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Why are Asko and Miele washer/dryer reviews so polarized?

9 years ago

We're in the process of remodeling the "laundry room" in a mid-century modern L.A. home, which is really just an open alcove in the 'L' of a kitchen floorplan. The exposed washer and dryer units are the first thing you see when you enter the house, and is also entirely visible from the whole kitchen area, so I thought that spending extra money on premium appliances with upgraded aesthetics in this particular location made a lot of sense.

At first I considered the Miele 24" combination washer/dryer (WT 2789), and in addition to all the caveats I read about combination units, a quick call to Miele USA this morning confirmed that this product isn't even sold in the U.S.

Further reading on separate Miele 24" washer/dryer units caused more concern. When I discovered that the Asko products had nearly the same aesthetics of the Miele units (covered fronts with no donut-hole glass doors), I soon became interested in the Asko models instead (not to mention, their more reasonable pricing). But, I started to find the same frequency of service horror stories for the Asko products, giving me great pause on spending this kind of money on a "premium" brand with such outstanding customer reports. Are these posts mere anomalies? Just symptomatic of a legitimately low defect rate, but exaggerated by the absence of positive reports (because content customers don't often seek further comment about their appliances on the Internet)?

As I mentioned in another thread, these are the Asko products we're considering:

Asko W6884 Ultracare-series 24" front-loading washer
Asko T784 Logic-series 24" front-loading dryer

They both have the plain cover panel over the door, and look very "integrated," and "built-in" when installed. We're planning Ikea Abstrakt high-gloss white cabinets to accompany the washer/dryer units, and will top everything with a 25.5" white/aluminum-trimmed Ikea counter at standard counter-top height (36").

Are the Asko and Miele washer/dryer units really this inconsistent in their quality control, as many reviewer comments would suggest?

Here is a link that might be useful: Gorgeous--but not marketed in U.S.

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