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Repairing Stacked Washer / Dryer is it really that big of a deal?

January 7, 2010

I have a Duet washer and dryer that is currently not stacked and I've had them 3 or 4 years. I had a minor repair and asked my repair guy if he could stack them for me and he said "yes" but he recommended against doing it because he said if they are stacked and need to be repaired then 2 guys have to come each time because the need to be unstacked to repair them. I do know that electronic repairs for the washer are in the top of it so I know he is right but I'm wondering if anyone has had this as an issue ended up wishing they hadn't stacked them. I am considering a remodel and the design relies upon stacking -- there wouldn't be room to unstack and place side by side....hopefully, you don't have to have repairs often!

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  • dadoes

    I personally would never stack a pair. I worked in the appliance repair business years ago when frontloaders weren't yet common, so never had to deal with those ... but pulling out wall-mounted window a/c units sometimes was a problem. It's possible some repair services won't deal with a stacked set if the location is particularly difficult.

  • regus_patoff

    You could stack them ....

    and if either needed repairing, YOU could un-stack them ...

  • caryscott

    I'm not unsympathetic but I'm sure as heck not sacrificing what works best for my space day to day to make it easier for the repair person - "blank" that noise. I am sure it is better for them but if they are at your house on a service call they are getting paid (often quite fairly) to be inconvenienced. Long as they know the units are stacked and the necessary arrangements can be made so they can repair the unit (whether they provide the extra muscle or you do)I wouldn't give it a second thought unless your hoping to be in the running for the Appliance Repair Person Best Customer Award (my source in the Secret Academy of Appliance Repair People says the competition is very stiff and you will have to do more than just not stack to even get a shot at being on the ballot).

    Brother-in-law of a friend runs is an Appliance Repairman and some folks could certainly stand to be more respectful (some of the treatment he receives is truly shocking) but there are limits.

  • regus_patoff

    2 repairmen (at what hourly labor rate) to unstack & re-stack the Dryer $$

    I'd do it myself (with help) or have some freinds do it, before the repairmen get there...

  • jlnjz

    Thanks All! I know it seems silly but the option of unstacking on our own didn't really occur to me!

  • firstmmo

    Thinking about doing this same thing--stacked w/d. Would have to agree with caryscott. On a day-to-day basis, if you need the real estate within your home and laundry room, I would do it. The risk of a possible repair is fairly small, but the need to have room in your home may be fairly compelling.

  • jakvis

    I service appliances and I would never tell a customer to not stack the washer and dryer. Many years ago I used to work for Westinghouse and almost all the F/L washers and dryers were stacked. It's really not that big of deal.
    1st you have to remember the likelyhood of you ever needing a repair is actually quite small. Most products finish their complete life cycle never requiring any repairs.
    2nd if a servicer is professional enough to purchase the right tools it a really rare instance when they would ever need an additional tech to work on an appliance.
    I carry an Air Sled and an Oven dolly on my truck. I use the Air Sled to move heavy items and I use the oven dolly to remove ovens and stacked dryers. Both these tools make my work so much easier as I can handle almost anything by myself.

  • HU-814539984

    I am having a very hard time trying to find anyone to work on my LG stacked dryer.......some repairmen just ignore my request for work when I tell them that my LG dryer is stacked on my washer in a very confined space. Some I have recommended that i hire another contractor to unstack my dryer, so that the repairman will have access to it. This is ridiculous. There are tens of thousands of stacked w/d units in Southern California. I can't understand why the repairmen just don't use the air sled jack mentioned by the ex-repairman who commented above. This way they would not have to pay for a helper, it would seem, thus keeping down repair cost.

  • HU-814539984

    Sorry, he is not an ex-repairman. I will never buy another condo or townhouse with a washer and dryer that are stacked in a tightly confined space. Nothing but trouble and added repair expense when a repair is needed. Luckily my LG w/d machines have been reliable; the dryer is in need of repair to stop excessive noise; the machines were installed 11 years ago this coming March.

  • ci_lantro

    You should just buy an air sled and move it yourself. Scary thought if this is a vented dryer and the duct hasn't been cleaned in the last 11 years? With an air sled, you will be able to clean that duct annually (at the least), like it should be cleaned. And so you can loan it to your adjacent neighbors so they can clean their vents, too.

  • HU-814539984

    That is a good idea ! Can they be rented ?

    I have never cleaned the vent in 23 years. Clothes dry quickly. Can vent or duct be cleaned or sucked out from the roof ?

  • dadoes

    It can be done that way to a point. Fully-effective cleaning requires some way to scrape the inside of the ducting. Damp lint sticks to the surface, particularly if the ducting is not insulated and passes through an unheated/cold space such as an attic ... moisture condenses out of the hot/saturated air onto the cooler surface and lint particles adhere to it, building up a layer over time.

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