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The Luna Laundry System a/k/a Laundry Closet

18 years ago

Thanks to Kris for the name of my laundry closet. After all, it works well and it should have a name! There is a tall closet next to it which I appropriated for overflow "stuff", which is currently housed in baskets on pull-out shelves. For those of you with large American front loaders, this could make an excellent place for sorting laundry as well. With laundry baskets on pull-out shelves and a couple for the top of the W/D, it's an alternative solution.

Thanks to Spike for providing us with the Garden Web, and all the forums here. And, thanks to the Laundry forum for helping me know which frontloader was right for me, and how to get my clothes clean!

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna Laundry System

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