Anyone heard of Republic Flooring?

July 10, 2014

Hello All,

I am trying to redo the floors in my house and am leaning towards Republic Laminate. Has anyone heard of them? I've looked online but cant find any reviews.

Their website is http://www.republicfloor.com/

I picked them because of their style and because they have an AC4 rating.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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  • nuppal

    Pablo, I think the floor and walls change with the light. We have tons of natural light so it chNges colors. I would say it is the perfect beachy brown/grey without being too trendy of grey.

  • Shelley Vrungos

    one , ? ?

  • Kelly O'Kelly

    Republic has a high-quality product for strength and visual detail you can’t go wrong… They also have a dynamic line of rigid core vinyl flooring… Kelly O’Kelly History In Stone Trading Co.

  • Roxane Busch

    Has anyone put in either Mountain Oak Denali or Coastal Oak Channel Islands?

  • 4jacksdad

    How are the repeats? I bought a box and then called the manufacturer about Great Oregon Oak and was told they only have 4 planks. How's everyone dealing with that? Do you notice?

  • Meiya Levin

    Does anyone have more pics of Countryside Eastern Cottonwood or Aspen they can post?

  • sebzzz

    Can someone who has had the LVP pure SPC comment on the durability and ease of installation?

  • tdesajard

    I would love to use Great Oregon oak in sessile but they do not supply that specific color to Canada :( Anyone have any insight on a US retailer who would ship internationally?

  • 4jacksdad

    I spoke with several retailers in Houston and in San Antonio and they all offered to ship to my build city in Texas. Here is the number to the Republic Flooring location in Houston. While I'm sure you could find it closer than Texas, you may want to call them and ask for a list of retailers in Houston or San Antonio for instance. Then call the retailer and tell them what you want. It was my experience that not only were the retailers eager to sell, they offered to ship it to my build site in another Texas town, and some offered discounts that others did not on the price of the flooring.

    I am sorry that I do not have in front of me the retailer numbers that I visited and called, but this will get you where you need to be if you choose to pursue it. Never take no for an answer!

    *Please let us know if you learn more about the number of unique planks. As mentioned in a previous post, last I asked they said there were only 4 pictures or planks in each of the Great Oregon Oak series colors. Hopefully that has been expanded.

    Republic Floors- Houston Showroom. Ask for retailer list.

    3600 Brittmoore Rd #100, Houston, TX 77043

    (713) 595-4243

  • 4jacksdad

    James- If you get this notification- How is your floor holding up and what did you notice/think about having 4 planks? Did you notice the repeats or did the installer make it unnoticeable? I agree it is the most realistic I have seen.

  • V M

    @ 4jacksdad - I am also considering Republic Floors and live in Central TX. Can I ask what prices you are seeing for this? I am going to try to get to the store tomorrow and I will ask about the repeats and post again if I get an answer.

  • 4jacksdad

    Oh good deal thank you for asking about the repeats and posting what you learn. As for pricing-

    I originally found Republic Flooring in Houston. My build is in New Braunfels on the river (!) I ordered a box from a flooring store in Houston. That place was non budging on price. I want to say it was $4.35 per sf or so. I later got a list of retailers in New Braunfels area and made some calls. One retailer from San Antonio was very motivated and indicated a price of $3.85 if memory serves and also indicated he could do better than that-- possibly saying if he did the install.

    I'm sorry I don't have exact numbers. This was last December or so. I had to fire builder #1 and I'm on builder #2 now so I pushed things back and will reopen the real flooring search and pricing in the next 2 weeks.

    I think Republic Flooring is by far the most realistic vinyl I have seen. But after contacting Shaw about the 720 Series and learning they had 10 different plank pictures I had real reservations about Republic Flooring. Also because I contacted Republic in California and they were kind of off putting.

    End of day I'm still struggling to fully embrace vinyl and may end up with tile. I have another few weeks or so and then the pressure will be on to pull the trigger. It's a vacation place on the water so it needs to be able to take a beating.

  • James Nguyen

    4Jacksdad - The repeats are not really an issue at all. 8 months in and everything is going great! We get so many compliments on the flooring. Many of our guests are surprised it’s LVT Stone composite planks....

  • V M

    @James Nguyen - can you tell how many different boards you actually have?

    @4Jacksdad - I visited Millennial Hardwood in North Austin today to ask about repeats for Republic. He said "that is one of the things he doesn't like about the product in that there are only 10 - 15 boards". He mentioned 10-15 several times as I tried to confirm without asking him to "show me in writing". I like the color Water Oak and think I will order a box from him to see it in my home. I'll post again and let you know how many boards I see. Next week, the store will get in large sample boards of Republic Floor SPCMax. Have you see this? I was told it would be about 70 cents cheaper and thinner but the wear layer is still 20. He said the SPC product is great for commercial but the SPCMax is good for residential - especially for people with rentals, etc. I only saw small samples but I really liked the colors - many were very similar to the water oak so I think I will go see those samples next week before I make a decision.

