, the upholstery was badly torn during a move or I'd still have that lovely big comfy blue couch.

  • thankurnmo

    Just saw that there was an update to this thread, so I looked to see my prior post here and it is now another 2 or 3 years and still pleased with the Rowe Sofa and Loveseat. Just looked and saw that the purchase arrived Thankgiving 2013. So 4 years of heavy daily use and it;s holding up just fine.

  • Marcy Levin

    I have had a Rowe sofa for 15 years and except for cat scratches, it has held up like new. The seats haven't sagged and the material and craftsmanship are still there. The sofa has been through 3 boys and their friends and several large dogs. I am now looking for a new sofa (ready for a change) and was going to buy a Rowe, but all the bad reviews has me a wondering if I should buy a Rowe.

  • Regina Chamberz
    i wouldn't recommend Rowe at all... my cushion were to short for the sofa. i ask for box style instead of knief edge since they had to make the pillows over . they wanted to charge me extra . A good company would have done it at no charge. plus the nails were coming threw the fabric, seams are not straight. just poor quality. Run fast away from ROWE they dont stand behind product.
    Regina C.
  • HU-878245640

    I purchased a Rowe Sofa and chair 10 years ago and they have held up wonderfully. They are heavily used by adults as well as pets. They are supportive and comfortable. I have the microfiber fabric and spills clean up with cool water easily. I don’t have loose pillows. I got a tight back style And it always looks neat. I have a Natuzzi leather in my den and had to send it out for professional webbing because there was none and it’s still uncomfortable. I am planning to get a new sofa for my living room and am planning on purchasing another Rowe. My current sofa will go to the den and the Natuzzinin the trash. I definitely recommend Rowe.

  • daddymommy

    I purchased this Rowe Sofa in July, 2018. The sofa was torn, worn when delivered and Casron Piries Scott refused to take the sofa back, they instructed me to contact Rowe. Well I have contact Rowe many times, they finally sent a technician to replace the cushions, but the sofa still looks worn. Rowe wants to seen half of the sofa instead of a new sofa, I’m not requesting.a refund I just want a nice looking and comfortable sofa. I would never recommend Rowe to anyone. I have requested for the Cusomer Service Supervisior to contact me she refuses to contact me. She thinks I should puff up the pillows.

  • mabel6969

    I will never purchase anything Rowe again. We bought our sofa in 2015, have replaced the material on the back cushions once already and now have a cushion with a ripped seam. The cushions never keep their shape which means I'm constantly fluffing them or turning them. For the price we paid I am so disappointed in this couch. Stay away from Rowe.

  • homefan2

    I purchased two sofas for our living room and after 2 years they looked terrible. I wish I had seen some of these comments before purchasing. They are so bad now after 3 years I have them listed on a used furniture site and can’t even get $300 for them. DO NOT BUY a Rowe sofa!

  • Talene McCarthy

    Curious what styles you purchased mabel6969 and homefan2? I’m about to purchase Rowe and all the warrantees seem to be good as well as consistent raves for the quality. Now I’m nervous. Big purchase!

  • mabel6969
    Talene my sofa is the Townsend. I will never purchase Rowe again! Good luck with your decision.
  • homefan2

    Rowe/Robin Bruce Cindy sofa. I also will never purchase Rowe! They do not stand behind their product.

  • christinaroache

    I'm going out of my mind searching for a sofa and was excited about Rowe's apparent commitment to eco friendly practices. Now I'm reading all these threads on Houzz (for Rowe and PB specifically) and apparently there aren't ANY good couches out there anymore. So, to all that say don't buy Rowe - what else do you suggest?

  • pennygersh

    I bought a Rowe Sofa, Loveseat and Ottoman in 2001 and I'm just now looking to get rid of them, only because we are redecorating. They've lived through 3 kids (one of whom used to do gymnastics and flips off them) and they still feel and look good. I had thought Rowe went out of business so I was surprised when I saw Rowe couches on a store website. I would love to hear from a professional about whether the quality has changed along with the ownership etc.

  • christinaroache

    @pennygersh i found this thread - not sure if it's helpful to you or not!

