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Question about quality of Bradington Young leather recliners

9 years ago

I am looking for 2 good quality leather recliners for our living room. We bought 2 leather rocker recliners by Lane about 4 years ago, and the quality on them is not great. Leather on arms is fading, seat cushions uneven, etc. This time we want chairs of higher quality.

I am wondering about the quality of Bradington Young recliners, since Hooker acquired the company in early 2000's. I see on the BY website that their frames are not made of solid hardwood. They are made of laminate plywood, 7/8" wide. "the frames from only the finest multi-ply, 7/8" laminated hardwoods." I don't know if this is how they always made their frames, or if this is something fairly new in order to cut costs.

I always read that good quality upholstered furniture is made from kiln dried solid hardwood frames. So the plywood frames make me hesitant to buy BY.

Can anyone shed light on this for me? We really like how the Alta sits, model 4104. Thanks for any information on this topic!

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