What's for Dinner #306

May 3, 2010

I don't have any pictures yet, but I just had to comment on that Alligator bread of Al's, that is so darned cute.

And now I want Ann T's beans, Sharon's vegetables, some of that bread, some of Lee's pork roast....oh heck, I'll take a bite of everything, please.

I agree, guys, Moe is one lucky guy.

I went to visit stepmom in the hospital on Saturday, so I stopped and picked up a rotisserie chicken on the way home. Cooper and I had that for supper and nothing else, and on Sunday I went to the farm, replaced a couple of posts, put up some more fence around the garden and burned that big pile of fruit tree prunings.

When I got home I made chicken enchiladas with the leftover rotisserie chicken, but then decided I wasn't hungry enough to eat them, so I made toast from some cheese/black pepper bread I made and called it good.

I also made a batch of Habanero Gold for the appetizer cheesecakes I've been putting in the freezer for the wedding, only 26 more days to go, so we're down to the "crunch" here.


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  • foodonastump

    Jim - Those steamers look awesome. I'd go right to the store but I have to lay off the butter. And unlike lobster and corn, I have no use for steamers without butter! Speaking of corn, I'm glad you and Annie enjoyed yours. I had some last weekend and it was pretty not-good. (That was from Wegman's, in NJ. OTOH the lamb that my FIL broiled was great!)

    Sol - Page 290 of "How to Cook Everything" ;-)

    Robin - Obviously I've missed (or don't remember) some news about you. It sounds like you're keeping your spirits up. Best of luck.

    Nancy - those puffy tacos look so good. I'm sure they're not on the diet either though.

    Can you tell I've been on a fish kick? I posted the recipe for this miso glazed cod on Alexa's "new recipe" thread. It was so good.


  • ann_t

    Great looking dinners. I would love Nancy's Mexican
    , Lee's pork and Jim's clams.

    And Annie and Cooper had one of my favourite dinners. I haven't had chicken livers in a while. Thanks for the reminder Annie.

    FOAS, your dinner looks delicious. I'll have to try that with halibut.

    I baked two more rhubarb pies. Kept one for us and delivered one to Matthew at his office. Apparently it was a big hit with his team.

  • Solsthumper

    Thank you FOAS! I just looked it up, and it sounds wonderful; I'll only need to get the olives and basil.
    Another lovely dinner, packed with sunny colors and crisp textures!

    Ann, I noticed the crisp factor in the pies' lattice tops. Btw, it seems we've both rediscovered some new foods lately.
    This Spring, Ithe anti-Rhubarbian discovered I like Rhubarb! And you now like Pineapple. Ch-ch-ch-changes!

    In any case, after all these years, I may just become a member of the Rhubarb Club.

    Rhubarb Bars

    Sorry for the lack of pictures; my mom is in town, so she's keeping my busy. Hopefully, I'll post more pictures when things settle down a bit.

    Have a good weekend everyone!


  • hawk307

    Hi Again:
    Everything looks good as usual,

    Jim :
    Some of my favorite food.
    Did I tell you " I hate you "
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I made some Chicken Cutlets and already made
    Rigatoni with my delicious Spaghetti Sauce
    and two meatballs.

    So then I decided to put Sauce on the Cutlets and top with a 5 Cheese blend to make Chicken Parm.
    That's all folks !!!

  • ann_t

    Sol, please share your rhubarb bars recipe. I've been looking for another rhubarb recipe to love. I think your bars might just be what I have been looking for.

    I wish I could say that I liked pineapple, but that isn't the case. I don't mind a few slices when I cut one up for Moe, or it used in a carrot cake, but not really big on it any other way. I made Moe an upside down pineapple cake recently and then realized why I haven't made one in years. I don't like it. I'll try again in seven years.


  • Terri_PacNW

    Hi was just a spin on ingredients...

    The boys know no different. LOL

    I just crisped up some bacon pieces, tossed in some pressed garlic when it was done, added some cream, and tossed in the hot pasta...added more cream to get it to cover the pasta and tossed in a few pillowy handfuls of freshly grated Parm oh and lots of black pepper (cuz I love it)..