  • craftybrush51

    I have a Rowe sofa bed, recliner 4 pc “L” sectional purchased in 1997. It has withstood a move and 3 children. The cushions are foam and in great shape , the backs are lightly stuffed puffs and do need to be pulled on and fluffed, but we have been very happy with

    it. I am however, now in need and looking for a replacement cable for the recliner and am not finding the same type connection at the end connecting to the foot arm mechanism. Is Rowe our of business now?

  • Lynette Borrel

    I am looking to buy a very expensive ROWE Maddox sectional sofa from Star Furniture. They tell me at the store that it is the top of the line and are charging as such. Has anyone purchased a ROWE secitonal as of late and what kind of experience are you having?

  • dejavudes

    I worked at a large family owned furniture store for a number of years and Rowe/Robin Bruce was one of the brands that we carried. IMO, I would say that Rowe is more of a mid line upholstery company with Robin Bruce being their “step up” product. To me the main difference was the style options and finishing choices in Robin Bruce. We considered them a good family friendly upholstery product and we did not get many issues from our customers on them. It’s been a few years since I worked with this line but I do recall them having a good basic warranty program (they used to have a lifetime warranty on their seat cores but I think it’s 5 years now) and they did fix the problems that arose. I will also mention that if the store you are purchasing from does a lot of business with Rowe, then you will likely have better chances of getting any issues resolved quickly. More clout. Rowe obviously would want the retailers stocking/pushing their lines to be happy and a good retailer should want you to be happy. This is one area where of the smaller retailer can beat out the big box/on line companies.
    The last thing I’ll throw out is that there is a wide variance and what people/designers consider to be an “upscale” line. You can buy a sofa for $499.or you can buy one for $10,000. +. So it pays to do some research and find a reputable manufacturer and good retailer that has been doing business for a while. And if you’re looking at Robin Bruce level, you might want to check into the Lee Industries line as a possible alternative. It was probably my favorite company (even though we carried some more expensive lines) for their quality, choices of fabrics and finishing custom options at a reasonable price level. Taylor King also very good but price would be higher yet. Good luck in your hunt.

  • dejavudes

    In rereading some of the comments here I will also throw out that a lot of manufacturers changed their production processes during the last recession. Figured out ways to cut cost to stay in business. Unfortunately this means that some companies that at one time put out a really good products, now no longer do. So again doing some research can help. If you need to, go around the sales person and speak directly with the store manager or even better office personnel as they’re the ones that would handle any customer complaints. Some good news is that there is a huge variety now of beautiful endurance fabrics (Sunbrella, Cypton, etc) for most upholstery lines. May be additional cost upfront but will definitely hold up much better to family life.

  • watereeblonde65

    Researched extensively, then went to store and sat on a Rowe slipcover sofa. Was very comfortable. Asked for the exact same upgrades of the display for 2 sofas. When delivered, didn't sit like the display sofa. Rowe sent replacement seat cushions for 1 sofa. Still not the same. Son and family came for visit and all I heard were complaints about how uncomfortable the seating was.

    Has now been 2 years and the seating is awful. My cushion feels like I'm going down to the floor and I only weigh 90 pounds I change to a cushion that has been sat on maybe 5 times and it does the same within 10 minutes.

    Please understand this is from only my use, no one else sits on these sofas and I'm only sitting for a couple hours a day. No small, jumping children. My dogs aren't allowed on them either.

    Insisted on a washable fabric, light khaki color. It faded and streaked yellow when washed!

    Absolutely the WORST sofa purchased I've ever made, will donate them to the Salvation Army when purchase something else in the next couple of months.

  • Xty G (z4)

    watereeblonde65, I am sorry to hear about your sofas. What a bummer! It’s killing me reading this thread because i had pretty much decided on purchasing the Rowe Bradford sectional with the feather soft down cushion package. what kind of cushions came with your sofa? Are they down? Do you feel you are sinking because of the seat cushions or the frame underneath?

  • Lynette Borrel

    We bought a very high end Rowe sofa section from Star Furniture a few months ago. I must say, that the workmanship and seating is very comfortable! I am very happy with the purchase and really hope we don't have any of these issues.

  • icanea

    We have a Townsend sectional in a linen/rayon blend that we’ve had for 8 years. It’s held up wonderfully. It doesn’t fit our current house so we are looking to replace it and I’m looking at Rowe because of how great our current sectional has held up.

  • HU-585715139


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