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Question about short planks in wood flooring installation

15 years ago

Our new wood floors were installed today, and I expected to be so thrilled with them -- but I'm not! I love the way the wood itself looks, but I am not happy with the installation. The "quality assurance" person from the flooring place is coming to take a look on Friday, so I am trying to gather information before then. If I am being unreasonably picky, I'd like to know that -- but if I am not, then I want to have information to counter what the QA person may try to tell me on Friday.

The issue is the size and placement of some of the short planks, which I am guessing are "end cuts." Is there some kind of industry standard as to how short is "too short" to be installed, and/or where the shorter lengths should be used? On our floors, there are planks as short as 9 inches, right in the middle of the floor. And there are also clusters of short planks (maybe 12 inches each), some side-by-side (the seams don't line up, but there are short planks touching each other) and some end-to-end (like 3 or 4 short pieces in a row rather than just one long piece or a medium and a short or whatever).

When we ordered this flooring, we paid extra for additional square footage to accommodate "waste." The salesman specifically told us that this was necessary to avoid having to use lots of short "end cuts." So I'm not sure why we ended up with so many. (And why are they in the middle of the floor, rather than at the edges?)

When we spoke on the phone with the salesman (who is now sending the QA guy to talk to us), he kept trying to explain to us that with wood floors you need to understand that there are lots of random lengths. So am I being unreasonable to expect NOT to have lots of 9 to 12 inch planks scattered around the MIDDLE of my floor? (And if not, what's the solution? I'm guessing that they'll have to rip up the whole floor and start again, which I'm not thrilled about, but I don't know if there's another alternative besides just learning to live with it. But we are paying so much for these floors, I really want to LOVE them, not just "learn to live with them.")

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I am just really upset about this right now, so it's hard to put my thoughts together in a concise way! I'd appreciate any thoughts that people may have. (And links to industry standards or other printable materials I could use on Friday to support my position would be GREAT.)



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