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Enginnered wood floor coming unglued

11 years ago

A neighbor has a new home which has an engineered wood floor glued to the first floor concrete slab floor (slab on grade). There was a plumbing backup and the new floor had to be pulled up a couple of weeks after being put down. After supposidly allowing time for the concrete slab to dry a new enginnered wood floor was glued down.

There are now sections of the wood floor that have obviously become unglued from the slab. The builder had his flooring subcontractor come back to repair. The flooring contractor drilled small holes through the engineered wood floor and injected glue. The owner has noticed additional areas where the floor has flex and has the same problem again. The builder's response is to repair those areas by the same methodology used before...drilling small holes and injecting glue.

My advice to my neighbor was to request that the entire floor be taken up as it's most likely this problem will continue (and why should he have a brand new home with holes drilled in his new hardwood floors). Based on what I've read it's probably an issue with the slab having too much moisture content when the floor was glued, an issue with the actual glue installation or possible areas of the slab that are not level.

Neighbor wants to call in an expert in flooring installation to give him advice. Not sure whom he'd call in as I'm guessing other local flooring subs would not want to get involved in this issue (relatively small city).Is there such a thing as an independent flooring inspector...sort of like a roofing inspector? If not would a home inspection company be able to give an informed opinion. Before this is over it may come to a lawsuit.

Thanks for any advice.


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