    One thing that I didn't like about SOME floor colors is that they tended to be lighter on the side that clicks together and darker in the middle of the plank. When you see the whole floor effect - it makes a kind of striped effect that I did not care for. I noticed this at the store as his floor was a grey Republic SPC but not sure which one. I think I see it is some photos online also. But I don't think all colors have this light on the edges and darker in the middle - but something to check out before you purchase.

  • V M

    anyone know the difference between republic floors SPC vs SPCMax?

  • dkhuynh

    @V M, it's more dense (the max)

  • dkhuynh

    @savvyla Mountain Oak Collection - Atlas is my stairs

  • James Nguyen

    VM - 6 different boards.

  • James Nguyen

    VM - The Stone composite planks are a much better product than the standard LVT planks. They are bigger (9”x60”). The planks are rigid and do not “flop”. The planks have a UV coating and are completely water proof. You can mop with water and soap and in the oft chance you get a flooding event, the boards pop off and can be placed back after the dry off. I simply love this product. We had a plumber coming by today and was hesitant to move our range to check for a gas leak because he didn’t want to damage the wood floors. I told him it was composite stone vinyl and moved the range myself...no scratches! In fact it’s pretty hard to scratch this flooring unless you took a spike to it!

  • James Nguyen

    Vm - Here is a photo for reference...

  • 4jacksdad

    James. Thanks for posting that great information. That is really helpful. If you are saying 6 patterns or varied boards that must have been a change and a great step in the right direction.

    Strange because my Oregon Oak series box of 9 boards only had 4 patterns and the manufacturer told me 4 so I'll definitely revisit. Your floor looks terrific.

  • V M

    James - would you say the Republic SPC is a better product than the SPCMax? I am looking to lay this in my home to replace damaged engineered hardwoods in my kitchen. But if I use this in kitchen I am going to carry the wood look into several other rooms in the house (portico, study, laundry, dining and possibly master if it is THAT good of a wood look...

    James - your picture is beautiful. Is the picture the sessile oak that is in your home?

    What do you notice about the feel and sound of the floor?

    How realistic is it from that stand point?

  • James Nguyen

    VM - The SPC Max line of products were not available when I made my product selection and installation last October. What I do recommend is to find a retail flooring company to borrow a floor sample and take to your house and really see how it looks on the floor during the day and night. We borrowed multiple samples and really took time to make sure we were happy with the final product.

  • James Nguyen

    4jacksdad - I mentioned it to my wife and she definitely remembers our salesperson saying it was 6 variations. But in any case, a good installer will make sure they vary the planks as much as possible and when you place your furniture over the flooring, it further minimizes any semblance of repetition.

  • James Nguyen

    VM - We installed over 2300 square feet of the Sessile Oak REOR2305 (GREAT OREGON OAK collection) in our newly built house (1st and 2nd floors). The 3D printing along with the beveled edge really makes this product a standout. You can actually feel the knots and wood grain with your fingers. Guests have to do a double take when they feel the floor.

  • seekingflooring

    tracy868 - you should consider Supercore - you get free samples and the service is highly rated, just Google WeShipFloors reviews to see what they are up to! Very revolutionary!!

  • seekingflooring

    4jacksdad - that is the problem with EIR products, you get a limited count of unique boards... every board will look exactly the same every 4 boards, very hard to mix a large room with that kind of limitation. You should really consider Supercore for money savings and the most advanced floor available, they have no vinyl or wood in the composition of their floors. Only sold at weshipfloors.com and they ship nationwide for free.

  • V M

    seekingflooring - what is EIR?

    has anyone compared republic floor samples to super core? If so, please let us know how they compare (look touch feel sound etc). Or is it all same product just different companies?

    I have just discovered weshipfloor on youtube and those videos are helpful with color but not so much with the look/touch/feel of wood comparisons. The people do seem very friendly to do business with tho...

    4jacksdad - I saw youtube video from weshipfloors and asked some questions (and received responses) to the #of repeats. The responses make me think some lines of super core add "additional" "special" 'unique" boards to the mix to help with variation - don't really understand what this all means. This makes me wonder if other spc's do the same thing with "individual" boards. I hope someone can break it down for me.

    The video can be found here and read the comments with the video on youtube for their explanation.

  • seekingflooring

    VM - EIR stands for Embossed In Register, that is what results in a repeat every 4-6 planks, meaning each plank with look identical to the next 4th, 5th or 6th plank. For the best mixable flooring, you want embossed only. For the look, feel, touch part, order some free samples, and they also have a design consultant on their team to help you pick out the colors. The service is impeccable!