    They ate it like it was the best thing ever.

  • jimster

    Ann, that is the most fabulous looking pie crust imaginable. And the photo is so good I can fairly taste the pie over the Internet.

    Lou, I'll do my best to make you keep on hating me. I hope I succeed. :-) That last meal of yours stirs a bit of envy in me.

    Sol, the colors in that photo and the perfect way the ice cream is melting makes it one of a kind. It could possibly make a rhubarbarian of me.


  • caliloo

    From Friday and my mini celebration here is what we had:

    Zyr Gibsons - I love those little Tipsy Onions that are marinated in vermouth and ????

    Salad was a variation on a wedge with Blue Cheese and bacon - DH doesnt; like to have to cut his own lettuce, so I cut it up first (yes, you can roll your eyes at that, I would)

    Shifted gears to a Veuve Cliquot

    Which went nicely with Asian Steak Bites, Inas Shrimp, Green Beans with lemon and pignola and rice.

    And thank you again, everyone, for all the kind words and support!


  • lsr2002

    It all looks yummy Alexa! And lobster yet to come.

    I would love, love, love Ann's rhubarb pie. I haven't seen much rhubarb in the stores here and I don't do well with pie crust so I guess it's not in the near future for me.

    Jim's steamers and corn would make me happy too.

    And if I saw Ruthanna's lamb, eggplant, figs and olive dish on a restaurant menu, I wouldn't look at anything else. I would love it if you would share how you made it Ruthanna.

    Last night I made the Mushroom Bourguignon that was posted to Lori and Ann's Saturday Blog Showcase a few weeks ago. We loved it, I won't just be keeping it mind for vegetarian guests either (although I'm not sure it would be quite as good with veggie bouillon as it was with beef bouillon), it will show up as a regular on our menu too. We're eating less red meat and this was definitely a dish where the meat was not missed. I made just a couple of tweaks - used one T of butter instead of two and next time I would use a little less flour to thicken - maybe I reduced the liquids a little too much before adding the flour and then had to add a little more red wine back in. I made egg pasta and cut it wide strips like pappardelle to serve the mushrooms on. And I used a large basket of Crimenis from Costco which did weigh about half a pound less that the two pounds of portabellos that the recipe called for. There were still four generous servings and I made the full amount of sauce.

    Tonight I'm trying a very simple variation on the slow cooked salmon theme that was posted on the "Norecipes" blog. Just four simple ingredients: wild sockeye salmon, Thai Green Curry paste, brown sugar and a little oil. The salmon is cooked for 20-30 minutes at 200°. I've cooked salmon at 200-225° for a number of years and love the buttery texture that it gets with low, slow cooking. Sides are going to be roasted sweet potato wedges and chard stir fried with a little garlic and Chinese black vinegar.


    OOPS! I almost forgot - CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley.

  • jojoco

    Sorry no pic, but a sweep of the fridge yielded whole grain penne with chicken, garlic, olive oil, feta cheese and calamata olives. wish I had pignoli nuts and sun dried tomatoes to add, but had to work with what I had. For a POOF meal, it was wonderful.


  • Solsthumper

    Wow, you're all eating well!

    Dear Ann, I have an auction this morning, but I will certainly type up the recipe as soon I get back.


  • bunnyman

    Congratulations to Annie for getting her imaginary daughter a diploma!

    I don't have pictures but a dinner last night worth telling about. You can get one! Local JJ's really hit a homerun for me. I can't eat today so I knew yesterday had to be special. They started with a bread basket with sourdough bread and cinnamon fritters... I ate the whole thing with gobs of butter. While sipping coffee and pounding the bread some huge coconut crusted shrimp arrived... omg good. I could have called it a meal there but had good excuse to oink on. Some honey mustard coleslaw arrived... about the only dish with walnuts I care for. I had ordered a steak done to the chef's discretion and it was taking awhile. Just as well as I needed to let things settle. It was just about perfect timing when an amazing steak arrived at my table.... huge covering half the large plate! The chef must have seared the outside and then baked it because the NY Strip was pink and prime-rib tender. It was fully cooked not at all rare but almost completely pink. I ate every last bite... along with the steamed veggies (which could have used a shot of lemon juice). I've not ate that much in years. I had a slice of cheesecake put in a to-go box which was silly because I ate it while driving home.

