pics: Silestone LAGOON-alt. to torquay or misty cararra

January 29, 2013

I recently remodeled my bathroom and chose Silestone Lagoon. Even from the small sample chip, I could tell that this quartz top was the prettiest marble look-a-like I've ever seen. We have a Caesarstone Misty Cararra display in our showroom and while it's really nice and I've loved it for years....it doesn't hold a candle to LAGOON in looking more realistic.

My kitchen cabinets are on order and scheduled to go in March 2013 and I LOVE this countertop so much, I plan to us LAGOON for my kitchen tops as well.

It's softer....not as gray. Has more depth to it and looks more natural. If you're contemplating over real marble, Torquay, Misty Carrara, lighter natural stones....make sure you look at Lagoon before you decide.

I'm not done with the bathroom yet and Photobucket revamped it's site, so not sure how to post multiple photos.

But here is one close up.....Kompy

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  • deedles

    Very pretty and I really like the edge detail!

  • embemis

    The Lagoon looks GREAT! Do you mind telling me about your backsplash?

  • marissa16

    Kompy, I really like your backsplash. I am redoing kitchen with caesarstone Piatra Grey which is kind of opposite your choice; with a darker gray background and thin white marbling through it. Putting up white cabinets and curious what your backsplash is.

  • kompy

    My backsplash is from The Tile Shop and is called "Meram Blanc". They offer several sizes (ie. a teeny subway) but I got the standard 3x6 subway. It was around $15SF. I went with a grout from another company. My tile installer doesn't care for THS's grout brand.

    So much of the marble I looked at had lots of pink or yellow undertones....when I saw this, I knew it would go perfect with my Silestone Lagoon! It is white and grey with cool undertones. Beware though, there are some pieces that come with a muddy brown spotch. I got lucky and got almost none of that. My tile installer happened to put up 3 tiles with this in it and I didn't like it. He'll replace the tiles if I want him to, but honestly after 5 months now, I don't really notice it anymore.


  • marissa16

    Thanks Kompy. I am familiar with The Tile Store with mixed satisfaction but have my Cesarstone sample and will take a look. Similarly, I have a green marble tile on my bathroom floor and the variation in the box was very hard to match. But honestly, once installed it really looked good. Looking at tile can definitely make you crazy after awhile, especially backsplash. But anxious to look at the Meram Blanc in person.

  • marissa16

    Thanks Kompy. I am familiar with The Tile Store with mixed satisfaction but have my Cesarstone sample and will take a look. Similarly, I have a green marble tile on my bathroom floor and the variation in the box was very hard to match. But honestly, once installed it really looked good. Looking at tile can definitely make you crazy after awhile, especially backsplash. But anxious to look at the Meram Blanc in person.

  • marissa16

    Sorry for the double post. Inadvertently sent twice.

  • LaCasa

    I really appreciated the pictures on GW when I was choosing my countertops so I thought I'd share my island with Silestone Lagoon. So far we love it. I will post more once backsplash and appliances are in.

  • kompy

    Marissa, I know what you mean about having mixed satisfaction with the Tile Shop. Trust me, I would have much rather got my tile from Florida Tile or another local distributor, but I fell in love with Meram Blanc and could not find anything like it....anywhere. 18 months later, I am still thrilled with it!

    Lacasa, thanks for the pic! Don't you LOVE IT??? Your island top looks awesome! It's so easy to keep clean....and is so pretty! People that see my kitchen for the first time.....it's the first thing they notice. They say, "I love your marble tops!!!"


    Ps. re: The Tile Shop mixed satisfaction. While my tile went in fantastic....I've had other jobs (I'm a KD) where the tile came in broken and looked USED.....had mastic on the back of it. Keep in mind TTS tile is usually overstocks and clearance tile from other places (this is what I've heard)....and when the tile is gone, you can't get it anymore. When it's gone, it's gone. so make sure to get plenty.

  • kompy

    This was my finished bathroom BTW. The aqua paint in reality is much more subdued than the photo I previously posted (above). LOVE aqua!

  • LaCasa

    Kompy: I adore it! I am really thankful to you for posting pictures of your gorgeous kitchen as I relied on them a lot when making my decision. The backsplash should be done tomorrow (white glass tiles), and I can't wait!