  • V M

    anyone have a coupon code for free shipping at weshipfloors?

  • seekingflooring

    Supercore is automatically free shipping at checkout. 844-356-6711

  • V M

    I couldn’t find a way to get free shipping even though webpage clearly shows FREE SHIPPING. I had to pay $33 to get my samples and then I see more choices will be available this week from posting above

    I’ve been warned not to purchase floors online with reason given who will cover warranty when needed. Who makes the SUPERCore?

    So then I read “lifetime” warranty and noticed fine print. How do you interpret warranty that says it only covers if wear is 100% on 10% of entire floor??? Does this mean if you notice wear on 10% of your planks it is only warranted IF 100% of plank is worn?

  • seekingflooring

    WeShipFloors has free shipping on the flooring, no code needed at checkout.

    There is a code "SHIP" used to override the shipping costs for USPS packaging.

    Additionally, WeShipFloors covers the warranty, they spec out the product and support the warranty. Warranties are typically all the same, stating that you will not be able to walk thru or wear thru that surface layer for the duration of that warranty. For the interpretation, it means you would have to have an issue with over 10% of the area of your project and that you are actually wearing through the wear layer. With the 30 mil commercial wear layer, this shows how confident WeShipFloors is that you won't be wearing it out.

  • 4jacksdad

    I called weshipfloors in the past and also received samples. 2 things- They were very helpful in phone call. Down side for me- I can not see enough from a 5 square inch sample to decide on an entire house worth of flooring. I tested the strength of their 20 mil flooring vs. other 20mil wear layer stuff. No difference to me. I did not see their youtube video results.

    I like a defined beveled edge on all sides. Supercore did not have that. Embossed in Register is the only vinyl flooring I would consider. The rest is just too fake looking to me.

    I have not sampled supercore 30mil but I do not like their colors. Personally, I still think that Republic Flooring's Great Oregon Oak is the most realistic I've seen. I'm going to look further into that 4 or 6 patterns repeat to see if I can get a final answer on that.

  • V M

    jacksdad - you should watch the youtube videos for weshipfloors they help give good idea of color and variations and apparently they are getting in more colors very soon

    Do both republic and SUPERCore both have embossed in register?

  • 4jacksdad

    OK I have a call in to manufacturer of Republic Flooring and they are to call me back on the great mystery of the repeats.

    James- I appreciate your input and comment that furniture and such makes the repeats work. Judging from your pictures I'd have to trust you as your floor looks really great. It is a huge ask, but if you feel like doing it I'd love to see more of your floor. Looks great!

    And I want to repeat (no pun intended) that weshipfloors seems to me to have amazing customer service. They were super helpful on the phone when I've spoken with them in the past.

  • James Nguyen

    4jacksdad - Here are some additional photos...

  • V M

    james - really nice!

  • HU-161159613

    I'm getting ready to redo floors and really love the way the Republic SPC floors look. Has anyone used Great Oregon Oak Water Oak or Colonial Colony Virginia? If so could you post some pictures. Also are these floors comfortable more so than tile?

  • HU-161159613

    Sorry Crown Colony not Colonial Colony.

  • Tess Kap

    Reading this thread with interest. I'm looking at the California Collection Cherry Bark Oak.

    Has anyone seen this installed or have a photo?

  • jsantello

    Does anyone have pics of the fortress random collection in country cedar ?

  • A Lee

    @silly_canadian76 Hi fellow Canadian! We are looking into countryside eastern cottonwood as well. Would it be possible to ask you for more pictures of your completed floors? I’m having a hard time picturing how it’ll look in our house from just using the sample board, and I’ve searched high and low for pictures online but it doesn’t seem as popular as sessile oak (which I can’t easily get, because Canada *eye roll* ). I would be so grateful!

  • HU-161159613

    Susan H - Considering Republic SPC Water Oak flooring to replace tile. Are you still loving your floors? Have you had any problems? We're replacing wood look tile throughout our house due to comfort issues. Have you found the SPC floors comfortable? I can't decide between engineered hardwood and the SPC. I'm trying to avoid another very expensive mistake! Our house is only 7 months old!

  • Jan W

    Hello! Would love to see more photos of the Republic SPC lines....trying to decide which one I want. James, looks so great!

  • Jan W

    Oh wait, I see more pics as I go way back :)

  • SIA Y

    How much did you guys pay for just installation? I've reached out to a few contractors and there is wide variability in what they are asking for. I am in the LA area

  • V M

    also what Is the price is being quoted for the republic flooring spc?

  • SIA Y

    @V M: The lowest quote I have gotten is around $3.30 per square foot, but it depends on the exact style

  • Jan W

    @haduggan - is yours the Countryside Eastern Cottonwood? It’s really nice. Cute dog too :)

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