    I love steak and will enjoy it anywhere between raw and burnt so it adds adventure to just let the chef cook me one. I have no idea how to order the wonderful steak I had last night other then to just let the chef do his thing. I shoot pool with a chef so I'll have to ask if he knows how to get that Prime-rib affect... it was interesting.

    Dolly has no idea I had steak without her. She got a hunk of frozen beef liver for her special dinner.

    Tonight I'm having MoviPrep... don't even ask on the dinner thread what that is.

    : )

  • ruthanna_gw

    Jim, that is oversized orzo under the lamb stew, although they do look like beans.

    Annie, were done with the pierogies and the halushki noodles too. Theyre only one of about two dozen food offerings we serve at our Summer Festival in June. Unless it rains all three days, will make a six figure profit.

    Ann, your pies are beautiful!

    Some of this weeks dinners included a grilled whole MD croaker, a version of chicken marsala, corn and croaker chowder, and a Durgin-Park style ham, marinated in orange juice, honey and sherry for three days. We had a barn-painting in our village on Saturday and the ham was part of a wonderful feast.

    Lee, no real recipe for the lamb stew. Browned lamb cubes in olive oil and removed. Put very thinly sliced onions, garlic and eggplant cubes in the same pan and sauteed a bit. Mixed a sauce of plain tomato sauce, beef broth, red wine, lime juice, shish taouk spice powder (see Street Meat post on main page for ingredients) with extra ground coriander, diced dried figs and apricots and marjoram. Added the meat and vegetables to the casserole, covered tightly and baked for about two hours at 300 degrees. Chopped up some fresh parsley, mint, green olives and added some sumac. Served that on top and mixed it in as we ate. The garlic and onions sort of melted into the sauce, which was what I wanted but the eggplant did too. Next time, I would add the eggplant cubes about halfway through the baking so they would retain their shape better. I served it over the large sized orzo but I think whole wheat couscous would have been an improved accompaniment.

  • annie1992

    Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes to Ashley. I know that Nancy knows how happy I am to have gotten her through, there were times when I didn't know how the heck I was going to do it, but Ashley's persistent and so am I, so we always found a way.

    Hey, Lyra, that was an imaginary diploma for the imaginary daughter, LOL, they'll get the real one in the mail! And I know what that stuff is you're drinking, I hope everything goes well...

    There are just too many good things here, I want rhubarb and steamers and more corn and, oh heck, one of everything. Well, except Alexa's salad, LOL, I just can't learn to love green salad. I'll eat it, I'll tolerate it, I just don't really like it a lot.

    Elery and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary this weekend. I bought him a pasta maker and he bought me a Food Saver. (grin) Are you listening, Peppi? A Food Saver AND a box of bags, but I haven't tried it yet.

    We did try the pasta maker, though, and made a batch of spinach fettucine:

    We ran it through the cutters on the machine and spread it out on the counter to dry:

    Elery cut up some tomatoes, some onion, and some fresh local asparagus that we bought when we went to Ludington for dinner:

    We made a lovely primavera with just some salt, pepper, and grated parmesan as sauce:

    That was Sunday. Saturday morning we had breakfast quesadillas with bacon, eggs, cheese and tomatoes. This is Elery's, with guacamole and salsa, no way could I eat salsa with eggs, and especially that early in the morning!

    We left in the late morning for Ludington, about an hours drive north and right on the lakeshore. We went for a walk on the very empty beach:

    I considered walking out to the lighthouse but there was a wedding party having pictures taken on the pier, so I decided not to disturb them so we just went to dinner. P.M. Steamers is right on the water at the marina, and we got a window seat.