  • JEY100

    This is my first ever post to GardenWeb so I hope that It is good form to continue to post new questions on an existing thread about marble alternatives. After seeing HG Viatera on our local Parade of Homes, there appear to be newer alternatives to it. The Silestone Lagoon looks to be perfect. A few questions. Has anyone found even newer or more realistic Quartz/durable alternative to marble for a well-used kitchen counter? Also, have White Cloud White cabinets and light walls, so considering a backsplash tile with some color. Neutralish for resale, but pale Aqua subway or glass has appeal in photos. Real marble as Kompy did might be too white? Any thoughts or photos of what you like/used with Lagoon as the backsplash? Thank you for any ideas at all..just starting a Reno process.

  • smalloldhouse

    We installed Silestone Lagoon in June as part of a galley kitchen remodel. I intended to use the backsplash tile that GW member @Kompy recommended, but the Meram looked too white for my griege cabinets. I wound up using another Tile Store product, a Carrera herringbone.

  • annediz

    HI, I am thinking about a double oven range...can you tell me what brand, and how you like this one. I currently have two large wall ovens. Does the single range give you enough room?

  • cynde1951

    I love this kitchen.. wish I knew where to get that herrringbone. I love the difference in greys in uppers and lower cabinets

  • Jacquie Keenan

    Hi Kompy and contributors,

    I have read so much chat on Houzz and other spots about Lagoon, but the pictures just don't do it justice and the samples I've seen are primarily just white, some were actually ALL white. Not much help for making a decision, but today I hit the JACKPOT!!! I walked in to Cal Tile (Torance, CA) and moseyed around not finding any displays with Lagoon :-(. So I walked up to the sales desk (it was at least twenty feet long) and asked the woman if she had any samples of Silestone...she repied "Oh, you mean like this?" pointing to the desk (which I had taken for marble). I said "Yes!! What is this?" all the while holding my breath!! The entire desk was Lagoon (including the sides)!! There it was there in all it's glory and it is absolutely beautiful. I don't think I could have made this decision without seeing something that could show all the movement, etc. I'm thrilled to have one more decision made!!

    I want to thank everyone out there who loved Lagoon!!!

  • Blanca Cardona

    Jacquie, did you get the polished or suede finish? I'm trying to decide which one to go with.

  • PRO
    Suncrest Builders, Inc

    Thanks for your information on the Silestone Lagoon Kompy! Now that you've used this material on your kitchen counter top for 4 years, I'm wondering if you can tell me how it's held up?

  • bigwhitehapydog

    Hi, I love the Lagoon as well, and am considering using it in my bathroom. My question is that I'm seeing it on mostly dark wood cabinets. I am putting in white. Do you think the white cabinets will make it look yellow?

  • PRO
    The Kitchen Place

    Suncrest, I still LOVE the Lagoon! It has not stained or chipped at all....we cook everyday. I also have a teenaged son and elderly in law living with us. I have seen a lot of new marble look-a-likes since I did Lagoon....and I'm not sure I'd change it to anything else.

    bigwhite, I have white cabinets (Cascade White by Plain & Fancy) and the Lagoon doesn't make my cabinets look yellow. I think it will depend on the "white" you choose.

    Here's another photo of my kitchen.

    1925 Plain & Fancy Kitchen - Dayton Ohio · More Info

    Plain & Fancy Kitchen - Dayton Ohio · More Info

  • Jessica Parr

    wow loving all your positivity on Lagoon. I've been back and forth trying to decide what quartz to go for and budget and availability has narrowed down my options to four shades of a white/grey marble effect with one being lagoon. I always felt most drawn to it and after reading through these comments and looking at the pictures I know it's the one I'm going to go for. Really wanted caeserstone but it was £7k more than the silestone quartz so it's a no brainer for our first home and limited budget :D I'll post pics when it's in in 4 weeks!

  • carissameyer

    Hello all! I know this is an old thread, but I am also now considering Lagoon for my kitchen remodel and could really use your input! I have yet to see a sample in person, but thanks to GW have seen so many lovely pictures. For those who have it installed in their home, does it have any amount of brown/beige tone to it? We are definitely having our cabinets painted Alabaster white (SW) and our existing kitchen wall color, which we don't intend to change is Accessible Beige (also SW). We were hoping to do a taupe-y subway tile similar to this lovely home on Fixer Upper, but I am worried that Lagoon countertops
    may be too cool-toned/gray for this. Thoughts? We are not set on knobs/accessories, but are leaning towards oil rubbed bronze to add warmth. Thanks in advance!

