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Sustainable Ivory Furniture

November 20, 2007

Ivory radio: http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/5254/ivoryradioqn5.jpg

The product has been finely crafted from abundant bovine bone: sourced locally and processed sustainably. It was created by a company called Woad based in the UK.

How do you guys feel about an object of this nature?

Comments (2)

  • mogator88

    Well the looks of it are definitely neither my style nor my taste. And it looks nothing like ivory.

    But aside from that, I do not believe there can really be such a thing as sustainable ivory. Anything that stimulates demand or even interest in "fake" ivory can create demand for the real thing, which is just not good.

    I'd feel better about the concept if it stood on its own merits and if the creators/marketers had the gumption to market it that way.

  • tetra101

    Thanks for the comment mogator88:

    This is just a concept product at the moment the idea is to try and utilize some of the waste bone material from agriculture which would otherwise be incinerated - at great cost to the rural economy and the environment.

    I am looking for ways to make these materials desireable in order to remove them from the waste stream and find uses for them. I hadn't thought by calling it ivory it would create demand for real ivory but i suppose that could happen if it became popular.

    I wanted to stay away from the word 'bone' as it has alot of stigma associated with it. what term do you feel would better represent it?


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