    We started with a lobster risotto cake on a bed of granny smith apple and jicama slaw, with a lemon aioli. I turned it around so you couldn't see that I'd already had a bite or two before I remembered to take pictures. (grin)

    Dinners came with a "Michigan salad", which was fresh greens, dried cherries, crispy fried rings of leeks and local goat cheese, with a sour cherry viniagrette dressing. Elery loved it and I even ate it, in spite of my apathy about green salad. Oh, and Alexa, Elery cuts his own lettuce, LOL.

    I had lake perch, six nice filets, lightly battered and fried. Sides were parsley buttered yukon gold potatoes and steamed broccoli:

    Elery had parmesan and potato crusted walleye with the same sides.

    He had two glasses of wine and I had a diet coke. I've never had a bad piece of lake perch and this was no exception, it was delicious. Elery's was also excellent, so we went home happy.


  • lsr2002

    Congratulations Annie and Elery! Two years has gone by quickly. Your entire weekend sounds and looks like a lovely celebration. All your food looks delicious. I'll take your salsa with the breakfast quesadilla and I'll eat your Michigan salad too. There's nothing in your meals that I wouldn't love and the pasta looks great.

    Thanks Ruthanna, that's enough of a guide that I'll try your lamb dish as soon as we have mint growing. We have two Middle Eastern grocery stores here so I'll check for the Shish Taouk blend and get some sumac. The only way I have sumac is in a Za'atar blend and that is pretty different. I love all of the ingredients in your dish.

    Tonight we had an encore meal of the slow cooked pork, brown rice and refritos negros. The only additions I made fresh were a greens and orange salad and fresh strawberries with sour cream and a sprinkle of brown sugar.


  • BeverlyAL

    A very happy anniversay to you Annie and Elery!


  • dirtgirl07

    Gosh Annie, it seems like it was only yesterday that I was reading about your upcoming marriage on the Harvest Forum. Congratulations on the happy anniversary and hope you have many more!

    The baked bean thread has me seriously considering them for dinner tonight, if I can figure out something to go with them. Unfortunately, the only thing on hand that's complementary to baked beans are hot dogs. Some really good ham and potato salad sounds so much better.


  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    Alexa, that looks like one enjoyable celebration meal. You earned that! Congratulations.

    Annie, your pictures look delicious! The broccoli is so green and the lemons so yellow, it shines healthfully up at you. I am glad to see that southern boy is keeping you happy. You tell him I said he better represent us well or I am gonna come get him. Congraulations on your anniversary!

    I made fried rice with crab and chicken in it. Followed by an entire box of fortune cookies which my little fella and I read each of the fortunes, laughing, but without the old add on to it. If you know what i mean. He doesn't know about that yet. I had two platefuls as I spent hours trying to get home. My brother called to ask me to pick up a part and bring it downtown during rush hour traffic. Ugh! I remember why I moved close to work. But I might have my car back tonight! Hurray, and there was much rejoicing!

  • ann_t

    Happy Anniversary Annie. I can't believe you are already celebrating your second anniversary.

    I love the idea of the lobster and risotto cake. Was it as delicious as it looks?

    Alexa, a wonderful celebratory dinner. Congratulations on quitting smoking. I'm proud of you.

    Ruthanna, I'd love your chicken marsala for dinner. Beautifully plated.

    Lee,I'd like your dinner too. Maybe I'll do a slow cooked pork this week. With beans and homemade corn tortillas.

    A few things we have this week:

    Phyllo Wrapped Asparagus

    Orange Salad with Pinenuts. Recipe from David Leite's The New Portuguese Table.

    Grilled Chicken breasts with Fettucini Alfredo on the side

    And Club House Sandwiches made with grilled chicken breasts, tomato, lettuce and bacon on toasted homemade baguette.

  • jimster

    Annie and Ruthanna,

    Now that you have called my attention to it, I can see that it is oversized orzo, not white beans. You have sharp eves, Annie. Oversized orzo is something new to me. It's sometimes difficult to judge scale in a photo. Just commenting, not making excuses.

    Congratulations to you and the family, Annie. It always makes me happy to hear of good times you have together. And those are great pictures of your perch dinner. Everything looks fabulous.

    Ann, you've done it again. What a beautiful set of food photos!