  • Lisa 902

    @Jessica Parr, I'm curious, what were your four finalists?

    That's a gorgeous kitchen, Kompy, and I love the aqua.

  • Jessica Parr

    Hi Lisa,

    We had Snowy Ibiza. Arabesque, Lyra and Lagoon.

    The Arabesque was too veined and detailed for me, the Lyra was too grainy and the Snowy Ibiza was actually my favourite but way too expensive lol.

    My Lagoon is being installed first week of August so once it's in I'll post pictures. Lots of natural light in our kitchen so hopefully it'll show its real colour - I've noticed it looks quite warm in some pictures and cool in others.

    We've gone for waterfall edging on the island as well so will get pics of that.

  • monicarae_green


    this is an old post but thought I would send a question for recommendation.

    we are redoing our kitchen with white cabinets and the lagoon silestone looks nice. However we are putting in tile floor with white cabinets and white subway tile. What tile floor color would you suggest?

  • Lisa 902

    Thank you, Jessica, I will look at all of those.

  • hartntex

    @jessica parr can you post a picture of your lagoon? Also, what color cabinets you have. I'm trying to figure out whether or not my white dove cabinets will work with it. thx

  • michprac
    I agree, misty has almost no veining in it and has a very beige undertone (warm)...does not look like marble. Lagoon is more grey and realistic looking. Looks great!
  • Brian S

    Has anyone seen something called LG Minuet? I have heard that it is one of the newer products and looks very realistic. I'm still not sure what to do. I really want marble, but am also concerned about the staining. I have it in my bathrooms and haven't had a problem, but a kitchen where I cook everyday is another thing. I also want something very soft looking (not Carrera), but something with a little bit of beige/tan in it as I want a warmer look. Any suggestions?

  • Marlene Meyer

    Minuet is really pretty and reads true white at a distance rather than softer like Lagoon. Minuet also has ever so slight warm veining mixed with the cool undertone veining. Some slabs have more veining than others.

    I’ve decided to go with Lagoon for it’s warm gray nature that reads more like putty rather than true white. I like a more earthy look and am excited to see Lagoon in the Suede finish.

    Here’s a good article about Lagoon:


    and a discussion about the “Suede” finish

    Quote: I can't speak to all manufacturers honed quartz, but the Silestone Suede finish I have is a DREAM!”


    There is a Pro here on Houzz that really bashed honed or matte Quartz but he totally changed his mind after seeing/feeling the Silestone Suede finish. I was very glad to read his updated opinion.

    But...... if you love clean white and lots of shine then Minuet by LG Viatera is a great choice I think!!! I’ve read tons of positive reviews And it looked great in the showroom I visited.

  • Marlene Meyer

    Another great article cheering for Minuet and a comparison to Lagoon and others!

    I found this VERY helpful!


  • Brian S

    Thank you Marlene Meyer. I am still in the process of designing my new kitchen, and I REALLY want to go with marble. Of course, my main concern is staining so it is a real problem. The article you referenced said (as I had thought), it is NOT marble and not going to be.

  • Marlene Meyer

    Something else I’ve been reading about that I will add......

    One designer pointed out that she chose Lagoon because her cabinets were creamy white and she said white Quartz would make her cabinets look more Yellow.

    I have cream cabinets and it made a lot of sense to me when I started looking at things. My cabinets look more “off-white” when there isn’t anything ”true white“ to compare. If I put bright white against them they look “yellow” (not what I’m going for!) Definitely something to think long and hard about when picking cabinet colors because most homes have white trim. Your slightly off-white cabinets just may look creamy yellow in comparison (I’m having this issue!”)

    Likewise- white cabinets would make Lagoon countertops look far more putty or muted gray. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t look beautiful just as long as that is the look you are going for.

    I saw a display of Lagoon on the wall at Lowe’s and I didn’t like it. I realized it was because it was surrounded by bright crisp white samples. But when I see Lagoon with more muted colors it looks beautiful.

