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Life Expectancy of an HVAC System?

15 years ago

I just had my AC serviced in preparation of the summer- just routine maintenance. The service guy gave me a head's up that because my HVAC system is 16 years old, its age is showing in two ways: ineffciency, and potential for cracked housing (likely during Christmas week, natch!). He said I should seriously consider a new system.

I realize of course that he is part salesperson, yet perhaps what he is saying has merit? I have a Carrier system, in a 2000 s.f. 3-story home. It's worked fine so far, and I have always kept it maintained, each fall and spring. I know I need to factor in the Chicago climate, with its 90-100 degree temperature swing between winter and summer. The guy said a new system would be so much more efficient, it would be quieter (the furnace is on the other side of the den, and it is really noisy in the den), and I would pre-emptively avoid the risk of the 16-year-old HVAC breaking down on a winter's night. Carrier is also offering all kinds of rebates, and I think there's a tax deduction too. But, I really would like to just keep my current one, if you guys think 16 years old isn't too bad, and not spend money, unless I really should.... Thanks in advance for your advice.

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