  • teresa_nc7

    Some interesting dinners here! I enjoy them "vitually" - less calories that way. I'm still fixing myself what I feel like eating even if it isn't a complete meal. Mother's Day was nice; Son #2 grilled mahi mahi for me and Son #1 for our fish tacos, with some nachos and beer, Claremont Salad, a new black bean side dish and freshly made salsa we have a wonderful meal and good time together.

    Last night I made another curry dish with chicken and vegetables but added noodles (ramen) which was o.k., but I prefer the curry over rice. I'm in an Oriental phase of cooking and eating at present; I want to make some egg rolls to freeze and I've put some chicken breasts and sirloin steaks in the freezer for stir fry recipes. I get inspired when I visit the WFD thread!

    Annie, congratulations to Ashley!

    Can't someone FEDEX me some rhubarb???? LOL!


  • wizardnm

    Teresa, I get inspired here a lot also. We have many wonderful cooks, I constantly get ideas and challenged.

    Echoing Jim's remarks!

    Yesterday I had pork tenderloins. peeking out of the fridge, wanting me to cook them.
    I threw together my own marinade.... fresh OJ, soy, garlic, brn sugar and fresh ginger and since it was a beautiful day, I decided grilling was in order.

    I made kabob's with the pork, fresh pineapple, partially cooked sweet potatoes and peppers. YUM!


  • hawk307

    Are Mini Dinners allowed ???

    Made a Mini Pizza for Dinner but I'll have to snack later.
    It was 6 inches round.
    I'll have to snack later !!!

    Go away you can't have any. There isn't even enough for me.


  • jimster

    Whoa! That bear was in your yard? The Poconos are a pretty wild place.

    Did you ever eat bear? I did, a very long time ago. It doesn't taste like chicken, as most everything else does. :-) It tastes like beef.


  • annie1992

    ther are lots of bears in my county, they mostly make a nuisance of themselves by knocking down bird feeders and dragging trash around, but black bears are pretty reclusive and don't come out much except for food. They are trash eaters if they can be, so the bear I've eaten has been strong and gamey.

    Thanks again for the good wishes to Ashley. We'll have a big party in July when she's done with her internship. By then the wedding will be over.

    I baked another 10 dozen bread sticks last night, the first ones were whole wheat with onion and rosemary, these were plain white with garlic and parmesan. I think tonight's will be bacon and onion, then I'll start on cheese straws.

    Supper last night was eggs and potatoes, shared with Cooper. I was in a hurry because Amanda's wedding dress was delivered and I had to run out so she could try it on. It's lovely and fits perfectly, except we may have to hem it a tiny bit, depending on what shoes she buys.


  • hawk307

    He was looking up at me, on my deck , eating the Pizza,

    I should have made a Pizza for him but you're not supposed to feed them.

    Your right the Bear I had, tasted like beef.
    Never had Game that tasted Gamey.
    I think it is because everyone marinates game in all kinds of bad tasting things.
    Wonder what Chicken tastes like ???

  • jimster

    Chicken tastes like alligator. And rattlesnake. And pheasant. And...

    Lou, don't eat in front of that bear. He might want to wrestle you for the food.


  • hawk307

    Jim :
    I've taken many photo's a few feet from Bears but
    I always have an fast exit in mind.

    I've fed Mamma Bear and the Cubs at my doorway.
    The deck wasn't in yet, so the ground was about 4 feet down.
    The Cubs licked my fingers when the Slim Jims were gone.
    There were three of them,about 80 lbs.

    I fed mamma dried natural fruit.
    When she stood up, she was at the doorknob height.

    That was time to close the door.

    Don't feed them anymore. I help the Game Warden trap and tag them.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Tonight I made another Steak Dinner. Couldn't resist,
    I love a good steak, with Garlicky Home Fries and a Salad.
    This time it was a T Bone.

  • ruthanna_gw

    Yesterday was a rainy day in (as mentioned endlessly on the national news today as a contributing factor in the PA primary election) so I made a big pot of chicken, leek and rice soup and a tuna and white bean salad.

    DH found one of those little handheld screw things to make curly cut potatoes in an auction box lot so he tried it tonight. I brushed them with olive oil, seasoned and baked them. This is only one russet potato. We had a carrot salad and baby brussels sprouts too.