    Lagoon looks amazing with “Java” or ”Espresso” too. It‘s light compared with those deep rich colors but not startling like pure white tends to be.

    I really love the Lagoon with “Greige” and ”Warm Gray”, “Creamy Whites“ and “Cream” Colors.

    I honestly think Lagoon looks dingy against crisp whites or the cool toned bluish grays that are so popular right now. Undertone of color is really important in design and I believe Lagoon reads on the warm side a bit.

    But if your home has very warm colors in it already then comparaby Lagoon may look more gray and less on the warm side.

    Colors really are affected by the other colors around it.

    my 2 cents

  • Marlene Meyer


    I totally get it. I love REAL. I usually really dislike fake Anything.

    But I ask myself......

    Will you love Real when it’s worn, scratched or stained?


    I wanted a Restoration Hardware table with the chalky grey finish (Or more like no finish at all.). The more I thought about it I realized I would rather have a table with a poly coating than I would love a chalky wood table with salad dressing and berry stains.

    BUT..... I also decided I would rather have wide plank Oak floors with scratches from bar stools and all the imperfections and damage rather than a plastic LVT or wood look tile floor. I have had wood floors and they are thrashed but I still like them better than ANY fake flooring I bring home.

    Will you still love marble as it gets imperfections?

    Will you be okay with being very careful and monitoring others?

    If the answer if yes then it may be worth the effort. Some people LOVE theirs!

    I’ve had Formica for 20 years and it looks almost as good as it did the day it was installed. Even after raising 4 “rough on everything” kids. No one was ever careful with it! It was a perfect choice for my family for those 20 years. I don’t think Quartz is as stain and scratch resistant by a long shot. I hope I don’t regret “upgrading” to Quartz.

    Also I really liked that post I shared above where she used Minuet for the counter and real marble for the Backsplash. She thought it looked amazing together and she seemed to get the best of both worlds. But, it doesn’t look “warm” to me even though Minuet veining looks warm in the Samples I have. it would require something else in the room (wall paint-cabinet colors) to bring out the warmth.

    sorry I’m so wordy ;) I wish you the Best of Luck!

  • Brian S

    Marlene Meyer - I totally get everything you are saying. I would never have anything but real wood floors. I have to say, even with 2 kids and 2 dogs my floors are in wonderful condition. Not trashed at all. The most wear I see is around the kitchen table from chairs being pulled in and out. That being said, when they are refinished (soon), I will get a polypropylene rug under the table that can be easily cleaned, or I will get an inexpensive rug I can throw out and replace. The counters are another issue. While my children are both grown and out of the house, I am still debating the pros and cons of marble vs. quartz. I have had Corian for the last 25 years and, of course, it has been no maintenance and was a great choice at the time because of the kids. Now that I'm an empty nester things are different. I'm just trying to figure out if I will be able to deal with the staining that may happen with marble. I think about all the cafe's in Paris where the counters are used constantly by patrons who are anything but careful and develop a patina over time. Can I live with that? Depends I guess. I'm thinking about doing walnut on my large island where we sometimes eat and where I usually prep. I am planning a classic white kitchen to stand the test of time and marble just seems to fit the bill. I also liked the post you mentioned about the Minuet and the real marble backsplash, but I find that putting REAL marble against the Quartz makes the quartz look more fake. Although it looks nice in the photo, what I have seen in person I do not personally like the looks of. I will most likely use a subway tile if I use quartz, (or with marble) ,as it is a more appealing look for me, and I feel works better with the quartz. Decisions decisions. SO much to think about, but I love the help of all those weighing in as some have brought out some excellent points.

  • Marlene Meyer

    I think as an empty nester maybe it’s time to throw caution to the wind and have the real thing! Sometimes you just have to live on the edge a little :)

  • hartntex

    I spent hours on this site debating about my decision to use the "real thing" or not. After a year using my Imperial Danby honed marble I would absolutely do it again. We are empty nesters but just hosted for Thanksgiving using our remodeled kitchen to the max and wiped down and maintained just as if it were any other countertop without any issues. Granted this marble is a little more forgiving than most the only issue I have to date is where my husband left the top of a salad dressing bottle on the counter upside down and I wasn't around to clean it up! If you find the slab(s) you love I say go for it. It's not practical for everyone but the look cannot be compared with a manufactured product.

