A/C Quotes - Carrier vs Heil - Any Advice?

14 years ago

I have just received some quotes for installing a new a/c unit in my house, and also replacing the existing furnace which is about 27 years old.

The Heil quote came in so much lower that I am wondering if this is a good brand....the Carrier dealer all but implied that Heil was a bottom of the barrel brand, but then again what else would he say!

My quotes for comparable units (3 ton 13 seer a/c, with a 1,500 BTU furnace) are $4,795 installed for the Heil and almost $2,500 more for the Carrier. We have a small house - about 1,300 sq feet - and we don't imagine using the a/c very much since we like having the windows open. I don't mind paying for quality, but the difference is so high that it is hard to justify.

Any advice? Thanks!

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