  • ann_t

    Thanks Jim.

    Ruthanna, I'd be happy with just your potatoes. They look great. Thinly sliced, crispy edges. Yum.

    We had a Tex-Mex dinner. Pork Carnitas with homemade corn tortillas topped with a roasted tomato salsa.

  • annie1992

    Oh geez, I've got to get back to cooking, between Ruthanna's dinner and the baked bean thread and Ann T's Portuguese beans, I want some. I did stop at the grocery store and pick up a small 1/4 lb. container of deli baked beans and that's what I had for supper last night. After I changed the oil filter in the lawn mower, planted my basil plants in the herb garden and mowed the lawn.

    Cooper had eggs, he didn't like the baked beans.


  • foodonastump

    Lots of great looking meals as usual.

    Alexa - Your celebration dinner looks great. I like your spin on surf and turf. And I like martinis before dinner.

    Annie (happy anniversary!) you've reminded me that I need to get more adventurous with pasta. I'm still on regular old egg noodles.

    I had fun last night making "Angry Lobster" a la David Burke and Donnatella's. After a quick blanch I brought out the scroll saw (new, clean blade!) to cut each claw in half and each tail into four...


    Dredged each cut side in seasoned Wondra...


    Fried crispy in spiced up oil before finishing in the oven...


    Then served with lemon rice and broiled corn...


    Oops - spilled some corn!

    DW isn't a huge lobster fan but appreciated how easy it was to eat. I on the other hand loved it.

  • jimster

    FOAS, was lobster on sale where you are as it has been here? At $5.99/lb. for chicken lobsters (1 1/4 pounders) I couldn't resist.

    Angry Lobster is a new one on me. Nice presentation.

    The Lobster Bisque is nearly gone in my pic. Why? Because the claw meat, which I intended to be the garnish, didn't float so it didn't show up for a pic until the bisque was almost eaten. I guess I shouldn't have expected it would but I thought it would look nice floating on the bisque and therefore thought it would. Duh.

    Anyway, it was a tasty dinner with one whole lobster making a 2 cup serving of bisque and, in the interest of art, you get to see it almost gone. This turned out to be a good use of a chicken lobster because those little things are so tedious to pick the meat out of. This way all the fiddley business is done in advance and you can settle down and just eat.


  • compumom

    This is the first moment I've had to catch up on this thread- but WOW maybe this will get me out of my feeling sorry for myself cooking slump! Poor DH has had to put up with bland & grilled way too much!

    First of all-- ANNIE congratulations to Ashley (and Mom) on her graduation! Whoo hoo, she's made it in four years...right?
    She's had her nose to the grindstone,just like her mom!

    Rob, I seem to have missed what all has gone on in your life, but I'm guessing it's the floods? I hope all will be back to par soon enough!

    Sol- tell me more about mojo! Lee's recipe sounds delicious. Maybe I have to make more citrus marinades.

    Lee- your pork sounds terrific!

    Ann- your Moe is a really lucky guy! Lucky my DH doesn't read the CF, he'd be whining!

    Alexa, your celebration dinner looks good too. I think grilled shrimp sound really good. Guess I'll have to plan ahead!

    FOAS- the sea bass and the lobster look great!

    The only meal around here worth discussing was last night's almond meal crusted chicken cutlets sauteed in lemon juice and topped with sauteed crimini mushrooms and chopped spinach. Had the leftovers for lunch too! Dh had an ear of fresh white corn and an steamed artichoke that had been languishing in my fridge for a week. I had a steamed carrot..boring...

    Lou- ya had to show me chicken parmesan? I've been craving it and it's definitely not on the list of the few foods I can have. Sigh...

  • ruthanna_gw

    Jim and FOAS, lobster is now calling to me.

    Lou, I bet the mountain laurel is in full bloom up there.

    The baked bean thread made me hungry for them but I didnt want to spend the calories on bacon so made a batch of Mollie Katzens vegetarian Firecracker Beans and oven-browned redskin potatoes to bake along with them. A man in our co-op made the collard greens so I took two servings of them and dropped off some of the beans. I should have baked the beans a little longer than I did but DH doesn't like them mushy.