  • grewa002
    Brian, I too have lagoon in my kitchen and love it. I grew up in Greece, we had white marble countertops growing up, so I wanted the real thing. Growing up, I had never noticed any imperfections. But a friend of mine has white marble in her kitchen, and now I notice the imperfections and stains! For this reason, I went with quartz. Everyone who has seen it thinks it is marble, even friends who are in the building business! From very close you can tell the difference, but it has to be really close.
  • Marlene Meyer


    Did you go with Lagoon Suede or the Polished?

    Here’s another fabulous little kitchen done in Lagoon.


    This is the look I’m going for and I’m leaning towards the Suede. Anyone have any input?

  • grewa002
    Marlene Meyer, I can’t remember now, 2years later! I agonized over the countertop decision for months, and now I can’t remember!!!
    I think it looks polished, but it is not very shiny.
  • Marlene Meyer

    So......I was able to visit a Cosentino Silestone showroom and slab place.

    It was helpful and frustrating at the same time.

    I love the contrast and veining when viewing slabs and I thought the Lagoon looked very drab (when viewing it as a standing slab)

    BUT when on a verticle service I really love the very soft veining of Lagoon.

    The suede finish is very nice but the Polished isn’t overly shiny either. Both are nice.

    Here is the most absolute frustrating part!!!!!!!!!

    Look at this picture and guess what Silestone colors are pictured

    Well they are both Lagoon in the showroom with their own samples. For me I want the warm creamy one and would be severely disappointed if it came white.

    in natural light they were so different it was astounding!

  • Marlene Meyer

    On another note:

    I LOVED the look of the veining in the Eternal Desert Silver


    the Pearl Jasmine was super beautiful too!

  • grewa002
    Marlene Meyer, I do not know if this is true or just my impression, maybe the experts can chime in, but I think my lagoon looks a little creamier now than when we just had it installed. My husband does not see it, so it may just be me...
  • Raquel

    I was wondering about this too, whether the Lagoon is more of warm or cold color, more grey or more creamy. I'm debating whether it goes with maple colored cabinets. I know I want the suede finish because I do not like the reflection on it. If anybody has picture with wood color cabinets I would appreciate seeing them. Thanks!

  • blondelle
    Is the Lagoon darker or lighter than Helix. They had a display in HD a while back and it was more grey than white. Sort of like London Grey. It was close to real marble though!
  • Marlene Meyer

    The samples I have of Helix and Lagoon are both the same warm undertone but Helix has stronger veining.

    I visited a Lowe’s and the Lagoon they had on display there honestly had a pinky/peach tone to it. It was not at all like the sample I had with me.

    I’m honestly thinking the resin may change color over time. Has anyone else noticed this??? I have heard that sunlight can affect it and I’m thinking artificial lights may do something to it. That does worry me!!!

  • blondelle
    Thanks Marlene. It just could be the dye lot. Sunlight does yellow the resin over time though which is why the quartz slabs are never stored outside at a stone yard.
  • HU-978587341

    blondelle, Good to know about the yellowing - My kitchen gets a ton of sun (my hardwood natural floors have turned orange. I guess this is an additional reason for me to stay with marble. Thanks for the info.

  • blondelle
    Marble can discolor over time too, but not from sun. It can develop rust spots and darker areas from water and oil being absorbed and getting into the pores as well as stains, etches, white scars from being dinged. Quartz is a.much more durable material. I don't think you will notice any color change in quartz as it's so gradual. Not sure why they don't add a UV guard to the resin or maybe some brands do. Maybe someone who has had white quartz installed in a sunny kitchen for 5+ years will.chime in! If you are weighing pros and cons, quartz still.wins.
  • HU-978587341

    blondelle, Thank you. I do know all the "bad" things about marble, but I still am going to pull the plug, because of it's beauty. I will go with the Vermont Danby as I think it is a bit more durable. I know Quartz is all the rage, but 20+ years ago so was Corian, so that's what I got. Although it has held up beautifully (solid white), I am done with "FAKE" materials as to me they look fake. I have yet to see a marble look alike that looks like marble to me. I'm a decorator, so perhaps I have a keener eye, but I just can't do it. I'd rather have etching etc, in a real material than have a perfect finish on a fake one. Everyone is different, that's just how I role.

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