  • hawk307

    What List ??? Why can't you have Chicken Parm.
    I'll have to eat your Share.

    I wonder why they call them Firecracker Beans. LOL !!!

    Haven't seen any Mountain Laurel blooms yet.
    Neither is the mountain Rodedendrum but the store bought,
    with purple flowers are blooming everywhere.

    Jim, FOAS :
    Will you guys cut that out , with the Seafood. LOL !!!
    All I have here is Shrimp.
    That's OK, last nite I had Shrimp and Scallops,
    Fettucini Alfredo, at the Olive Garden.
    Later, Lou

  • caliloo

    Almond crusted chicken sounds really wonderful - are you doing a low gluten or were you just inspired? Ruthanna - I love those curly potatoes! I will have to try that. And FOAS and Jim - way to go with the bugs - both preparations look fantastic. One of my philosophies is you can never eat too much lobster! I could manage it several times a week :-)

    Tonight is left over Greek feast from last night, so it is exactly the same meal LOL. I made Chicken Souvlaki, Tzatziki, sliced tomatoes, roasted eggplant and garlic dip, eggplant caviar (not Greek, but I love it), Greek Pasta Salad, homemade pita chips and some baklava that I had picked up at the farmers market for dessert.

  • compumom

    Yep, it's gluten free. Bad news? This pack of almond meal doesn't like me, I immediately got a headache and became itchy. Back to the TJ's brand. Sigh... yes, just some squeezes of lemon and a bit of hot water (instead of seasoned broth) added to the spinach-mushroom mixture made it really tasty.

    Last night I WAS inspired by Nancy's citrus marinated pork tenderloin. I squeezed an orange, a lemon and a lime, some rice vinegar & a glug of orange EVOO then soaked the tenderloin for about 6 hours. I seared it on the stove first then cooked it at 400 for 20 minutes. I boiled the marinade, added a touch of Dundee marmalade and salt & pepper. I wanted to add soy sauce, but that has wheat & soy, both things I avoid. Drizzled the sauce on the meat for a great flavor. Thanks Wizardnm/Nancy, it was excellent!

  • kathleen_li

    First congrats to Ashley and Annie on the graduation!
    And congrats on the anniversary too!

    We celebrated ours Sunday..40 years..a miracle!
    I posted pics on my blog if anyone is interested..

    It has been very busy here. Taking me longer and longer to get the garden done..I keep adding instead of subtracting!

    I am glad to see everyone is eating well.

    Ann, that pie looks wonderful..
    Lou, glad you are posting..
    Foas, I only like the lobster tail...and we had not so good corn too, but I don't want to talk corn..bad memories..:(
    We were at Harborfields for little gdau's lacrosse game last weekend. While she played her 3 little brothers kept me busy running after them!

    Jim, the lobster bisque looks wonderful.
    I have not made a shrimp bisque that I was happy with, but I keep trying!

    Ruthanna, I love how those potatoes look!

    Nancy, the puffy taco looks good..I read that thread and the cheese machine too...:)

    Rob I am so sorry to hear you were flooded!

    Lee and Ellen, good to see you!
    Sharon, great food as usual!

    Sol too!
    I caught up with Terri last week..

    I know I am missing a lot of people..I am so late coming in..
    I know Annie won't like this as it is salad, and Ann doesn't like pineapple..but I don't like vegetables, so salad it is!

    But I think you will like the platter..

    This is shrimp dredged in seasoned flour, browned in a pan then returned to the oven to finish, with spinach and a creamy feta rice, finished with a sprinkle of bacon..

    I got a good deal in the WS Outlet on this pan, so I tried it..iced in chocolate and piped with whipped cream..

    I didn't pay that..more like 14!

    And since I had batter and whipped cream left over..made one in my old Tiara pan..

  • jimster


    All of your dinners appeal to me. The bean, collard and potato one looks yummy.


    You and I could happily share a lobster. We like different parts.

    The food looks tasty, especially the shrimp. Good job!

    Both of your celadon platters are striking and unusual.


  • annie1992

    Kathleen, I love that first platter. Put one of those little cakes on it and I'd even eat the salad first!

    It's not that I don't like salad, I try to like it. I'm just apathetic, I could go the rest of my life and never eat one and be happy, but I don't go "ick" and spit it out either. Usually. (grin)


  • compumom

    Oooh ahhh, I want that platter too! The cakes look sweet, but that platter...

    Annie, oops I forgot to wish you and Elery a happy anniversary!

  • ann_t

    Happy Anniversary Kathleen.

    I must say if I liked salad, I might be tempted by your chicken salad. But I know that I would love your shrimp and rice. Looks delicious.

    I really enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful tablescapes on your blog.


  • jimster

    I keep thinking about that creamy feta rice. Got a recipe? Sounds like a perfect accompaniment to spicy shrimp.


  • lsr2002

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Kathleen and Joe. I'd love the salad and the cake. I really enjoy your blog too, lovely table settings, food and a glimpse of your family. Do you remember several years ago, before you started your blog, posting a simple spinach gratin (you might not have called it a gratin) on GB? You might have just posted what you did as opposed to a more formal recipe, but I remember trying it and we loved it. All I can remember is chopped spinach and egg, and that I subbed baby chard for the spinach. Several computer crashes and failed searches for it in the GB recipe search, have left me thinking I can never make it again. If you have any clues for me I would really appreciate it.

    Last night I used the suggestion that Metaxa posted on the Montreal Steak Seasoning thread and mixed some MSS with about a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of oil, and added a tablespoon of lemon juice and put it on two shoulder lamb chops, leaving them covered on the counter for about an hour before I grilled them. I also grilled zucchini planks and pear wedges, separately and made a simple tossed salad with a Sherry vinaigrette and that was dinner. Everything was good.


  • shaun

    Wow Wee. Just got through looking at all the pictures. Incredible!!!!!! My favorite one, dont laugh, Annie's corn on the cob. I want corn on the cob so bad!!!

  • shaun

    Kathleen wanted to wish you and Joe Happy Anniversary~ LOVE that platter!!!!

  • kathleen_li

    Jim, I don't have a recipe..I took white rice threw it in a pan where I had sauteed some onions, mixed it together till heated through, added the feta and a little half and half at the end. The sauteed spinach with bacon and the shrimp went on top.

    Lee, I am thinking..I don't remember it..I sometimes do spinach with ricotta..If I think of it I'll let you know..
    Anyway, I am glad you are well!
    And thank you for your kind comments on my blog..:)

    Thanks for the Anniversary wishes..Mike will be very surprised that I am married to Joe..but he may not mind, LOL!
    Shaun, no corn talk here..:) I too am waiting for some local...not till July here..but the strawberries will be in soon!

  • foodonastump

    Kathleen - Is that platter as trippy in real life as it is on the computer monitor? Ever since you posted it every time I look at it, suddenly it's five minutes later.

    One of these times you'll be in touch before you're right around the corner, RIGHT? I'll take you out to lunch. Joe won't mind, just don't tell Mike.

  • lsr2002

    Oops! I don't know where that came from, a typo booboo. Happy Anniversary to you and Mike (I know that - it's our son's name).

    Thanks for trying to remember the dish, all I remember is that it had spinach and egg and was baked.

    Tonight we had roast chicken (OK rotisserie quickie chickie) but I made mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed green beans. Also served sliced pears with a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar and shaved romano.

    I don't make mashed potatoes very often and today I peeled a pound or so of yellow potatoes and cut them in half inch slices, put them in a 2 1/2 liter pressure pan with 2/3 cup of water. Because the pan is so small it only took about three minutes, maybe a little less, to come up to pressure. I cooked them for six minutes, five would be enough at a lower elevation, and did a quick release. They were done perfectly for a quick drain, of the last few tablespoons of water, and an easy mash. While they were cooking I melted some butter in a little cream in the micro. A little seasoning and they were the quickest, easiest mashed potatoes I have ever made. That may be a bad thing.


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